Making the most of Social Media

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Making the most of Social Media

Making the most of Social MediaAvinash Patil Social Media Manager

What is Social Media?Social Mediais the democratisation by which anyone can become a consumer or publisher of content through online channels. It enables people to share information and engage in a global real-time conversation. (AvinashPatil)Social Media is not about what each one of us does or says, but about what we do and say together, worldwide, to communicate in all directions at any time, by any possible (digital) means. (Michelle Chmielewski Synthesio)Social Media is digital content and interaction that is created by and between people. (Sam Decker Mass Relevance)

Different flavours of Social MediaLarge Social Networks Facebook, LinkedinPublic Microblogging and Blogging Platforms Twitter, Tumblr, WordpressVideo Sharing and Discussion Platforms YouTube, Vimeo, Daily MotionDirect Messaging Skype, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Line, KakaotalkInternal Forums NAS Community Forum, Network Autism

Twitter Overview The Figures284 millionmonthly active users500 million Tweets are sent per day10 million daily active users

Twitter As A Business Tool The Lingo!TermMeaningAvatarMain profile photo this is what other users see in their timeline when you tweetBioInformation about yourself, why are you on Twitter, your website/blog, etcFollowingAccounts you follow. Their updates appear in your timelineFollowersAccounts that have subscribed to your updates in their timelineHashtagUsed to categorise and track conversations. #(tag)HandleYour name on Twitter, used for public replies. @(name)Direct MessagePrivate messages sent between accounts that follow each other

Twitter As A Business Tool The Lingo!TermMeaningListPublic or private user-created lists to categorise users and create custom timelines.MentionWhen someone mentions you it will appear in your notifications.RT (Retweet)Sharing another users Tweet on your timeline so it is visible to your followers.TweetShort text updates which can also include pictures, audio and video. They need to 140 characters or less.ReplyResponses to tweets using @mentions. These conversations are public!

Influential Tweeters around the NAS

Followers 2552

Followers 2736

Followers 1133

Followers 1223

Twitter As Business Tool - Uses

Build awareness of our causeFollow industry specific accounts Follow relevant news storiesOutreach to and develop relationships with influencers in your industryBuild a personal brandBecome an recognised influencer and voice in the industry

Show Twitter Search autism, trending topics,8

LinkedIn Overview The FiguresMonthly unique visitors 187 millionGeographic reach 200 countries and territories

Linkedin Overview The Figures

Linkedin - UsesProfessional brand-buildingB2B MarketingIndustry-specific discussionsRecruitment

Linkedin Points to rememberYour full name is visible so use a real (sounding) nameYour photo can be seen by everyone in your network so no drunk holiday photos!You can be easily contacted by email

Linkedin Search for ContactsWho do you want to target?How would they like to be approachedEnsure you have filled in your profile with the necessary detailDemonstrate credibilityUse Linkedin searchIdentify individuals and join groupsDemonstrate value when approaching contacts with being too sales-yJoin in relevant discussions and network with others

Go through a practical search and show groups talk about filling out a profile.13

Linkedin Develop NetworkEstablish relationship, channel and good communication channelFollow customers activity in real-timeRemain top of mind where possible

Social Media Please Remember!All new Social Media accounts need to be signed off the Digital Team.Consider what you will say and how you will use your accountDo you have enough to talk about regularlySocial Media Policy We have a policy which details how employees use Social Media and how we are represented. It is a requirement to follow these.Available on NAS Policies: http://naspol/C19/C9/Social%20Media%20Policy%20SC-0030/default.aspx Have a thick skin! You might get hassled by awkward types but this part of life especially on Twitter.If you are uncomfortable with any interactions you are having on contact your line-manager or me for more advice.