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  • 1. Connect related subjects from the different learningareas. Increase the time alloted for SCIENCE, ENGLISH, andMATHEMATICS. Create multi-faceted basic education education. Reduce congestion of subjects offered in basiceducation Reduce the hiring of teachers if one is able to teachdifferent learning areas. Improve the positive outlook towards work to increaseproductivity and lead to a peaceful country

2. Increase each individual ability to cope in afast and changing world. Increase the importants of the arts, music,sports, dance, and the other aspects ofphilippine culture, and; Develop nationalism among the filipinosand increase individual responsibility ascitizen. 3. Araling panlipunan (Social studies) Geography Edukasyong pantahanan (Home economic) Musika (Music) Edukasyonng pangkatawan (Health Education) Good Manners and right conduct 4. For High schools, the Makabayan components are: Social studies Teknolohiya at edukasyong pantahan atpangkabuhayan Musika at sining at Edukasyong pangkatawan atpangkalusugan Edukasyong Pagpapahalaga 5. Students earn four unit credits for Makabayan, Subjects are counted as one grades in the component with values education having a unit credit of 0.4 and the other component subjects having a unit credit of 1.2 each 6. HEKASI stands for the combination of GEOGRAPHY, History, and Civics in the Department of Education Social studies curriculum. Re-labeled Makabayan, it clustered other subjects integrating them with Music, arts and Physical Education, and adding Livelihood, lessons, when secretary Raul Roco was DepEd. 7. In Makabayan students learn about the world. Inparticular, they learn about their world which is first ofall their local community, second their country,Thirdly the earth and Finally the universe inclubingthe an scene part of it often called supernatural.Makabayan then is the logical culmination of thelong tradition of human thought. 8. BUILDING BRIDGES