Make Writing Come to Life with Digital Storytelling

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Make Writing Come to Life with Digital Storytelling. Going Digital in the K-12 Classroom An Advancing Literacy Workshop. Introductions. Alexa Driggers -3 rd grade teacher CMS Carly Palmer K/1 teacher CMS Graduate students at UNCC in the Reading K-12 program. Agenda. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



Make Writing Come to Life with Digital Storytelling

Going Digital in the K-12 ClassroomAn Advancing Literacy Workshop

IntroductionsAlexa Driggers -3rd grade teacher CMSCarly Palmer K/1 teacher CMSGraduate students at UNCC in the Reading K-12 programAgendaHow To Make Writing Come to Life with Digital Storytelling!Heres what we are covering in this presentation: Downloading Photo Story 3How To Use Photo Story 3 Digital Storytelling Across the CurriculumIndependent Practice & Follow Up DiscussionQuestions & Answers Downloading Photo Story 3Free for Windows operating systems Or search Photo Story 3Click on the link that says click here to start download nowSelect Run applicationFind and open Photo Story 3 under All Programs

Opening Photo Story 3

Step 1: Import Pictures

Step 2: Edit and Arrange Pictures

Step 3: Add Titles To Pictures

Step 4: Add Narration

Step 5 (optional): Add Music

Step 6: Save Story

Step 7: View Story

View on Computer or Smart Board Save to a DVD and view on TVUpload file to YouTube

Questions & AnswersHow can you use Photo Story 3 in your classroom?Type your answers in the white spaceWriting Across the CurriculumHow To Books, All About Books, Poetry, Field Trips, Math Story Problems, Science Experiments!

Next StepsOver the next two days try out some of the tools weve shared with you here and think about how you can use them in your classroom with your students.Next StepsThat discussion is at the Adolescent Literacy Ning at:

Scroll down the page to find the discussion forum for this presentation titled: [Make Writing Come to Life with Digital Storytelling]

Information about this is included in the workshop packet we sent out in an email.For More InformationFor more information about this workshop and others go to the Center for Adolescent Literacies website at:

Presentation materials including this Power Point are posted at:

Thank You!Thank you for joining us today. In about a week, you will receive a short survey that helps us evaluate these workshops. Thanks in advance for filling that out.

For additional questions contact:Bruce TaylorDirector, The Center for Adolescent Literacies at UNC


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