Manager's notes on BSF - Jul 2013

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    -July 2013-


    Thanks for keeping up with the changes!

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    BSF Announcements (also in Managua to Manila newsletter)

    Project updates available here, within the BSF site and in Romero House next to the BSF


    1. All UK staff should now have received a letter informing them of the salary band and

    migration process under the transitional arrangements for the New UK salary framework. The implementation of the bands is underway for most divisions. For Communities & Supporters Division (CSD) who are still undergoing restructuring as part of the Supporter Partnership Programme and for Campaigns who are taking a look at the work of their team; migration will commence after decisions have been reached.

    2. Implementing the Supporter Partnership Programme (SPP): The response to the consultation paper was emailed to colleagues in CSD, External Communications and Campaigns on 28th June. Thanks to those who participated in the consultation. Feedback was collated which informed the decisions made by the Leadership Team for the Catholic Community.

    3. External Communications Function: A process workshop scheduled for late July is being organised for stakeholders across divisions to test and evaluate the new processes. The workshop will look into the design, oversight and delivery of External Communications strategy and how the function works with management teams from other divisions.

    Building a Sustainable Future BSF Programme

    ACTION: If you agree with the band that your role has been allocated to, please

    sign the copy of your letter and return this to Liza Tong in Human Resources.

    ACTION: Please visit the Remit and Resourcing of Teams and Posts page for more information.

  • Managers resources for this month

    Leading Change: There are

    other ways of learning rather

    than the hard way.

    Sometimes, the easiest solutions are

    right in front of us, with simple tools

    and uncomplicated methods.

    Years of experience in an organisation

    can give us the confidence of knowing

    the fine details of how things work,

    when and who you need by your side

    to make things happen. However, this

    confidence can turn into a dangerous

    attitude of this is the only way things

    work here.

    To successfully lead change, as

    Managers it is important to inspire

    and enable others to do work

    together effectively to realise shared

    goals. This means people need to be

    trusted and they need to trust you as

    a leader.

    As a change leader it is important to

    think what people are seeing and

    feeling when we communicate. We

    have received enough feedback to

    know that overloading colleagues

    with messages especially if they are

    full of corporate jargon wont work.

    Using very general messages without

    considering what information is

    relevant to whom is not effective

    either. Communications is about Skill

    and Will take a look at the questions

    in the box to the right.

    We probably have the SKILL I am a good listener,

    I promote dialogue, I can influence people, I

    coach my team etc.

    But do we understand why we need to

    communicate effectively? Do we have the WILL to

    do it?

    - Am I ready to assume responsibilities when


    - Am I ready to delegate?

    - Will I commit myself to listen and consider

    other ways of making things happen?

    - Am I being heard / trusted?

    - Am I being explicit in what is happening and

    why these changes matters?

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    Did you miss Julys Staff briefing?

    We apologise for the connectivity problem we had last week

    streaming our Staff Briefing. We have an audio available for you to listen to the announcements

    and presentations for July. Access to the audio through this link: July presentations audio>

    Need help?

    1. Remember to use our BSF Change Management Support for Staff

    2. The Internal Communications Team or your HRA can also be contacted directly if you

    need any extra support in terms of communicating or engaging with your team.

    3. Also, lots of learning resources are available in Einstein, online access no matter where

    you are based.