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Makeup Artists. Jyllian Sánchez. Preview the Contents. What is a markup artist really? About the job Options, aspects, and salary School? Why this?. What is it?. What do you think? What did I think? What is it really? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Makeup Artists

Makeup ArtistsJyllian SnchezPreview the ContentsWhat is a markup artist really?About the jobOptions, aspects, and salarySchool?Why this?What is it?What do you think?What did I think?What is it really?Appling makeup to enhance someones features or make them look different than they really are.

Different makeup optionsBeautyTheaterMovie Special EffectsCarnivalTattoo CoveringFaceBody

Dont forgetThere is more to it than just the art.

Understand lightingSet design for theater Prosthetics

BUSINESS management

businessDale FlinkIts really 30% what you can do and the other 70% is attitude.Publicity How you actWho you knowSchools?Pricey Pricey15,000 to 30,000 a year.Varies from that, depending on the schoolDifferent costs for Special Effects and Cosmetology.

ExperienceExperience is most important.What people look for- Make a portfolio.Learn your styleTrial and errorUnderstand techniques

Without school, you still want to take some kind of training course.Learn basics Become familiar

School vs start upSpecialize Looks good on resume Could learn lighting and science from teachersMore variety More time Learn by experienceSave money

PayReally just depends.How much you workYour professional area and experienceAverage? You cant really say. Some say 33,000 a year and some say 51,000. 1 photo shoot: $400-$2,000

Movie industry:90,000 per yearPersonal care industry: 28,000 per yearWhy this?Im an artistWay to make moneyFamilyEnjoy it

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