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Magnetic separator its types, applications, advantage and disadvantages

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Text of Magnetic separator its types, applications, advantage and disadvantages

  • Magnetic Separator- Its types, Applications, Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Magnetic Separators is a device that helps to separate magnetic material from the mixture. These devices are particularly used in many industries and are used for a wide variety of applications.

    Their sizes range from a tabletop version to a large, heavy drum that is mostly used in recycling and other manufacturing applications. These are also known as magnetic pulleys.

  • These are generally of two types. The first one is the magnetic roller with electromagnet and the second one is the magnetic roller with permanent magnet. Both of these are easily available and are very cost effective.

    It contains a powerful magnet that is suspended from a ceiling and the materials are passed over a table top magnetic separator in order to extract its impurities. They can also be cylinders through which objects can pass through and the materials can be in any form that is a finished product or in the form of parts.

  • Its applicationsIn early days, these were used by farmers to separate iron impurities from different crops. But with the advent of technology, its demand increases.Now, it has a wide range of applications. These are mostly used for industrial purposes that are for recycling and manufacturing. Scientific laboratories also require this to prevent the cross contamination between two different substances. So, with the rise in demand of different materials, there is also a hike in such equipments. This device is also used in separating different types of scarps from plastic, rubber and other materials.

  • Advantages and DisadvantagesThese are portable, powerful and can be used in removing various types of magnetic materials from a liquid or solid. These are quite versatile and are also effective when used on a liquid.The main disadvantage is that they should be maintained consistently.They must be washed regularly in order to remove the accumulated magnetic materials.These are available in different forms in the market. If you want to purchase a magnetic separator, you may consider your help by choosing Sinoneo Magnets.

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