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Maison chez Ferrell

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Maison chez Ferrell. Designed by Katie Hepp, Linda Lee, and Bria Rogers. Welcome to the new available house in the beautiful Mojave Desert, California…. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Maison chez Ferrell

Maison chez Ferrell

Maison chez FerrellDesigned by Katie Hepp, Linda Lee, and Bria Rogers1

Welcome to the new available house in the beautiful Mojave Desert, CaliforniaThe specific house that is available to you is in Palmdale, California. A quaint little town far from any peeping eyes of annoying paparazzi. Only an hour and a half from Long Beach and surrounding towns. Los Angeles is only one hour away and if you are craving a weekend away of fun, Los Vegas is four hours away.2Solar Thermal PowerHow is Works:There are two main ways of generating energy from the sun. Photovoltaic (PV) and Concentrating Solar Thermal (CST).Photovoltaic converts sunlight directly into electricity. These solar cells are usually found powering devices such as watches, sunglasses and backpacks, as well as providing power in remote areas.

Solar Thermal Power Plants generate electricity indirectly. Heat from the sun's rays is collected and used to heat a fluid. The steam produced from the heated fluid powers a generator that produces electricity. It's similar to the way fossil fuel-burning power plants work except the steam is produced by the collected heat rather than from the combustion of fossil fuels. 3

Advantages of Solar Thermal Power:Solar Thermal Energy can be stored and then used during nighttime hours. The super-heated transfer fluid created during the day can be stored in underground tanks for use when the sun isn't shining at a fraction of the costs of battery storage. Solar thermal power plants have the capacity to provide base load electricity because the sunlight in effect creates the fuel (superheated oil) used to spin a turbine, and this fuel can be stored and used at a constant rate to provide base load electricity or used faster to meet peek energy demands. Disadvantages of Solar Thermal Power:

The amount of sunlight that arrives at the Earth's surface is not constant. It depends on location, time of day, time of year, and weather conditions.

The sun does not give a large amount of energy to any one place at any one time, therefore a large surface area is required to collect the energy at a useful rate.

4Earth Tubes

How do they work?Earth Tubes regulate temperatures in Residential and Office BuildingsThe tubes run underground and change the temperature as needed before it is allowed to enter a building. The air releases its heat to the surrounding soil so it becomes cool air when it reaches its target structure. If the soil surrounding the tubes is warmer than the air within, the air acquires heat so it becomes warm air when it reaches its target.

Advantages/ disadvantagesdoes not work in very humid or hot placesconcerns of mold and fungi infestation in the tubes which can cause respiratory problemsbugs can find there way through the tubes into the home strong enough to endure pressureresistant to erosion


Biogas DigesterHow does it Work?process where organic waste is used to make energyMethane digesters convert manure or other organic matter into biogas through a process called anaerobic digestion. In this process, bacteria decompose the organic matter in the absence of oxygen, producing a gas composed of 60 to 70 percent methane and 30 to 40 percent carbon dioxide --biogas. The biogas can then be combusted to power an engine generator or used in a modified hot water heater.Advantages/Disadvantagescostly to buildRequires availability of animal excrements for optimal biogas biogas can be used as a low cost fuel for cookingbiodegradable waste is being recycled


Bamboo FlooringHow is it made? Bamboo flooring is from the bamboo stalk. After harvest logs are sliced into individual long strips and ready for further processing. After the slicing process, strips are cut near the approximate width of what we see in the stacked horizontal bamboo appearance. In most cases the next step is the darkening process that brings out the color of carbonized bamboo. Strips are often steamed under pressure. Natural colored bamboo keeps it's original appearance after being boiled to eliminate sugars and insects.

Advantages/Disadvantageseasy to cleandoes not promote dust or mitesbamboo is a renewable resourcehighly sustainablestronger than most other hardwoodsVOC's used in the finishing process can cause headaches and allergic reactions


Green RoofWhat is a Green Roof?A green roof is vegetation and a growing medium, planted over a waterproofing membrane on an extension of a roof. Green roofs are used for many purposes. Some include absorbing rainwater, creating a habitat for wildlife, and providing insulation.

Advantages/Disadvantages:Reduces use of air conditioning systemsSound insulatorsthey absorb large amounts of rain, reducing the needs of sewage systems as well as water runoffExtends life of roof topGreen roofs have a higher maintenance costRestrictions involving climate and weather conditions may occur.8

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