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MANAGED SIEM - Pure Security ... SIEM is a challenging and time consuming process. With Pure Security’s managed SIEM solution, our cybersecurity and Splunk experts will take the

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  • PROTECTING THE PERIMETER IS JUST THE BEGINNING Perimeter protection is fundamental to keeping an organisation secure, but if an attack manages to penetrate the perimeter, how will it be detected before causing significant damage? A Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) ingests logs from a variety of systems and locations such as the firewall, endpoints, data loss prevention tools, network switches, wireless access points, building control systems, and more, to monitor internal activity and alert suspicious behaviour.

    By constantly monitoring critical business assets for security threats, a SIEM, if effectively managed, will deliver peace of mind that your organisation is safe and secure.

    A SIEM is also a great tool to:

    • meet your organisations compliance obligations (such as HIPPA, ISM, NIST, CPS 234, AESCSF and PCI DSS),

    • help you gain and maintain important certifications such as ISO27000, ISO27001, ISO27002 and ISO27003, and

    • accelerate incident response.

    EXTEND YOUR PROTECTION WITH A MARKET LEADING SIEM Pure Security has partnered with market leading SIEM provider Splunk to deliver a comprehensive managed SIEM service. Here are some of the reasons we chose Splunk as a SIEM partner:

    • For 6 straight years, Splunk has been named a leader in the Gartner SIEM Magic Quadrant. It currently sits as number 1 for ability to execute and number 2 for completeness of vision.

    • Proven at 18,000+ customers in 100 countries. • No schema or normalisation required; as opposed to legacy SIEMs, the logs do not need to be transformed into different formats. Keeping the data in its original format improves search and scalability.

    • Collect data from anywhere. • Search and analyse everything. • Out-of-the-box support of APIs and SDKs. • Support of common IT use cases such as compliance, fraud, theft and abuse detection, IT operations, service intelligence, and business analytics.

    • Operates on-premises, in the cloud and in hybrid environments.

    • Offers multiple versions to meet the diverse needs of large, medium and small businesses.


  • Pure Security Phone: 1300 031 337 Email: [email protected] Web:

    NEXT GEN TECH THAT IS ONE STEP AHEAD Splunk’s SIEM is what Gartner has defined as a “modern SIEM”. This means it works with more than just log data and applies more than just simple correlation rules for data analysis. Splunk is a market leading SIEM for the following reasons:

    • Supports the full range of information security operations, including posture assessment, monitoring, alert and incident handling, CSIRT, breach analysis and response, and event correlation.

    • Delivers out-of-the-box support for SIEM and security use cases.

    • Detects known and unknown threats, enables the investigation of threats, compliance and use of advanced security analytics for detailed insight.

    • Proven integrated, big data-based security intelligence platform.

    • Unparalleled integration with over 240 integrations and 1,800+ third party applications and API’s.

    • Uses ad hoc searches for advanced breach analysis.

    • Improves operational efficiency with automated and human-assisted decisions by using Splunk as a security nerve centre.

    MANAGED PROTECTION FOR COMPLETE PEACE OF MIND Installing, tuning, maintaining and monitoring a SIEM is a challenging and time consuming process. With Pure Security’s managed SIEM solution, our cybersecurity and Splunk experts will take the stress and headache out of the process. This will ensure you get the most out of your SIEM investment, deliver optimum protection, and enable your team to stay focused on your core business priorities.

    Our experts are only a phone call way to assist your team defend against an attack and to provide expert cybersecurity advice on how to best mitigate and respond as threats evolve in realtime. Our security team work around the clock, so you can relax knowing that your SIEM deployment is always up-to-date, effective and integrated to your overall security posture.

    With Pure Security’s managed SIEM service you can:

    • Respond to incidents faster. • Better manage incidents. • Access comprehensive security intelligence and reporting.

    • Take advantage of our experienced cybersecurity experts to optimise your organisations protection.

    • Maximise ROI on your SIEM deployment.

    A CYBERSECURITY EXPERT YOU CAN TRUST Below are just some of the reason’s Pure Security will deliver state-of-the-art managed SIEM protection:

    Over 17 Years Experience in keeping organisations safe and secure online.

    Unparalleled Splunk experience Having recently acquired Rivium, Pure Security now has Australia’s most experienced Splunk experts in-house to assist you get the most from your Splunk UBA deployment.

    Australian based Security Operations Centre (SOC) based in Melbourne, we are here when you need us most.

    24/7/365 Protection and Support We protect your perimeter around the clock.

    ISO 27001 Certified audited and trusted.

    ASX Listed ultimate compliance and confidence.

    Full Security Stack With our Cyber360, we can extend your cybersecurity protection beyond your SIEM into all areas of your defence and response, giving you ultimate protection and peace of mind.

    An integrated solution without the headache and effort to maintain. We can integrate your UBA protection into a centralised security architecture, delivering unprecedented protection.

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