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    l!JBos ton, MA/Yo rk Beac h, ME

    First American ed ition published in 1992 byRed Whee l/Weise r , 1.1.('York each , "With o# #ices at$%& 'o n(ress )treeto s ton, A *221*www .r e dwh ee /w e i lll *+ *% * *- *$1- 1 $ 12 .. 1*'opyr i( ht 199 2 0i(el e nnick

    All ri ( hts r ese r ed3 0o part o# this publication may be r e produced or tran s mitte din a ny # orm or by any mea ns, e lec tr oni c o r mec ha nica l3includin ( pho tocopy in(,r eco rdin (, or by any in# or mati on s tor a(e a nd r etr ie a l sys te m,4ithout permission in 4ritin( #rom Red Whee l/We ise r3 Re ie4e r s may 5uotebrie# pa ssa(es3 6hi s 4ork 4as #ir s t publi s hed in " n( land by Rider ooks, adi ision o# Random 7 ouse 83 3 :imited, :ondon, und e r th e title The Seere l

    Lor!' of Rune s lind mha Ancielll Alp/wbels.Library of 'on(ress Cataloging-in-Publication Data

    e nni ck, 0i(el3a(ical ;J lphabet s / 0i(e l e nnick,p3cm,.nclud es biblio(raphical r e # erences,J. a(ic, 2, Alphabet s< i sce llanea,F .%2$3A- -% 1992.3 6itle,. $$3-=$

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    The 0othic a"#ha et 1113unes and trees 114

    The Ce"tic 5 ha s and Bardic A"#ha et 1+*Cr6#tic 5 ha s and other -ariant )or s 1 &The Bardic a"#ha ets 12

    The 0ae"ic a"#ha et 1447ariations in 8orthern Euro#ean a"#ha ets 14&2 Ma ica" and A"che ica" A"#ha ets 1$1The 7eh ericht, the In uisition and the a"#ha eto) 9est#ha"ia 1$$House, ho"din s and stone ason's arks 1&+Ma ic rid ci#hers 1&4Ma ica" uses o) the 3o an a"#ha et 1&&4 Ma ic : uares , ;iterar6 ;a 6rinths and Modern

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    o#inion that he or she is !ron . A"#ha ets are one o) the osthi h"6 so#histicated eans 6 !hich !e hu ans can tr6 to ainso e understandin o) the !or"d, and our #"ace !ithin it.9hen constructed #ro#er"6 , as a"" ancient ones are, eacha"#ha et is eta#horica" in nature. ;an ua e itse") is aeta#hor, )or it re#resents o >ects and conce#ts !hi"st it is not

    those o >ects and conce#ts the se"-es.The -er6 asis o) "an ua e is eta#horica". 9e usua""6distin uish thin s 6 co #arison? our asic descri#tion o) the!or"d around us is )u"" o) e a #"es. 9hen !e ask, '9hat isit ', !e tend to re#"6 6 akin a co #arison !e sa6 it is li%eanother thin !hich rese "es it in so e !a6, rea" or i a ined . 9ithin the descri ed thin , o >ect or ua"it6, !eseek so e character 6 !hich it can e )itted into so e hu anconce#tua" )ra e!ork. 9e can see this #rocess in action !ithre)erence to the hu an od6. 9e s#eak o) a od6 o) !ater, a

    od6 o) !ork, e-en a od6 o) en . 9e s#eak o) the head o) a ed, a ta "e, a #a e, a nai", a strea o) !ater, a househo"d or an or aniDation . A c"ock has a )ace, >ust as does a #"a6in card,a rock and a #iece o) #"aned !ood. A hi"" has a ro!, a cu#

    #ossesses a "i#, as does a crater? co s and ear !hee"s ha-eteeth, and a #a e has a )oot. 9ea#ons are ca""ed ar s. A raceor a contest a6 e di-ided into a nu er o) "e s. A shoe a6ha-e a ton ue, as does a certain t6#e o) car#entr6 >oint, and1Magical Alphabetsthe #oint!ork o) rai"!a6s and tra !a6s. 8eed"es, #otatoes andstor s a"" ha-e e6es . There are an6 ore e a #"es. Much o) "an ua e, then, #ercei-es the !or"d in ter s o) eta#hors o) kno!n o >ects, es#ecia""6 the hu an od6 and its #arts . Thisis a continuous #rocess ne! "an ua e is enerated as and !henit is needed .Phi"oso#hica""6, this eta#horica" nature o) "an ua e isani)ested in the conce#t o) ' an the icrocos ', !hich "iesat the )oundation o) !estern esoteric thou ht. This is enca#su"atedin the Her etic a i ascri ed to the 6tho"o ica"E 6#tian )ounder o) science, Her es Tris e istus, 'as a o-e ,so e"o!'. This insi ht)u" understandin o) rea"it6 states thatthat !hich is e"o! is actua""6 a re)"ection o) that !hich isa o-e. The '"itt"e !or"d', or icrocos , re#resented 6 thehu an ein 's #h6sica" and #s6chic constitution, re)"ects and isa #art o) the ' reater !or"d' , the acrocos or uni-erse. Thisre)"ection e ists at a"" "e-e"s the asic )or s or structures thatoccur on a a"actic sca"e are re#roduced in the !hir"#oo"s o) a

    ri-er or the su ato ic structure o) atter itse") . :i i"ar"6 #atterns o) 'the !a6 thin s ha##en', the #heno enon I ca""'trans-o"ution', occur on ti e sca"es that ran e )ro i""ionso) 6ears to i""iseconds. .t is 6 the reco nition o) these

    #atterns, and their eanin , that !e can ain an insi ht intothe nature o) our o!n rea"it6 , and there 6 attain en"i hten ent.;ike "an ua e , the a"#ha et is a eta#h6sica" descri#tion o) rea"it6. The ost i #ortant )unction o) a ica" a"#ha ets is toena "e the seeker to e #erience trans)or ati-e #rocesses . The6

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    'Te #"ar' scri#t has '8' as its e ui-a"ent. Thus the character !ith the )or 'F' has the -a"ue o) A, Ch, 0, H, 8, = and Tas !e"" as F. And this is on"6 in the a>or a ica" a"#ha ets.This is a #"e #roo) that it is rare"6 throu h the out!ard )onnso) the "etters that !e can ain insi hts. .t is 6 eans o) their inner eanin s that !e ust co e to understand each*

    a(ical Alphabetsindi-idua" "etter o) an6 i-en a"#ha et. 5-era"", these a"#ha etscan e -ie!ed in the sa e !a6 as "an ua es , in !hich uitedi))erent !ords and s6nta a6 e used to descri e the sa eo >ecti-e #heno ena. 8one is an6 etter than the other, utone or other a6 e ore a##ro#riate under di))erentcircu stances.The kno!n hu an use o) arti)icia" si ns is o) reat anti uit6.In Euro#e, archaic ideo or#hs are kno!n )ro an6 Ma da"enianca-e sites (1+,=== 1$,(G(G(G6ears e)ore the #resentG .A"thou h nothin concrete is kno!n a out their eanin ,so e o) these ideo or#hs rese "e the characters o) "ater

    a"#ha ets. A )ine e a #"e o) this is the series o) "inear s6 o"sthat !ere )ound #ainted !ith ti-er (red ochreG on a a othsku"" disco-ered at MeDhirich in the

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    seen in the 8ationa" Museu in Be" rade. These arte)acts )ro2=== BCE are reco niDa "6 #art o) the tradition that continuestoda6 ~ se-en i""ennia "ater.It is enera""6 reco niDed that a"" archaic s6 o"s had aa ica" and re"i ious si ni)icance. In "e end. the6 !ere i-en

    6 the ods to hu an ein s. Accordin to 0reek tradition. it

    !as Her es. the od o) tra-e". co erce and !ritin !hoin-ented "etters !hen he sa! a )"ock o) cranes )"6in throu hthe sk6. Their -arious di))erent )or s a-e hi the idea thatcharacters cou"d e arran ed to re#resent sounds. Another -ersion o) the ori in o) "etters te""s that the6 !ere ade 6Cad us the Phoenician. Historica""6. it !as )ro the Phoenicianscri#t that 0reek ori inated . But odern research onhu an #erce#tion a6 #ro-ide us !ith another #ossi i"it6. onee edded dee#"6 !ithin our o!n hu an consciousness.Modern neuro#h6sio"o 6 has identi)ied #hos#henes. eo etrica"sha#es and i a es that are #resent su conscious"6 in the-isua" corte and neura" s6ste . These are #resent in a""hu ans the6 are descri ed as entopic. ein -isi "e !hen thee6es are shut. The6 can a"so e seen !hen the consciousness isa"tered 6 so e eans durin editation, in trance. or inha""ucinations induced 6 )ati ue. i""ness or dru s. 0eo etricsha#es re"ated to "etters are o)ten #ercei-ed in the ear"6 sta eso) trance.These states o) consciousness are the do ain o) the sha an.the hu an !ho treads the thin "ine et!een "i)e and death inhis or her uest )or en"i hten ent. The 8orse "e end o) theori in o) the runes is )ounded in the )ati ue and a on6 o) thesha an od 5din's se") torture on the '!inds!e#t tree' . :uchsha anic #ractices o) se") torture sti"" e ist in the indi enousre"i ions o) 8orth A erica and Centra" Asia. and a"so in

    certain sects o) Ja#anese Buddhis . B6 eans o) their esoteric2 a(ical Alphabetstechni ues. a"tered and no-e" states o) consciousness can eachie-ed, throu h !hich ne! insi hts can e o tained . As aatter o) necessit6. to e trans itted to other hu an ein sat a"", these insi hts ust a##ear !ithin a )or at !hichcoincides !ith the inherent #atterns o) hu an consciousness.The "e end o) 5din's inner rune uest is a te t ook e a #"eo) the conscious rea"iDation and )or a"iDation o) these inherent

    #hos#hene #atterns. Thus the conce#t that "etters, !hether the6 e )ro the He re!, 0reek, Etruscan. ;atin, 3unic.Coe" ren, 0othic, 9est#ha"ian or e-en those o) our )a i"iar

    3o an a"#ha et, are inherent as#ects o) the neura" 'circuitr6'o) each hu an ein . At the sa e ti e, the6 are a"soeta#hors )or the -arious as#ects o) the nature o) rea"it6. .t isthrou h the stud6 o) these ento#ic #atterns in the "i ht o) theuni-ersa" that !e a6 )ind the ke6 to the an6 a ica"a"#ha ets detai"ed in this ook, and ost i #ortant"6. the ke6to the door o) #ersona" en"i hten ent .4

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    1The Hebrew Alphabet

    &n the be(innin( was the +ord" and the +ord was with #od"and the +ord was #od. The same was in the be(innin( with#od.THE 05:PE; ACC53 I80 T5 :T J5H8, 1 1 +An a"#ha et is a s6ste o) !ritin that e #resses a "an ua e'ssounds, oth consonants and -o!e"s, 6 eans o) sin "echaracters. Historica""6, the Phoenician (9est :e iticG a"#ha et!as the )irst to do this, in and around !hat is no! the;e anon. This a"#ha et !as the startin #oint o) a"" o) the "ater Euro#ean a"#ha ets, as !e"" as He re! and Ara ic. ThePhoenician a"#ha et di))ers )ro the "ater Euro#ean a"#ha etson"6 in that it does not use -o!e"s. The de)initi-e -ersion o) the Phoenician a"#ha et is the inscri#tion on the sarco#ha uso) in Ahira o) B6 "os, 1=== BCE. This s6ste atiDeda"#ha et o) ++ characters had co e into use around 1+== BCE,one -ersion o) the -arious character sets used around theeastern end o) the Mediterranean at that ti e..t is thou ht that a"thou h the6 used the cu erso ehiero "6#hic s6ste o) !ritin , the ancient E 6#tians ori inatedthe 'one sound, one si n' #rinci#"e o) !ritin . B6the se"-es, E 6#tian heiero "6#hs !ere a i uous. A hiero I6#hcou"d re#resent the o >ect that it de#icted, a corres#ondinsound, or a a ica" corres#ondence. But, as !ritten, it !asunc"ear !hether o >ect, sound or ana"o 6 !as eant, and soadditiona" characters !ere needed to indicate the !a6 that thehiero "6#hs !ere intended to e read.

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    the in)"uence )ro !hich the 0reek a"#ha et !as de-e"o#eddurin the idd"e o) the ei hth centur6 BCE. The He re!scri#t, !hich is a consonanta" s6ste !ith ++ characters, is #arto) this )a i"6 o) a"#ha ets, ased u"ti ate"6 u#on the Phoenicianscri#t.%ABA;I:TIC :PEC

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    i-in rise si u"taneous"6 to the nu ers and "etters. Accordinto the Sepher ,et-irah" the )oundation o) a"" thin s isco #rised o) the ++ "etters o) the He re! a"#ha et. 5) these++ characters , three are considered to e the ' others' , se-enare 'dou "es ' and t!e"-e are 'si #"es' . The three othersco #rise the "etters A"e#h (AG, Me (MG, and :hin (:hG,

    !hich re#resent the three e"e ents o) air , !ater and )ireres#ecti-e"6 . A"" o) creation !as e"ie-ed to e anate )rothese three e"e ents . The earth is co #osed o) !ater, and thehea-ens o) )ire . Bet!een these #o"es, air s6 o"iDes the s#irit!hich ediates et!een the . As icrocos ic re)"ections o) the acrocos , the #arts o) the hu an od6 !ere connected!ith these three "etters . A"e#h ru"es the chest (the reathG,Me the sto ach, and :hin, the head ()ire, the inte""ectG.These three #ri a" e"e ent "etters are a"so connected !ithti e A"e#h re#resents the seasons o) s#rin and autu n, theti e o) the e uino es :hin s6 o"iD es the su er, !hi"stMe is !interti e. There are three c"asses o) "etters in theHe re! a"#ha et as#irat es, utes and si i"ants . The three11

    a(ical Alphabets' other' "etters are su##osed to e the ke6 characters o) eacho) these three c"asses . The )irst, A"e#h, is #ronounced !ithsi"ent reathin as an as#irate, so it s6 o"iDes the e"e ent o) air. Me is a ute character, ade 6 #uttin the "i#sto ether, and :hin is a si i"ant, connected !ith the He re!!ord 'Esh', )ire .The conce#t that the uni-erse e anates )ro the three' other' "etters is a"so #resent in the ardic tradition o) 9a"es .In the He re! a"#ha et, a)ter these three ' others', the se-en'dou "es ' are ost i #ortant. The6 are thus na ed as the6

    s6 o"iDe the #airs o) o##osites !hich co #ose e istence, andas the6 si ni)6 t!o #honetic -a"ues, a hard and a so)t sound.These "etters are Beth (BG, 0i e" (0G, a"eth ( G, a#h ( G,Pe (PG, 3esh (3G and Tau (TG. Beth si ni)ies "i)e death 0i e",har on6 con)"ict ? a"eth, kno!"ed e i norance a#h,a undance scarcit6 Pe, race sin 3esh, )erti"it6 arrennessTau, #o!er #o!er"essness. In addition to s#eci)ic dua"ities o) ua"ities, the6 si ni)6 the se-en directions the )our directionso) north, east, !est and south, a o-e and e"o! and the centre.Pe arks the north , a"eth the east , 3esh is at the south, a#his to the !est, Beth "ies a o-e, 0i e" e"o!, and Tau is atthe centre. Accordin to the Sefer ,et-irah" the se-en #"anetsand the da6s o) the !eek !ere a"so )or ed )ro these "etters

    6 0od. Microcos ica""6, the se-en ' ates o) the sou"',corres#ondin !ith the #"anets , !ere deri-ed )ro these"etters. These are the outh, the t!o ears, t!o e6es and t!onostri"s.The re ainin 1+ He re! characters are the 'si #"e "etters'.These ha-e corres#ondences to the si ns o) the Dodiac, and tocertain )acu"ites inherent in the hu an od6. He (HG, Aries, isassociated !ith the si ht 7au (< and 7G, Taurus, the )acu"t6o) hearin ain ( G, 0e ini, the sense o) s e"" Cheth (CHG,

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    Cancer, the #o!er o) s#eech Teth (THG, ;eo, the taste Yod(YG, 7ir o, se ua"it6 ;a ed (;G, ;i ra, the a i"it6 to !ork

    8un (8G, :cor#io, the #o!er o) o-e ent :a ekh (:G,:a ittarius, and Ain (=G, Ca#ricorn, the ua"ities o) an er andhu our res#ecti-e"6 TDaddi (T G, A uarius, the #o!er o) i a ination and %o#h (%G, Pi sces, the a i"it6 to s"ee# . These

    characters are a"so assi ned to the directions o) the co #assrose ho!e-er, un"ike the se-en 'dou "es', the6 are "aid outon"6 on one #"ane . The direction corres#ondences o) the1+The Hebrew Alphabet !l ,bo .~ west.l b.lo(@i . 2. The s e-en 'dou "e ' He re! "etters in their re"ationshi# to the se-endirections o) s#ace , !hi ch the6 are e"ie-ed to ha-e )or ed.'si #"e "etters' are co #osed o) t!o di-isions, an inner and anouter. The inner di-ision o) )our characters re#resents thecardina" directions, Yod, Cheth, %o#h and Ain . The outer di-ision !ith ei ht characters re#resents the cardina" andintercardina" directions, the "etters Teth, He, ain, 7au,TDaddi, ;a ed, :a ekh and 8un. In the inner Done, north isconnected !ith Yod the east, Cheth the south, %o#h, and the!est Ain . 5n the outer Done, north is Teth north east is Heeast is ain south east, 7au south, TDaddi south !est,;a ed !est, :a ekh, and north !est, 8un./0E E NING % 0E45E LE//E5:e-era" esoterica""6 ased a"#ha ets share a co on )eature ,in !hich each indi-idua" character has a na e and re#resentsa s#eci)ic o >ect or ua"it6. This conce#t is de-e"o#ed to a -er6so#histicated "e-e" in 0reek, the Ce"tic o ha s, and, ost

    nota "6, in the 8ordic runes . At the ost asic hu an "e-e",the6 are a"" "inked to the )unda enta" neuro#h6sio"o ica" #atterns !ithin our hu an constitution our asic io"o ica"a i"ities that inter#ret our #erce#tion o) the uni-erse. 5n a1*

    a(ical Alphabetscu"tura" "e-e", this conce#t a6 deri-e )ro the su##osedancient E 6#tian ori in o) the #honetic a"#ha et. E ua""6, ita6 e an assi i"ation o) ear"ier #icto ra#hs into the #articu"ar a"#ha etic s6ste . .t is #articu"ar"6 un)ortunate that )or thestartin #oint o) a"" !estern a"#ha ets, the Phoenician one o) *=== 6ears a o, !e ha-e no kno!"ed e o) the "etters' eanin s .Each o) the characters o) the He re! a"#ha et is na ed a)ter a corres#ondin o >ect. In He re!, the a"#ha et has a" ostthe sa e order as the )a i"iar 3o an a"#ha et in !hich this

    ook is set. The )irst "etter is A, the second B, and so on. As!ith the 0reek, 5 ha and 0ae"ic a"#ha ets, each He re!character a"so has a nu erica" e ui-a"ent.@i . 4 . %a a"istic inter#retation o) the character A"e#h. )ro Oedipus Ae(ypriacus

    6 Athanasius ircher. 142+ .The )irst "etter o) the He re! a"#ha et is A"e#h, the e ui-a"ento) the 3o an "etter =A=3This has the e oteric eanin o)

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    the door is shut or o#en . In this as#ect, a"eth there)orere#resents o#enin and shuttin , access and denia" o) access.Esoterica""6, a"eth is thus 'authorit6'. .t is interestin to notethat in oth the o ha and runic a"#ha ets the "etters !ith the-a"ue o) ' ' ( uir and a G ha-e an identica" eanin . As adou "e "etter, a"eth re#resents kno!"ed e and i norance,

    !e"" s6 o"iDed 6 the o#en or c"osed door. a"eth's nu erica"e ui-a"ent is , Ar a, )ours uare.He, 'H', the )i)th character, si ni)ies a !indo!, that !hichad its "i ht into a ui"din .

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    6 another in order that so ethin a6 e re o-ed )ro it.:6 o"ica""6, TDaddi re#resents the shado! or re)"ection o) an6i-en thin , the necessar6 o##osite that an6 state o) ein ust

    rin !ith it. .t has the nu er e ui-a"ent o) =.%o#h, the 1 th , si ni)ies the ack o) the head, the #art o) the

    od6 !hich it is not #ossi "e )or the indi-idua" to see direct"6 .

    Esoterica""6, %o#h si ni)ies the "i ht, that inner i""u inationthat cannot e e #erienced direct"6 throu h the )i-e senses . .tis the resu"t o) 0od's co and, 'Yehre aurK' ';et there e"i htK'. %o#h re#resents the sound '%', and its astro"o ica"corres#ondence is 0e ini. .t has the nu erica" -a"ue o) 1==.3esh is the +=th He re! character !hich has the #honetic-a"ue o) '3 ' . .t is another o) those "etters !hose eanin isre"ated to the #re-ious one. In this case, it is the idd"e o) three. Technica""6, it can e considered to incor#orate oth the

    #recedin and su se uent "etters, )or 3esh re#resents the headand, esoterica""6, 'reco nition', !hich in an6 hu an is #ri ari"6

    ased u#on the a##earance o) so eone's )ace . This "etter has the nu erica" -a"ue o) +==.T!ent6 )irst co es :hin, ':H', !hich re#resents the teeth, theeans 6 !hich !e can ake )ood edi "e. 9hen the od6deca6s, and e-en the ones are reduced to dust, it is the teeththat re ain as the "ast ateria" traces o) #h6sica" ein . Yetthe6 can e "ost !hi"st the od6 6et "i-es. In oth their as#ectso) eatin , "oss and "on e istence, :hin as the tenth is connected!ith co su #tion and trans)or ation . Esoterica""6, it is thedi-ine )ire that trans)or s one state into another. In Christiana a"istic ter s it is the i""u inatin )ire o) the Ho"6 :#irit,trans)or in the ateria" into the s #iritua". Added to the )our"etter na e o) 0od, it rin s into ein the Messiah . :hin'snu erica" e ui-a"ent is *==.

    The )ina", ++nd, He re! character is Tau, !ith the -a"ue o) 'TH' . This re#resents oth the #ha""us and the si n o) the cross,the ark o) the 'chosen ones'. As a s6 o", it is co nate !ith+=The Hebrew Alphabet the ancient E 6#tian si n o) "i)e, the Ankh or Cru Ansata.Accordin to so e Christian a a"istic thou ht, a"" those !hodo not ear the ark o) the Tau are doo ed to #erish. Tauhas the nu erica" -a"ue o) ==, the hi hest sin "e )i urenu er in the He re! countin s6ste . Esoterica""6, thisre#resents the == :e#hiroth o) the )our !or"ds, !hich is's6nthesis'. .t is the co #"etion o) the utterance o) 0od, andthus enco #asses creation.


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    6 the insi hts and inter#retations o) "earned scho"ars andra is. Je!ish 6stica" thou ht asserts that !ithin oth the!ritten and ora" Torahs is a a ica" structure, the asis )or a a"istic s#ecu"ation and research. As !ith a"" 're"i ions o) the

    ook', a a"istic doctrine states that the Je!ish scri#tures are"itera""6 the 9ord o) 0od, containin !ithin the se"-es

    so ethin o) the di-ine essence. The :#anish co entator Moses en 8ah an (11 1+$=, a"so kno!n as 8ah anidesGstated that the !ho"e Torah !as co #osed o) the na es o) 0od. @urther ore, the -er6 !ords in the Torah can einter#reted as ani)estations o) occu"t na es. @ortunate"6, or

    6 0od's #ro-idence, this hidden eanin is not e edded sodee#"6 that it cannot e deci#hered. 9ithin the sacredscri#tura" !ords is an encr6#ted eanin !hich, 6 the use o) certain esoteric techni ues, it is #ossi "e to re-ea". In Je!ishtradition there are three techni ues 6 !hich these hiddeneanin s a6 e disco-ered. The6 are kno!n as '0e atria','8otarikon' and 'Te urah'.0e atria is a techni ue in !hich each "etter o) the a"#ha etdenotes a nu erica" e ui-a"ent. Each !ord there)ore can ere#resented as the nu ers o) each "etter added to ether.Then, this nu er is "inked a ica""6 !ith an6 other !ord+1

    a(ical Alphabets!hich has the sa e nu er. An6 nu er thus a6 "ink a serieso) !ords, each !ith the sa e -a"ue, a"" a ica""6 inter#retati-eo) one another. In e atria there is a"so the con-ention o) 'co"eI' !hich a""o!s a discre#anc6 o) one et!een an6 t!o !ordtota"s, a""o!in a "itt"e "ee!a6 in inter#retation. The He re!a"#ha et has a nu erica" corres#ondence )or e-er6 character.5) course, in )or er ti es, these !ere used in e-er6da6

    arith etica" !orkin s e)ore the ore )unctiona" 3o an andthen Ara ic nu era"s ca e into use. The nu ers arearran ed in rou#s. The )irst nine characters re#resent 1 to ?then the ne t nine stand )or 1= to =? !hi"st the re ainin )our ha-e the -a"ues o) 1== to == . A si i"ar s6ste !as de-e"o#edin #ara""e" )or the 0reek a"#ha et. In He re!, A"e#h has a-a"ue o) 1? Beth, +? 0i e", *? a"eth, ? He, 2? 7au, 4? ain,$? Cheth, &, and Teth, . The ne t rou# has e ui-a"ents in thetens Yod, 1= , a#h, +=? ;a ed, *=? Me , =? 8un, 2=?:a ech, 4=? Ain, $=? Pe, :5, and TDaddi, =. The )ina"characters are nu ered in the hundreds . %o#h is 1==? 3eshis +==? :hin is *==, and Tau is ==. B6 co inin these "etters,

    an6 nu er can e enerated. A si i"ar s6ste e ists in the0reek a"#ha et , thou h the nu ers rise to a hi her "e-e".Because o) this nu ero"o ica" asis o) the a"#ha et, Je!ishscri#tures can e inter#reted in ter s o) nu er. Passa es,!ords or na es !ith the sa e nu er are he"d to ere#resentati-e o) one another, 6stica""6 "inked and utua""6inter#retati-e. @or e a #"e, throu h e atria, 0enesis 1=!as taken 6 a a"ists as a #ro#hec6 o) the Messiah 'The.sce#tre sha"" not de#art )ro Judah, nor a "a! i-er )ro

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    et!een his )eet, unti" :hi"oh co e? and unto hi sha"" theatherin o) the #eo#"e e'. In e atria, 'unti" :hi"oh co e'(IBA :hI;HG has the nu er *2& . :i i"ar"6, the nu er *2&is the 0e atria -a"ue o) 'Messiah', s#e"t M:hICh. A"so thenu er *2& occurs in the ook o) 8u ers +1 . This reads'And Moses ade a ser#ent o) rass, and #ut it u#on a #o"e?and it sha"" co e to #ass, that i) a ser#ent had itten an6 an,!hen he ehe"d the ser#ent o) rass, he "i-ed .' This Mosaicser#ent, in He re!, 8achash (8Ch:hG a"so has the 'Messiah 'nu er o) *2&. Christian He re! e atria"ists sa! thisconnection as e-idence that the raDen ser#ent o) Moses !asthe 'antit6#e' that #re)i ured their Messiah, Christ, on the Tausha#edcross.++The Hebrew Alphabet @i . $. He re! tetra ra aton and other inscri#tions on the round to!er o) Co#enha en Cathedra". en ark. 14 +.Another i #ortant e a #"e o) He re! e atria !as

    #ointed out 6 the a a"istic co entator Menesseh enIsrae". He noted that the )irst !ord o) the Mosaic Pentateuch,'B3A:HITH', has the nu erica" -a"ue o) 1*. B6 e atria,this is e ui-a"ent to the !ords in He re!, 'He created the;a!' . This is a #er)ect e a #"e o) the !orkin s o) e atria,thou h ore usua""6 it is restricted to the cross re)erencin o) 2$Magical Alphabetsindi-idua" !ords and na es. Accordin to tradition, the ;a!o) the Je!s !as !ritten do!n in its entiret6 6 Moses, )ro the)irst "etter to the "ast. This )irst "etter is Beth (BG o) the !ord'Brashith', the )irst !ord in 0enesis, and the "ast "etter is;a ed (;G, the "ast "etter o) 'Israe"', the )ina" !ord o) euterono 6. Esoterica""6, the !ho"e )a ric o) the Mosaic "a!is inc"uded et!een these t!o "etters. 'Brashith' has thee atria" -a"ue o) 1*, !hi"st 'Israe"' co #utes at 2 1. Addedto ether, these nu ers ake 1 2 , one "ess (co"e"G than thee atria" e ui-a"ent o) 'Ada ad on', the icrocos ic an!hose od6 enco #asses a"" thin s. This a"#ha et )ro)unda enta" Je!ish tradition a##ears to ha-e had an in)"uenceas )ar a!a6 as ancient Ire"and, !here the o ha and other esoteric a"#ha ets e in !ith the "etters B, :3 It is #ro a "ethat this !as rou ht to Ire"and )ro E 6#t 6 Co#tic onks,a on !ho an6 8ear Eastern esoteric traditions )"ourished.The idea that a"" o) creation can e inter#reted in !ords!hich ha-e nu erica" corres#ondences a6 see a stran eone. A serious #ro "e is that the "o ica" conc"usion o) thisa##ears to e that a"" thin s are #redeter ined in ad-ance, thatis, there is no )ree !i"". This )ata"istic idea !as re>ected oth

    6 Je!ish and Christian 6stics as akin a ocker6 o) the!ho"e idea o) 0od's creation and the hu an ein 's #"ace!ithin it. The )ounder o) the Hasidic sect o) Judais , Baa":heTo-, o-erca e this o >ection 6 eans o) an in enious

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    e #"anation. He su ested that the Torah had e isted ori ina""6as a disordered co""ection o) "etters. There !as a )inite nu er o) these, a certain nu er o) each character. Thus thenu erica" content o) the Torah, the di-ine ener 6, !as )i edin ad-ance, re)"ectin the nature and secret "i)e o) 0od hi se").But on"6 !hen an e-ent took #"ace !ere these "etters )or edinto !ords, #hrases and sentences that ake u# the !rittenTorah. Thus the "etter content and, hence, the s#iritua" contentre#resented 6 the "etters, !as )i ed, ut the descri#ti-econtent cou"d on"6 e !ritten !ith these "etters !hen it took

    #"ace. Thus Baa" :he To- reconci"ed these t!o see in "6o##osite conce#ts, o) a content )i ed in ad-ance 6 0od thata""o!ed )or )ree !i"" and the natura" un)o"din o) e-ents.As !ith e-er6thin on the ateria" #"ane, an6 s6ste !hichcontinues in use )or a "on #eriod o) ti e ust de-e"o#, and it!as in Euro#e that Je!ish a a"ists continued their ne-er+The Hebrew ALphabet

    endin search )or )urther esoteric )acts. An i #ortant ste# inthis #rocess !as the a##earance in :#ain around 1+&2 o) the

    5ohar" !hich united the s#ecu"ati-e and o#erati-e as#ects o) a a"is . The e #u"sion o) the Je!s )ro :#ain in 1 + "ed tothe esta "ish ent o) a a a"istic schoo" at :a)ed in Pa"estine.Its ost )a ous e ers !ere Moses Cordo-ero (12++ 12$=Gand Isaac ;uria (12** 12$+G. Cordo-ero !as #ri ari"6 atheorist, !hi"st ;uria's !ork !as on the #ractica" a##"icationso) the 6stic kno!"ed e o) the %a a"ah. ;uria's a a"isticethods inc"uded an6 techni ues in-o"-in nu erica" andta"is anic a ic. His authorit6 !as )e"t outside the Je!ishco unit6, in)"uencin the 3osicrucian tradition, !hich ca eto #ro inence in 0er a6 durin the se-enteenth centur6. Thisa ica" e"ie) s6ste incor#orated Je!ish a a"istic techni uesand s#ecu"ations into a Christian conte t. The Christian%a a"ah !riters "ike Jako Boh e and norr -on 3osenrothcontinued and e #anded the use o) e atria and other occu"t"etter s6ste s into the area o) Christian 6thica" e e esis.:o e intri uin e a #"es o) this tradition sti"" sur-i-e to thisda6. @or e a #"e, the reat a a"istic #aintin ke#t in theTrinit6 church at Bad Teinach in Baden 9tirtte er , 0er an6,is a rare se-enteenth centur6 e a #"e o) the Christian%a a"ah in #ictoria" )or . It !as #ainted in 14$* )or PrincessAntonia o) 9tirtte er (141* $ G. esi ned 6 the 6stica"

    #rincess in association !ith Christian a a"ists, it is a re arka "e

    !ork, in oth artistic and s6 o"ic ter s (!hich,un)ortunate"6, cannot e descri ed hereG in !hich the connections et!een the 'anti t6#e' o) the 5"d Testa ent and the't6#e' o) the 8e! Testa ent are ade e #"icit. A on other thin s, the raDen ser#ent o) Moses is co #ared !ith Christ onthe cross, the e atria" "ink o) *2& descri ed a o-e. A"so!ithin the #aintin are a nu er o) He re! !ords thatdescri e s6 o"ica""6 the -arious as#ects o) the s6ste o) Christian %a a"ah. In ter s o) He re! e atria, it is one o)

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    the )e! e #"icit e a #"es. :urroundin the #aintin is anarchitectura" )ra e that ears inscri#tions in He re! "etters.These are uotations )ro the #sa" s. 5ne )ro Psa" *1 +=IThou sha"t hide the in the secret o) th6 #resence )ro the

    #ride o) an thou sha"t kee# the secret"6 in a #a-i"ion )rothe stri)e o) ton ues'. 8e t to this uotation is the nu er

    +2 =, the e atria e ui-a"ent o) the He re! !ords o) this te t.+2 a(ical AlphabetsThe other te t is )ro Psa" *$ ' e"i ht th6se") a"so in the;ord? and he sha"" i-e thee the desires o) thine heart'. Thenu er o) this uotation is +==2 .The second s6ste o) cr6#tic inter#retation o) scri#ture isnotarikon, o) !hich there are t!o -ersions. The )irst creates ane! '!ord' )ro the )irst and "ast "etters o) an6 !ord, !hi"stthe second techni ue e #"o6s the "etters o) one !ord as einthe )irst or "ast "etters o) each !ord in a sentence. Thesetechni ues are re"ated to the odern o session, e"o-ed o) trade unions and o-ern ent a encies, )or acron6 s co #osed

    o) the )irst "etters o) other !ords, such as As"e) )or the'Association o) ;oco oti-e En ineers and @ire en'. In He re!notarikon , the su >ect atter is )ar ore "o)t6 . @or e a #"e, the endin o) #ra6ers, 'A en', is deri-ed 6notarikon )ro the He re! #hase eanin 'The ;ord and@aith)u" in ' . As !ith e atria, "inks et!een t!o se#arate!ords , na es, #hrases or te ts cou"d e discerned 6 eans o) the techni ues o) notarikon . As !e"" as in Je!ish esotericis ,

    oth e atria and notarikon !ere used e tensi-e"6 in the0reek tradition, es#ecia""6 !ith re ard to the na es o) 0odthe @ather and Christ.The third -ariet6 o) inter#retation, kno!n as te urah, is a)or o) cr6to ra#h6 !hich su stitutes one "etter, or se-era", )or another . As !ith other a ica" a"#ha ets, cr6#to ra#h6 !asone eans o) encodin in)or ation eant on"6 )or initiates. Inthe runic and Ce"tic s6ste s, it !as used !ide"6 in northernEuro#e . Man6 si #"e s6ste s !ere used 6 He re! cr6#to ra#hers,such as !ritin the a"#ha et in t!o ha"-es, one in there-erse order, and #airin the "etters. A co on )or isk th ch D- h d b am n s o p th 5 r shCertain o scure i "ica" na es !ere deri-ed )ro other,

    etter kno!n ones, 6 te urah, such as :heshak )or Ba e".:o e o) the na es o) 0od used in edie-a" a a"istic a ic!ere deri-ed 6 eans o) te urah. But the sacred na e or na es o) 0od are shrouded in 6ster6 and con)"ictin c"ai sade 6 -arious occu"tists o-er the centuries. 5ne i #ortant

    e"ie), ho!e-er, is that the 'true ' na e o) 0od is in so e+4The Hebrew Alphabet 6sterious !a6 direct"6 encoded !ithin scri#ture, or actua""6 isthe sacred !ritin s the se"-es. @or e a #"e , the :#anisha a"ist Moses de ;eon e #anded the idea #ut )or!ard 6Moses en 8ah an that the entire Torah !as ade )ro thena es o) 0od. e ;eon stated that the !ho"e Torah !as the

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    na e o) 0od. But, o) course, it !as scarce"6 #ossi "e to usethe entire Torah !hen ca""in u#on 0od in #ra6ers or a ica"!orkin s. In an6 case, the true na e o) 0od !as e"ie-ed to

    e so sacred and to contain such a!eso e inherent #o!er, thate-en to #ronounce it out "oud !as considered to e a

    "as#he ous act that i ht #roduce disastrous conse uences.Accordin to "e end, it !as this !ord that Moses had used tocause the 3ed :ea to #art, so usin it )or an6 "esser needs !asconsidered un!ise. The on"6 e ce#tion to this !as the annua"e-ent !hen the Hi h Priest #ronounced it in the Ho"6 o) Ho"ieso) the Te #"e at Jerusa"e .The di-ine na e !as ascri ed )our "etters o) the He re!a"#ha et, kno!n 6 its 0reek na e o) the 'tetra ra aton'.Technica""6, an6 )our "etter !ord is a tetra ra aton , ut it isrestricted usua""6 to the s#eci)ic )our "etter na e o) 0od. TheHe re! tetra ra aton has its ori in in E odus *.1 'I athat I a '. This has een !ritten in )our di))erent !a6s, o) !hich the )irst is 6 )ar the ost co on . The )irst !a6 is the)our He re! characters JH7H, the "etters Yod. He, 7au andHe. This is e"ie-ed to e the )irst and true na e o) 0od .A"thou h its true #ronunciation is unkno!n no! , the na ederi-ed )ro this is Yah!eh. This has een Euro#eaniDed asJeho-ah, and contracted into the Jah !orshi##ed in the3asta)arian re"i ion. There are an6 6steries that centreu#on this tetra ra aton. In e atria, the "etter Yod, He,7au and He add u# to the nu er +4. This nu er isi #ortant in the esoteric 6steries, and has een useds#oradica""6 in Je!ish and Christian sacred ui"din s. @or e a #"e, it is the uidin nu er o) in 's Co""e e Cha#e" atCa rid e, ui"t et!een 1 4 and 1212. This is ade e #"icit

    6 the 1412 !ood car-in o-er the !est door, !hich has theHe re! tetra ra ation inside a 14 ra6ed so"ar disc.The He re! "etters JH7H a"so corres#ond to so e o) the:e#hiroth in the tree o) "i)e . Yod corres#onds !ith Chok ah,the su#erna" !isdo . He is ascri ed to Binah, ine))a "eunderstandin , co #rehendin a"" as#ects o) "i)e. 7au is said+$

    a(ical Alphabets@i . &. Tetra ra aton on the !est end o) in 's Co""e e Cha#e" , Ca rid e.9ood car-in , 1414 .to corres#ond !ith the si :e#hiroth )ro Chesed to Yesod,!hi"st the )ina" He re#resents Ma"kuth, the in do , co #rehendinthe unit6 o) 0od. 9ritten -ertica""6 )ro to# to

    otto , the JH7H tetra ra aton stands )or the hu an od6, the i a e o) 0od. The other three tetra ra atons aresecondar6, ein ' 6 na es' o) 0od, three o) the $+ 'e #"icator6na es' kno!n as ' :he ha e#horash' or ':he aha #horash'.These are said to e deri-ed )ro a $+ s6""a "edna e o) 0od, co #osed o) +14 characters. Esoterica""6, this'na e' !as deri-ed 6 !ritin do!n the "etters o) -erse 1 inthe correct order? then those o) -erse += !ere !ritten in re-erseorder ? )ina""6, the characters o) -erse +1 !ere !ritten in the

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    correct order. @ro these, $+ three "etter na es !ere deri-ed,a"" o) !hich can e co ined to ake a sin "e na e.@urther ore, to each three "etter na e !ere added the "ettersI0 or A;. These then )or ed the na es o) the $+ an e"suardin Jaco 's "adder. The tradition o) 0od ha-in an6s6 o"ic na es e ists in Is"a , !hose 6stics state that 0od

    has na es . :i i"ar traditions a"so e ist in other re"i ions,)or e a #"e !ith the custo ar6 + 6 na es o) 5din in Asatru .But, o) course, the correct a ica" #ronunciation o) this $+s6""a "e ine))a "e na e o) 0od !as co #"e , and !as "ost.Accordin to a a"istic "ore, it !as redisco-ered 6 certainra is around the 6ear *== CE, !ho s6ste atiDed it into thetetra ra aton used toda6, JH7H, The reduction to )our "etters !as achie-ed 6 a -ariant )or o) e atria. B6e atria, the tota" -a"ue o) the tetra ra aton is +4. Yode ua"s 1= He,: and 7au, 4 . The -a"ues o) the "etters are addedas )o""o!s Yod (1=G, #"us Yod and He (12G, #"us Yod, He and7au (+1G, #"us Yod, He, 7au and He (+4G . 1= E 12 E +1 E +4

    +&The Hebrew Alphabet @i . . Chri stian a a"istic heart trian "e o) the na e o) 0od . incor#or atin Je! ishand Christian n a e s. @ro !ibri Ap ologetici 6 Jaco Boh e .

    L $+. the nu er o) s6""a "es o) :he ha e#horash. Thesenu ers occur a"so in 0reek a ica" tradition. !here thenu erica" -a"ues o) eus and A#o""o (41+ and 1=41 res#ecti-e"6G.ha-e the #ro#ortion o) 12 +4 . The t!o -ariant s#e""in so) ion6sos ha-e the sa e ratio to one another . Thetetra ra aton JH7H !as used e tensi-e"6 in edie-a" and3enaissance cere onia" a ic. The in-erted heart sha#ed6stica" tetrac6ts i""ustrated in @i )ro Jaco Boh e's Libri

    Apolo(etici . #u "ished in ;ondon in 1$4 . has the )"a incharacters o) JH7H arran ed in a trian "e. Beneath. theaddition o) the idd"e "etter. :hin. trans)or s Jeho-ah intoJehoshua . The 3o an "etters )or 'I anue"' and 'Iesus '.surrounded 6 'Christus . sho! that Boh e !as !orkin in thetradition o) Christian %a a"ah.The second tetra ra aton is A 8I, !ith the eanin o) ';ord'. This is enera""6 #ronounced in Euro#ean tradition asAdonai. norr -on 3osenroth. in his 6abbala 7enudata.stated that the A 8I tetra ra aton is the di-ine na e thatis c"osest to the ateria" !or"d o) created thin s. The thirdtetra ra aton is AHIH . This re#resents the #ure ein o) 0od. #ronounced 6 !estern a a"ists as 'Eieie'. .t re#resents.+

    a(ical Alphabets 6 notarikon, the !ords re"ated to Moses (E odus *.1 G 'And0od said unto Moses, I a that I a and he said, Thus sha"tthou sa6 unto the chi"dren o) Israe", I A hath send e unto6ou'. The )ina" tetra ra aton is A0;A. This is an i #ortant!ord in Christian a a"is and !estern a ic in enera". Inhis 7e Arcanis 8atholicae eritatis" Petrus 0a"atinus stated thatA "a re#resents the in)inite #o!er o) the Ho"6 Trinit6.

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    Accordin to E"i#has ;e-i, A "a contains hiero "6#hica""6 a""o) the 6steries o) the %a a"ah. A "a re#resents unit6,s6 o"iDed 6 the )irst A"e#h, "eadin ack to unit6, re#resented

    6 the )ina" A"e#h. It is a tetra ra aton o) the #ri a"nature o) 0od, the )ountain o) truth. It a"so si ni)ies theenerati-e #rinci#"e inherent in 8ature. ;e-i sa! A "a as the

    #er)ect !ord, !hich, i) #ronounced in the correct a a"isticanner, !ou"d de onstrate the a ician's a i"it6 to #ass a""tests o) initiation and acco #"ish the 0reat 9ork.Athou h these three tetra ra atons and the :he ha e#horashare the est kno!n 'na es o) 0od' in a a"istic"ore, there are others. These are co #osed o) a s6 o"icnu er o) "etters, ost co on"6 1 , ++ and + characters.The na e o) 1 characters is deri-ed 6 te urah )ro the':he a'. This is the dec"aration in the ook o) euterono 6(4. G 'Hear, = Israe", the ;ord is our 0od, the ;ord is one' .This s#ecia" na e o) 0od !as used a" ost e c"usi-e"6 in door#rotectiona ic. It !as !ritten on the ack o) the MeDuDah,attached to the ri ht door#ost in order to e c"ude har )u"in)"uences )ro the househo"d. @urther detai"s o) this #racticecan e )ound in the author's 3arth Harmony (3ider, 1 &$G. Thenu er )ourteen "etter eca e associated, in Christian usa e,!ith the :tations o) the Cross, each o) !hich can e consideredso e sort o) ate!a6 in the Passion o) Christ.The na e !ith ++ "etters, the sa e nu er as the charactersin the He re! a"#ha et, !as #u "ished )irst in the Sepher

    Ra-iel. This ook, ascri ed to E"eaDar o) 9or s, !ho "i-ed inthe thirteenth centur6, is the ook o) the An e" 3aDie". The++ "etter na e o) 0od is e"ie-ed to e deri-ed 6 so etechni ue )ro the "etters o) the B"essin o) the Priests in the

    Je!ish Authori-ed 7aily rayer 2oo% 'The ;ord "ess andkee# thee The ;ord ake his )ace to shine u#on thee and eracious unto thee The ;ord turn his )ace unto thee and i-ethee #eace'. The na e is 'Anakta Past a Pa#asin ionsi ',*=The Hebrew Alphabet !hich in He re! "etters !ou"d e A85TM P:TM P:P:YMY878:YM. These !ords ha-e no eanin in He re!. But,durin the se-enteenth centur6, this na e !as -er6 #o#u"ar a on the Je!s o) centra" Euro#e. At one ti e, it !asintroduced into the B"essin o) the Priest's #ra6er !hen it !assaid in s6na o ue .

    @ina""6, the na e !ith + "etters !as a "itt"e ore un!ie"d6.This na e !as said to e co #osed o) the )irst + "etters in theBi "e AB0 YT: 53A :TY 80 YC: BT3 :T0 C5B T8AY0; P % :57 :IT. Each tri#"et o) "etters !as e"ie-ed to

    e a #otent )or u"a in its o!n ri ht. There are 1 tri#"ets,re#eatin the 6stic dou "e se-en o) the MeDuDah )or u"a. InChristian 6sticis , each o) these tri#"ets a##"ies to one o) the1 :tations o) the Cross. Its !ho"e nu er, +, is a traditiona""6si ni)icant one . There !ere + >ud es o) the dead in the

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    E 6#tian 2oo% of the 7ead" and, "ater, Christian a a"ists #ointed out the + enerations et!een that o) Ada and thato) Christ. In the t!entieth centur6, the 0er an eo antJose#h Heinsch )ound that the nu er + !as an i #ortanteasure in an6 o) the ore i #ortant ancient and edie-a"sacred ui"din s o) Euro#e. And, in his The Hitchhi%er's #uide

    to the #ala0y" ou "as Ada s ascri ed the nu er + as theans!er to '"i)e, the

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    these s uares is an atte #t to )aci"itate the )ina" reunion et!een the icrocos and the acrocos . Traditiona""6,there are se-en nu erica" ' a ic s uares', each ascri ed to oneo) the se-en astro"o ica" '#"anets' . In the He re! and 0reek a"#ha ets, !here "etters stand )or nu ers, the a ic s uaresare co #osed o) !ords, inte""i "e or uninte""i "e . Each a ics uare or ' a ea' is direct"6 re"ated to the sacred rid. Each*+The Hebrew Alphabet contains a s#eci)ic nu erica" 6ster6 !hich under"ies the

    #h6sica" )or that it re#resents. ;ike e atria. notaikon andte urah. the creation o) a a ic "etter s uare is a trans)or ati-eo#eration in !hich thou hts and conce#ts are trans utedinto "itera" )or s o) su stance. and thence into na es and!ords. These na es and !ords are a direct #ara""e" !ith the' antras' o) Indian 6sticis . !hich are chanted in order tocreate a"tered states o) consciousness !ith the u"ti ate ai o) the reuni)ication o) the indi-idua" !ith the cos os. or !ith

    0od.The se-en standard a ic s uares are assi ned to -arious

    #"anetar6 #o!ers. radin u#!ards in siDe )ro the outer ostto the inner ost. The s uare o) three is assi ned to theouter ost o) the traditiona" astro"o ica" #"anets. :aturn. 8e t.the s uare o) )our is that o) Ju#iter? )i-e is o) Mars. si o) the:un. and se-en o) 7enus . The ei ht 6 ei ht s uare is assi nedto Mercur6 and the nine 6 nine to the Moon. In a a ics uare. the nu ers o) the s a""er s uares !hich co #ose the@i . 1=, The arran e ent o) the #"anetar6 co"ours in the Di urat at horsa ad.

    ** a(ical Alphabets

    "ar er are arran ed in such a anner that, takin an6 ro!, thesu o) the nu ers !i"" e the sa e . In He re! a ic, each #"anet can e seen as a s6 o" o) one o) the :e#hirah on thetree o) "i)e. :aturn si ni)ies Binah, the third :e#hirah, !hi"stJu#iter, corres#onds !ith the )ourth :e#hirah, Chesed. Mars

    #ara""e"s the )i)th :e#hirah, 0e urah, !hi"st Mercur6 is theei hth :e#hirah, Hod . This #"anetar6 sche e !as the asis o) Ass6rian and Ba 6"onian Di urats, o) !hich the i"" )atedTo!er o) Ba e" !as an e a #"e. In their #urest cos o"o ica""6de)ined )or , each o) the Di urats' se-en sta es or

    #"at)or s re#resented one o) the se-en #"anets . The a ics uares are arran ed in a se uence that starts !ith the s a""estrid at the outer ost. @or structura" reasons, the outer ost

    s uare on a Di urat !as the "ar est. Ho!e-er, it !as ru"ed 6the corres#ondin a ic s uare, and #ainted in the corres#ondinco"our. The en ra-in o) the horsa ad Di urat,re#roduced in @i . 1=, i-es a ood idea o) the #rinci#"e .The si #"est a ic s uare is the s uare o) three 6 three,ascri ed to :aturn, in !hich each "ine adds u# to 12 and thetota" o) a"" the nu ers added to ether is 2. This is the s uareost co on"6 used 6 Euro#ean a icians . Its traditiona""6assoCiated co"our is "ack, si ni)6in the outer ost #"anet andthe otto tier o) the Di urat.

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    tota"s a##"ies to a"" a ic s uares. Another )our 6 )our rid,a ain not the a ic s uare o) Ju#iter, ut a Hindu a ica")or u"a, is car-ed on a stone in the )ort at 0!a"ior in India12




    @ro these e a #"es, it is c"ear that there are an6 #ossi "earran e ents o) a"#ha et "etters as nu ers to ake a ics uares, each o) !hich !i"" ha-e their o!n esoteric readin .The )o""o!in rid o) +2 s uares (2 6 2G e"on s to Mars,!hose co"our is red. Each "ine addin u# to 42, akin a tota"o) *+2.11


    21&4$+21*11+= *&14+1 1 +++ 12

    The si 6 si rid o) *4 s uares is that o) the :un. Its co"our is o"d or 6e""o!. Each "ine adds u# to 111, and the tota" is 444.This nu er is the contentious '8u er o) the Beast' descri edin the Book o) 3e-e"ation o) :t John the i-ine, and a"sothe tota" o) one o) the nine cha ers o) the Ai Beker. (Thesi ni)icance and eanin o) the nu er 444 is discussed inCha#ter +.G*2

    a(ical Alphabets4 *+ * * *2 1

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    $ 11 +$ +& & *=1 1 14 12 +* +1& += ++ +1 1$1$+2 + 1* +4 1+*4 2 ** + *1The )i)th rid is that o) 7enus, !hich easures se-en 6 se-en.

    Its co"our is reen "ue. Each rank or )i"e adds u# to 1$2,akin a tota" o) 1++2 )or the entire s uare .++ $ 14 1 1 *2 2 +* & 1$ + 11 +*= 4 + 1& *4 1+1* *1 $ +2 * 1 *$*& 1 *+ 1 +4 +=+1 * & ** + +$ 24 12 = * * +&An a"ternati-e se-en 6 se-en rid so eti es encountered is*= * & 1 1* 1 +&*& $ $ 1& +$ +4 4 & 1$ +4 *2 *$2 1 14 +2 * *4 21* 12 + ** + +1 +* *+ 1 * * 1+++ *1 = + 11 +=This s uare is not ascri ed to 7enus . The )o""o!in , si th, ridis a""ocated to Mercur6, !hose co"our is "i ht "ue. This is the)a i"iar checker oard rid, u#on !hich such a es as chessand En "ish drau hts are #"a6ed, easurin ei ht 6 ei ht. The"ines add u# to +4= each, akin a tota" o) +=&=Jor the !ho"erid .& 2& 2 2 4+ 4* . 12 1 2+ ** 11 1* 241 +* ++ & 1 1& 2*+ * *2 + +2 *& * +&= +4 +$ *$ *4 *= *1 ***41$

    4$22+The Hebrew Alphabet 42*+=


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    J ~ 33, l 0~ 3, l ~.., J 0~ l=@~@i. 11. Medie-a" H e r e! " ette r "a r 6inths *t o p l ef t ) s uar e ase d u#on 'E"ohi ',read )r o the idd" e * t o p ri ( ht) 9 attish'k a tri an "e, a ta"is an a a inst )ir e

    * be/ ow) A rac ada r a ) or u"a.*&The Hebrew Alphabet !hose nu er in e atria, *42, akes this entit6 the "ord o) the 6ear . But the !ord 'A racada ra' is #ro a "6 deri-ed )rothe Cha"dean !ords, abbtida %e daabra" !hich eans '#erish"ike the !ord', a"thou h traditiona""6 it is ascri ed to :erenus:a onicus, #h6sician o) the E #eror Caraca""a (rei ned+11 1$ CEG.This )or u"a !as !ritten as a do!n!ard #ointintrian "e, !ith the edica" )unction o) a ica""6 su##ressin)e-ers. Its re"ation to A ra as is that, as od o) the !ho"e 6ear,his na e !i"" he"# to restore !ho"eness. A si i"ar, thou hs a""er, do!n!ard #ointin trian "e )or u"a !as used a ainst)ire. This used the He re! !ord '9attishk'a' (and the )ired!ind"edG, re)errin to a #assa e )ro the ook o) 8u ers

    And when the people complained" it displeased the Lordand the Lord heard it1 and his an(er was %indled1 and the

    fire of the Lord burnt amon( them" and consumed themthat were in the uttermost parts of the camp. And the peoplecried unto oses1 and when oses prayed unto the Lord"the fire was :uenched.ME IE7A; HEB3E9 E3I7E A;PHABET:There are a nu er o) a ica" a"#ha ets used )ro theedie-a" #eriod on!ards that are deri-ed )ro ear"ier He re!characters . These !ere ost #re-a"ent in those Euro#eancountries !hose esoteric cu"ture !as ost in)"uenced 6 the

    Je!ish a a"istic tradition in centra" and eastern Euro#e,thou h, o) course, the6 !ere trans itted readi"6 to students o) the arcane sciences in other "ands . The ain -ersions o) theseha-e na es !hich re)er to so e as#ect o) Je!ish traditionCe"estia" He re!, Canaanean, Moa ite, :a aritan , Ma"achi ,:o"o onian, etc. :o e o) these are >ust a"ternati-e, cursi-e,-ariants o) standard 's uare' He re!. These ha-e "etters !hichrese "e, ore or "ess, those cursi-e He re! scri#ts used to!rite Yiddish in 0er an6 and Po"and in the da6s e)oreHit"er's in)erno. As these scri#ts de-e"o#ed, -ariations anda"terations took #"ace, and ne! -arieties e-o"-ed )ro ear"ier ones . In enera", these 3enais sance scri#ts are co #"icated

    ecause their creators and users !ere con-ersant !ith not on"6He re!, ut a"so !ith the 0reek and 3o an a"#ha ets. Thus!e )ind a ica" a"#ha ets that ha-e either He re!, 0reek,*

    a(ical Alphabets;atin or -ernacu"ar e ui-a"ents. The Je!ish %a a"ah concursin an6 !a6s !ith the #hi"oso#h6 o) the P6tha orean, 0nostic,neo P"atonic and Her etic schoo"s, and so it !as natura", as itde-e"o#ed, that it shou"d ha-e in)"uenced and er ed !iththese edie-a" and 3enaissance #hi"oso#hica" tendencies. Thee e""ished and a"tered )or s o) He re! "etters on 3enaissance

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    #aintin s in centra" Euro#e dis#"a6 )or s that ha-e c"ose #ara""e"s !ith so e secret scri#ts. There are se-era" interestininscri#tions in -ariant He re! on the a ni)icent )our#ane""eda"tar#iece o) the Herren er er A"tar, #ainted in 121

    6 the i"" )ated 6stic artist Jer 3at e , no! in the :taats a"eriein :tutt art. These )or s rese "e c"ose"6 the st6"e o)

    "etters in such "etter ro!s as the A"#ha et o) the Ma i .There are t!o asic )or s o) He re! deri-ations. 5ne takesthe characters and a"ters the s"i ht"6 or drastica""6, utre ains asica""6 a #en !ritten scri#t. This st6"e can e seen in3at e 's #aintin . The other t6#e akes the "etters intoorna enta" si i"s 6 dra!in a s a"" circ"e at the end o) each"ine, and at the >unctions o) "ines. H.C. A ri##a's Ce"estia"scri#t o) 12*1 is a ood e a #"e o) this. The scri#ts recordedin 14$2 6 J3 Barto"oDDi and c.J. I onati are a"so t6#ica". Inhis ook The a(us (1&=1G, @rancis Barratt "isted se-era" o) these orna enta" a ica" a"#ha ets, inc"udin -ersions o) Ce"estia", Ma"achi and Crossin the 3i-er *Transitus ;lu ii).In odern ti es, an6 -ariants o) the e!i"derin #"ethora o) such 'He raic' scri#ts ha-e een recorded 6 @red 0ettin s inhis e ce""ent co #i"ation 7ictionary of Occult" Hermetic and

    Alchemical Si(ils *

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    !ith 3o an rather than He re! e ui-a"ents. @red 0ettin shas #ointed out that an6 o) the "etters in Mar ues 3i-iere'sCe"estia" a"#ha et are the sa e as those in his An e"ic.:ee in "6, there is no end to the #er utations o) He raica ica" a"#ha ets, and it is ine-ita "e that 6et ore -ersions!i"" co e into ein as indi-idua"s )o""o! their #ersona" #aths.+

    2The Greek Alphabet

    ytha(oras thou(ht that he" who (a e thin(s their names" ou(ht to be re(arded not only the most intelli(ent" but the oldest of thewise men. +e then search the Scriptures accurately" since theyare admitted to be e0pressed in parables" and from the nameshunt out the thou(hts which the Holy Spirit" propounded respectin( thin(s" reached by imprintin( His mind" so to spea%"on the e0pressions. That'the names used with arious meanin(s"

    bein( made the sub@ect of accuratt in esti(ation" may bee0plained" and that which is hidden under many inte(umentsmay" bein( handled and learned" come to li(ht and (leam forth.:E;ECTI58: @35M P35PHETIC :C3IPT

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    0reek a"#ha et !as au ented 6 se-era" ne! characters.;ike odern 0reek and a"" other Euro#ean scri#ts e ce#tEtruscan. this )or o) 0reek !as !ritten )ro "e)t to ri ht. Atthe sa e ti e. so e o"der co #ound "etters !ere discarded.But so e o) these o"der characters !ere retained as nu era"s.B6 the )i)th centur6 BCE. it !as taken )or ranted in 0reece that

    a"e citiDens !ere "iterate. @ro the outset. !ritin !as used)or the acti-ities !e associate !ith "iterac6 toda6 e-er6thin)ro sho##in "ists to "e a" docu ents. )ro "iterature toin-ocations o) the 0ods. ;ike He re!. ut in a su t"6 di))erent!a6. the 0reek A"#ha et attained a hi h "e-e" o) de-e"o# entaround the third centur6 BCE. !hen the s6ste s o) e atria are

    e"ie-ed to ha-e e er ed. The a"#ha et has + characters.each o) !hich has a co #"ete s6ste o) attri utions. s6 o"icand nu erica".

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    !ith the sa e nu erica" e ui-a"ent can and are used to encodeeanin s !hich are then on"6 a##arent to #ractitioners o) theart o) e atria. ;inear di ensions and other associatednu ers in sacred ui"din s can a"so ha-e a s#eci)ic eanin!hen decoded 6 e atria . In this re"ationshi#, it is si ni)icantthat an a"ternati-e ancient 0reek s#e""in o) the !ord e atria,

    ' a etria' ()AMETPIAG, !as a reco niDed -ariant a"so o) the!ord ' eo etria' ()E5METPIAG, )ro !hich the En "ish!ord eo etr6 is deri-ed. In so e instances, e atria !as as6ste o) notation used to record the secret )or s andre"ationshi#s o) sacred eo etr6. 0reek eo etria containsan6 e a #"es o) eo etrica" usa es, oth e tant in sacred

    ui"din s and enca#su"ated in esoteric "ore. Both its Pa an andChristian users sa! the 0reek a"#ha et in enera", ande atria in #articu"ar as enco #assin the uni-ersa" creati-e

    #rinci#"es. This enca#su"ation o) uni-ersa" #rinci#"es occursa"so in the He re!, runic, o ha , 0othic and 9est#ha"Iana"#ha ets.Be)ore Christianit6 !as i #osed on a"" 0enti"es in the3o an E #ire as the o))icia" and so"e re"i ion, there !erean6 ancient and -enera "e schoo"s o) #hi"oso#h6. The neo2

    a(ical AlphabetsP"atonists o) A"e andria had their 'sacred succession', 6 !hichthe inner teachin s o) the #hi"oso#h6 !ere de-e"o#ed andtrans itted. The M6steries ce"e rated at E"eusis and other sacred #"aces o) #o!er "ike!ise !ere ased u#on radua"re-e"ation o) esoteric secrets. :i i"ar"6, the P6tha oreans hada s6ste o) #ro ation and #ro ressi-e initiation into successi-e"6hi her rades o) ade#thood, so that to eco e co #etentin the s6ste , the candidate had to stud6 )or an6 6ears.

    The su t"e esoteric interre"ationshi# et!een s6 o"s, nu ersand "etters !as the eans o) trans ittin !isdo , and, o) course, the 0reek a"#ha et !as the -ehic"e )or this. Theseschoo"s o) #hi"oso#h6 and sacred initiation e isted and de-e"o#ed)or an6 centuries, ein the re#ositories )or scienti)ic andathe atica" kno!"ed e as !e"" as the arts no! consideredore esoteric. But !hen Christianit6 !as introduced as theesta "ished state re"i ion, these schoo"s and centres !erec"osed. The ade#ts !ho esca#ed !ith their "i-es !ere co #e""edto trans it their arcane !isdo 6 other eans. Pa an te #"esand other sacred sites o) the e"der )aith !ere con-erted intoChristian churches. But the arcane ua"ities o) these #"aces

    !ere not destro6ed the6 cou"d not e so the6 ani)estedthe se"-es in ter s o) the inco in re"i ious s6 o"is . Thistook the )or o) the use o) Pa an a"tars in Christian churches,and the assi i"ation o) "oca" di-inities as saints. The i a er6o) Athena !as trans)erred to :aint Mar6, the oddess o) 7ictor6 eca e :aint 7ictoria, the ioscuri trans uted into :tPeter and :t Pau", He"ios trans o ri)ied into :t E"ias, theua"ities o) A#o""o and Mithras !ere assi i"ated into theChrist )i ure, and so on. The Je!s, ho!e-er, e c"uded )ro

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    the "anket ChristianiDation o) the E #ire, esca#ed thes6ste atic destruction o) esoteric cu"ture that e)e"" thePa ans . es#ite #ersecution, their -er6 dis#ersa" throu houtthe then kno!n !or"d ena "ed the secret doctrines to "i-e on,and eco e re)ined )urther . Thus it !as that a a"istickno!"ed e e er ed and cr6sta""iDed )ina""6 in the ke6 te ts o) that schoo" o) #hi"oso#h6. But the Pa an traditions, !hichaccessed the inner core o) hu an and cos ic ein e ua""6 assuccess)u""6 as the Je!ish or Christian 6steries did, eca eassi i"ated into esoteric Christianit6 .'The Christian e ui-a"ent o) the !ord Ca a"a', !rote thenineteenth centur6 En "ish 6stic 9i""ia :tir"in , '!as4The #ree% Alphabet #nosis" %nowled(e" and )ro innu era "e re)erences in the!ritin s o) the @athers the Church @athersQ it is e-ident thatthe ne! sect, in the construction o) the 0os#e" and ritua" o) theChurch, #er#etuated the sa e 6stica" tradition !hich the6had recei-ed )ro the He re!s'. The nature o) this kno!"ed e,:tir"in te""s us, !as stated e #"icit"6 6 C"e ent o) A"e andria'And the 0nosis itse") is that !hich has descended 6trans ission to a )e!, ha-in een i #arted under!ritten 6the A#ost"es' . A si i"ar assertion !as ade 6 :t.Basi" 'The6!ere !e"" instructed to #reser-e the -eneration o) the 6steries

    6 si"ence . @or ho! cou"d it e #ro#er, #u "ic"6 to #roc"ai in!ritin the doctrine o) those thin s, !hich no un a#tiDed

    #erson a6 so uch as "ook u#on 'The e-idence o) these, and other, !riters, is that theA#osto"ic succession, so >ea"ous"6 uarded 6 the churches,de#ended u#on the recei#t o) the ora" tradition, the 0nosis.

    5n"6 throu h this ora" tradition , co #ara "e !ith the Mosaicun!ritten Torah, cou"d the 0os#e"s e inter#reted #ro#er"6.;ike the Je!ish %a a"ah, this 0nosis de#ended u#on secrets6stica""6 encoded !ithin the -er6 !ords o) scri#ture. But, as

    e)ittin a He""eniDed tradition, the !orkin "an ua e anda"#ha et !as 0reek, not He re!. Ho!e-er, ecause o) theori in o) the Christian re"i ion in Je!ish #ractice, an6 o) thetechni ues and actua" !ords !ere taken o-er )ro the o"der tradition. :i i"ar"6, the e atria and s6 o"is o) the Pa an0reek tradition !as incor#orated into the 0nostic s6ste . As!ith the ra inica" #ractice, !here it !as considered that theinner kno!"ed e !as too #o!er)u" to e i #arted to the

    asses, it a##ears that the Church @athers he"d the sa e -ie!s.A"thou h a a"istic nu ero"o 6 and astro"o 6 !ere conde ned

    #u "ic"6, there is #"ent6 o) e-idence that this !as a #o"itica" o-e intended to kee# e-en the kno!"ed e that there!as an inner tradition a!a6 )ro ordinar6 )o"k. Ade#ts and

    #riests, !hether Pa an, Je!ish or Christian ha-e a"!a6s ke#tinner teachin s a!a6 )ro the uneducated and unititiated, "estthe6 e isused, or )a"" into heretica" hands, !hence the6 !i""

    e #er-erted. @ro this doctrine co es the idea o) 'castin

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    #ear"s e)ore s!ine', a conce#t considered e"itist and out oded 6 so e odern occu"tists. 9hether or not the6 !ere correct,)or the reater #eriod o) hu an histor6, traditiona" doctrinesha-e he"d such a -ie! . B6 this eans, certain truths ha-e een$

    a(ical Alphabets #reser-ed. A"on !ith the !ritten scri#tura" te ts, ora" tradition,trans itted necessari"6 )ro aster or istress to disci#"ehas #ro-ided the eans o) inter#retin the correct"6 .The sur-i-a" o) this traditiona" kno!"ed e throu h catac"6s icchan es o) o))icia" o-ern ent re"i ious doctrine can eseen in the #ractice o) 0reek e atria. The use o) thistechni ue !as continuous and un roken throu h the Pa an andthe Christian o ser-ances, inc"udin the 0nostic -ersion o) Christianit6. This c"ai to uni-ersa"it6 !as ecause, "ike theJe!ish a a"ah, 0reek e atria o#erates at a "e-e" e6ond thato) ere doctrina" or sectarian di))erences . The uni-ersa"creati-e #rinci#"es are a##roached in an6 !a6s throu h an6re"i ions. 0reek e atria dea"s !ith these #rinci#"es throu hs6 o"ic nu ers. The inte ra" #art o) the Christian 0nosis!ith e atria is sho!n )ro the -er6 !ord '0nosis', !hich in0reek is 'H r8%III. This has a nu erica" -a"ue o) 1+$1, thesa e -a"ue as the !ord :tauros (ITAYP5IG, the Cross.Each o) the "etters o) the 0reek a"#ha et has an associatedeanin !hich incor#orates a )u"" ran e o) esoteric corres#ondences.The6 re"ate to s#eci)ic di-inities in the ancient 0reek

    #antheon, and a"so ha-e a Mithraic s6 o"is , !hich !asassi i"ated "ater into the Christian tradition. Thus the6 "ink thePa an and Christian !or"d -ie!s and their corres#ondina ica" traditions . The "etters o) the a"#ha et are associated

    !ith the 't!ent6 )our M6steries' o) 0nostic tradition, !hich!as a continuation and de-e"o# ent o) the ear"ier Pa antradition. The 0reek "etters ha-e the )o""o!in eanin s andcorres#ondences3 l:;a' the )irst character, has the "itera" eanin o) a u""or, 5re enera""6, catt"e. As !ith the corres#ondin He re!)irst character, this is inter#reted asica""6 as o i"e !ea"th ina"" o) its as#ects, oth ateria""6 and s#iritua""6. 9hen coina e!as introduced, the -a"ue !as e #ressed in ter s o) head o) catt"e, and )ro this co es the En "ish !ord 'ca#ita"' ()ro the;atin, 'ca#ut', a headG. As !ith a herd o) catt"e, the esotericnature o) A"#ha eans that !ea"th shou"d e nurtured and

    used !ise"6. ;i)e is transitor6 , and , so that )uture enerationscan ene)it, !ea"th shou"d e ana ed in a !a6 that is o)

    ene)it to a"" . A"#ha akes an interestin #ara""e" !ith He re!and runic, t!o other a"#ha ets !ith s6 o"ic e ui-a"ents,&

    The #ree% Alphabet !here the )irst character has the sa e eanin as catt"e!ea"th. In He re! , this is the "etter A"e#h, !hi"st in the runesit is @eoh, !hich has the #honetic -a"ue o) =F=3Yet , des#ite

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    these di))erences , catt"e !ea"th is seen as the #ri ar6 asis o) societ6 , re)"ectin the ori in o) a"#ha ets in a certain #hase o) hu an de-e"o# ent. 8u erica""6 , A"#ha is the nu er !hichs6 o"iDes the )irst and ost i #ortant, the #ri ar6 concernso) e istence , 0nostic s6 o"is te""s o) the 'tri#"e A"#ha',s6 o"ic o) the Ho"6 Trinit6. In e atria, the nu er o) A"#hais 2*+.~ Beta, the second "etter, has cha""en in , #erha#s de onicconnotations. 8u erica""6 +, the second one, is a"!a6s seen asthe reaker o) unit6, and, in dua"istic re"i ions, it eca eidenti)ied !ith the de onic cha""en er to the unit6 o) 0od.5)ten , this cha""en er is ca""ed the '5ther 5ne', as in :!edentoda6 , ackno!"ed in the cha""en in as#ect o) the second thata"!a6s threatens to eco e the )irst 6 ri-a""in or o-erthro!init. In the Mithraic re"i ion, the de onic od o) !ron doin ,An ra Main6u , a"so has the e#ithet , 'the second' , a cha""en eto 0od and the destro6er o) his unit6. In Christian ter s, thisne ati-e as#ect !as #ersoni)ied as the e-i". But a"so , thesecond rin s !ith it the #ossi i"it6 o) reuni)ication . 9ithoutthe second, the onad, co #"ete in itse") , is de-oid o) re"ationshi#s, and there)ore there can e no e istence. A""re"i ions !hich see the uni-erse as ha-in a creator reco niDethis necessit6 , s6 o"iDed here 6 Beta. :o e reco niDe thatthis second ua"it6 is not necessari"6 in dia etrica" o##ositionto the )irst #rinci#"e. B6 e atria , the na e Beta is *=& .r 0a a, the third character, has the nu er *, and theeanin o) od"iness, the sacred . @ro out o) the onad andthe second co es natura""6 the third , as )ro the other and)ather co es the chi"d. 0enera""6 , the "etter 0a a re)ers tothe triadic odhead , !hich is )ound e-er6!here . @or e a #"e,the Tri#"e oddess is kno!n throu hout the Mediterraneanre ion, as !e"" as across Euro#e to the north . The Ba 6"onians!orshi##ed the triad o) Anu , En"i" and Ea? the E 6#tiansre-ered Isis , 5siris and Horus? the An "o :a ons !orshi##ed9oden, @ri a and Thunor , !hi"st the 7ikin s -enerated5din, Thor and Ba"der. In Christian ter s, 0a a si ni)ies

    Magical Alphabetsthe trinit6 o) 0od the @ather, the :on and the Ho"6 0host. Ins6 o"ic ter s, 0a a re#resents the three)o"d nature o)

    #rocess creation, continuance and destruction, e innin ,idd"e and end? irth, "i)e and death. .t is the third, !anin

    #hase o) the oon, arkin the )uture e tinction o) the "i ht,and, 6 i #"ication, the re irth o) the ne t c6c"e. This is the'chi"d', the third one that !i"" out"i-e its t!o #arents . Mores#eci)ica""6, in the 0reek conte t, 0a a is the "etter associated !ith the Three @ates, C"otho, Atro#os and ;achesis,their 3o an counter#arts 8onna, eci a and Morta, theThree 0races, and e-en the three 9eird :isters o) 5"d En "ishtradition. B6 e atria, 0a a is e ui-a"ent to &2.~ e"ta, re#resents the c"assica" )our e"e ents o) @ire, Air,

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    and "o-e. .t is a character o) a"ance. that ua"it6 o) ein inhar on6 !ith the !or"d. ein in the ri ht #"ace at the ri htti e to achie-e one's )u"" #otentia". More s#eci)ica""6. as Etathis is ani)ested as the di-ine har on6 o) the se-en #"anetsand se-en s#heres o) #re Co#ernican cos o"o 6. .t can thussi ni)6 the usic o) the s#heres. The 0nostic Marcus connected

    Eta !ith the third hea-en 'The )irst hea-en sounds A"#ha. andthe one a)ter that E (E#si"onG. and the third Eta . . .' InChristian nu ero"o 6. Eta re#resents the tendenc6 to!ards

    #er)ection. re eneration and sa"-ation. But nu erica""6. Eta isthe nu er &. !hich is the asic so"ar nu er. B6 e atria.the "etters o) Eta are e ui-a"ent to *= , the nu er o) the odAres, the #"anet Mars.21

    a(ical Alphabets?$ Theta, the ei hth character, has the #honetic -a"ue 5)'TH'.Theta s6 o"iDes the ei hth, cr6sta" s#here, u#on !hich, in the)or er cos o"o 6, the )i ed stars !ere e"ie-ed to stand.There)ore, it is the s6 o" o) a"ance and inte ration. As the

    ei hth, Theta re#resents the ei ht)o"d di-ision o) ti e ands#ace o) traditiona" Euro#ean custo . 8u erica""6, ho!e-er,Theta is the nu er , !hich si ni)ies the esoteric "inkin

    et!een & and !hich under"ies the a ic o) sun and oon.Theta's nu er 6 e atria is *1&, the nu er o) the so"ar deit6 He"ios.I Iota, a"thou h the s a""est "etter, re#resents destin6, einsacred to the oddess o) )ate Ananke, and thus a"so to theThree @ates. Ananke is "inked 6 e atria to the 0reat 0odPan, the nu er o) Ananke ein 1*= and Pan 1*1. Thus,a"thou h the s a""est "etter, it is a icrocos o) the a"","inkin !ith the co #"e e atria" nu ero"o 6 associated !ithPan. Thus, s6 o"ica""6, the s a""est #art o) the uni-erse

    contains !ithin it the !ho"e in icrocos . The "etter Iota ise ui-a"ent to the nu er 1=, considered to e the )ourthhea-en o) the 0nostic ranch o) the Christian )aith. B6e atria, Iota is *&1, the nu er o) Aio"os, the !inds. As acharacter o) destin6, the connection !ith the )ick"e !inds o) )ate is -er6 a##ro#riate. .t is a"so a s6 o" o) insi ni)icance,!hen so ethin akes 'not an iota o) di))erence', ut !henso eone te #ts )ate 6 'not carin a >ot' a out so ethin thatshou"d e i #ortant to the , this see in insi ni)icance a6sho! itse") 6 ack)irin u#on the te #ter and rin indisaster. a##a, is said to e the rin er o) ad "uck, disease, o"da e and death. A##ro#riate"6, it is sacred to the od ronos .

    In Mithraic tradition, as the tenth 0reek "etter, it is associated!ith the ad od An ra Main6u, !ho is associated !ith 1===?lK> lK> 1=G death rin in de ons. An ra Main6u !as saidto #ossess 1=,=== t6#es o) disease !ith !hich he -isited thehu an race. 5n a ore a stract "e-e", a##a is a "etter o) ti e,the rin er o) ine-ita "e, ine ora "e #rocesses. In this res#ect,it is "inked !ith the rune en, !hich re#resents the ine ora "e

    #rocess o) urnin . a##a is e ui-a"ent nu erica""6 to thescore, the nu er += . B6 e atria , a##a is e ui-a"ent to 1&+.2+

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    #honetica""6 '0'G, as a i)t )ro or to the 0ods. B6 e atria,the !ord 'Chi' is e ui-a"ent to 41=.5t Psi, the +*rd , is the hea-en"6 "i ht e odied in the sk6 odeus . It has the secondar6 eanin o) da6"i ht , ost s#eci)ica""6the hi h"i ht o) idda6. Thus it is a character o) i""u ination, o) seein c"ear"6 and #recise"6 . It has a nu erica"

    -a"ue o) $==, !hich is e ui-a"ent 6 e atria to the Christianono ra Chi 3ho, re#resentin the hea-en"6 "i ht o) theChrist. The e atria -a"ue o) the !ord 'Psi' is $1=, e ui-a"entto the !ords '#iston' (nI" T58G, eanin ')aith)u"' , and '#neu aa ion ' (n8EYMA ArI58G, 'the Ho"6 :#irit'.?JH5 e a, the + th and )ina" character , stands )or riches anda undance, a success)u" conc"usion to usiness . As ana#otheosis, it is the se-enth hea-en o) the 0nostics. Its nu er is &==, !hich is the nu er o) ' #istis' (nI" TI" G, )aith and'k6rios' ( YPI5" G , "ord. B6 e atria , '5 e a' is & , thenu er o) 'sche a ' (" FHMAG, eanin 'the #"an'. Thus ,5 e a is a re#resentation o) )aith and the di-ine #"an, oth inthe Pa an and Christian inter#retations o) 'the ;ord ' , !hether eus or Jesus.03EE A;PHABET T3A ITI58:As a series o) uni-ersa" eta#hors to descri e the !or"d, it)o""o!s that s#eci)ic "etters o) the 0reek a"#ha et are re"atedto s#eci)ic #arts o) 8ature. Thus, accordin to Hi##o"6tus, it!as re-ea"ed to Marcus the 0nostic that certain "etters o) the0reek a"#ha et re"ated to the #arts o) the hu an od6.2$

    a(ical AlphabetsHi##o"6tus recorded the in 2oo% & o) his !ritin s? cha#ter *The Tetrad" after ha in( e0plained these thin(s" spo%e as

    follows ' 4ow & wish also to e0hibit to you Truth herself" for & ha e brou(ht her down from the mansions abo e" inorder that you may behold her na%ed" and becomea:uainted with her beauty1 nay" also that you may hear her

    spea%" and may mar el at her wisdom. Obser e then first the head abo e" Alpha and Ome(a1 the nec%" 2eta and hi 1

    shoulders " alon( with hands " #amma and 8hi 1 breasts " 7elta and hi1 diaphra(m" 3psilon and ,psilon1 belly " 5etaand Tau1 pudenda" 3ta and Si(ma 1 thi(hs" Theta and Rho 1%nees " &ota and i1 cal es" 6appa and Omicron1 an%les

    Lambda and i1 feet u and 4u' ... and he styles thiselement an" and affirms it to be the source of e ery word"and the ori(inatin( principle of e ery sound.

    The 0reek a"#ha et, then, 6 accessin the asic structureo) the uni-erse !hich under"ies e-er6thin , #ro-ides a "ink

    et!een the traditions o) the Pa an !or"d and that o) theChristian. E ua""6, it "inks oth o) the !ith the !or"d o) scienti)ic en uir6 . There are a"so "inks !ith centra" andnorthern Euro#ean Pa anis throu h the 3unes, so e characterso) !hich #ara""e" 0reek "etters (see Cha#ter *G. Thisconnection a6 e seen in the so ca""ed 'Per a u o!"' ,i""ustrated in @i . 12. This is a 'di-ination o!"' or #antac"e that

    ears esoteric 0reek inscri#tions. .t dates )ro around the 6ear

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    a"so contains its o##osite. The e6e and "i ht ha-e the sa enu er as 'tu#h"os' &YE2/O~), !hich eans "ind. Thetradition o) e atria a""o!s a discre#anc6 o) one et!een an6t!o nu ers. This is ca""ed colel. In this !a6, the od Her esE56E~) has the e atric nu er *2*, "inkin hi , as od o)

    roads, !ith the !ord )or the road, 'odos' (H O~O~), !hose

    nu er is *2+. A ain o##osites a6 e "inked in this !a6. Ane a #"e is 'de"os' ~E/O~), !hich eans ani)est, ha-in the-a"ue o) *1+, and 'ade"os' /~E/O~), un ani)est, e ui-a"entto *1*.The hu an #erce#tion o) the !or"d is o)ten ani)estedthrou h e atria, as !ith the nu er *=, !hich si ni)ies'arith os' /5I"6O~), nu er. This nu er is a"so thee atria )or 'no os' O6O~), the ;a!. :o eti es. e atria"inks thin s in another !a6. @or e a #"e. the nu er 4 1.!hich eans #o!er, 'kratos' ( PA &O~) a"so stands )or the

    #o!er)u" north !ind. Arktos /5K&O~). its ana ra . Another #o!er nu er, the cos ic )i ure o) ener 6 and creation, $ =,is es#ecia""6 interestin , )or it is e ui-a"ent to the c6c"e or circ"eo) e istence, 'kuk"os' KYK/O~)4 creation, 'ktisis' K&I~I~)4%*The #ree% Alphabet heat. 'ther otes' ('H "E56O&0~)4 the usic o) the s#heres,'aitheros e"os' /I"E5O~ 6E/O~) and the de i od Adonis/I78 EY~). P"ato's na e )or the di-ine creator, '= e#i#asitheos' ('= 'EnI n/~I "EO~) is a"so $ = 6 e atria. Thetrans utationa" #o!er o-er atter re#resented 6 Her esTris e istos E560~ &5I~6EfI~&O~), dei)ied )ounder o) the a"che ica" arts is "inked !ith the ru"er o) the cos os,'kos okrator' (= KO~6OK5/&35), )or the6 oth share thee atria nu er 1$ 1. These connections o#erate at an6

    "e-e"s, es#ecia""6 in #ersona" na es. There, une #ected "inksa6 e er e. @or e a #"e, t!o de i ods o) 0reek 6tho"o 6,5r#heus and Achi""es ha-e a "ink throu h their nu ersAchi""es /(I//EY~) has the nu er 1+$4, and 5r#heusO5912EY~) is 1+$2. Ar os /prO~), !ho ui"t the Ar onauts'

    shi#, Ar o, is identi)ied throu h e atria !ith the "o-e odEros E5O~), as their nu ers are *$ and *$2 res#ecti-e"6.Eros a"so has a connection !ith the 0reat 0od Pan, throu hthe 'Pan series' (see e"o!G.Throu h the 6stica" ediu o) e atria, it is #ossi "e totrace connections !hich a6 not e i ediate"6 a##arent.B6 co"e", the a ode o) the ods, 5"6 #us E/Y6nE~),

    !hose nu er is & =, is "inked !ith the hea-ens, '5uranos'OY5/ O~), & 1. The connections that e atria rin s usis es#ecia""6 interestin !ith re ard to the Cretan "a 6rinth6th. The "a 6rinth in !hich Theseus s"e! the Minotaur.'Ia 6rinthos' //BY5I "O~ , -a"ue &$+G, is sho!n 6 e atriato e a s#ecies o) chaos (/O~). &$1, !hose nu er is a"so thato) )oa , 'a#hros' /9125O~). The na e o) the ho icida" an u""at the centre o) the "a 6rinth, as s#e"t on the )ourth centur6"a 6rinth osaic at ato Pa#hos in C6#rus, is Meinotauros

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    6EI 3&/Y5O~). This has the e atria nu er o) 1&$1,!hich is e ui-a"ent to 'tauros', the u"", 1=$1, #"us the nu er &==. !hich is 'k6rios' KY5IO~), '"ord'. Thus the Minotaur is 6e atria, '"ord o) the u""s'. The na e o) the Minotaur s"a6er,Thesus E2E~EOS) is & 6 e atria. This, throu h co"eK, ise ui-a"ent to Tro6 (TP5IHG, !hich is &&..t is interestin to notethat, a"" o-er northern Euro#e, !here the6 are cut in tur) or ade )ro "ar e stones, c"assica" "a 6rinths are kno!n as'Tro6', 'Tro6 to!n' or the '!a""s o) Tro6' .:acred eo etr6 and architecture, too, are "inked in theesoteric tradition o) e atria. The )o""o!in e a #"e is t6#ica".41

    a(ical AlphabetsThe acrocos , ' akrokos os' 6/K5OKO~6O~), has thenu er &*1. This is a"so the nu er o) the 6stic eo etrica")or , the #6ra id, '#6ra is ' llY5/6I~), and the #ha""us,' #h a"ios'

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    )unda enta" connection et!een "an ua e and e #erience.The na es o) eus (0odG, the 0reek tetra ra aton , ' ios'and Theos' ~IO~ and "EO~) oth add u# to +& . The reat4+The #ree% Alphabet other oddess C6 e"e ( YBEAEG, !hose nu er is 22 hasthe e#ithet o) 'Mother' (MHTHPG, !hose nu er is 24. Theoddess Arte is (' /5&E6I~) has the sa e nu er, 424, as thesa-iour, ' essias' 6E~~I/~). The nu er 1== is associated!ith ion6sos ~IO Y~O~) , !hose na e is an ana ra o) ' 8ous ios' OY~ ~IO~), the indo)0od. .t is a"so the nu er o) 'the a#tis ', (T5 B/rI&I~6/) and the di-ine attri ute,':a ao' ~/B/3) , a 0reek -ersion o) a He re! !ord eanin'ar ies ' and hence te #ora" #o!er. The na e o) the ' ent"eoddess' , ;eto (AET%G, !hose nu er is 11*& , is e ui-a"ent tothe !o , 'de"#h6s' ~E/ 5YS). :he is sho!n there 6 to e she!ho re#resents the )e inine essence o) creation, !orshi##edas an e odi ent o) the atter o) the uni-erse. The arinedi-init6 Poseidon rIO~EI~O ), has the nu er o) 1+1 , !hichis that o) the )ish , 'icthus' l "+~), his sacred s6 o". The)ish !as a##ro#riated "ater 6 the Christians as a s6 o" o) Christ. Another na e )or Christ is the Cos ocrator, ('=KO~6OK5/ T%3G 'ru"er o) the Cos os', !ith the e atrianu er o) 1$ 1. 8ot sur#risin "6, this is a"so an e#ithet o) the di-ine ein Her es Tris e istos, E560~ &5I~6ErI~&O~), "e endar6 )ounder o) the science o) a"che 6. A"che 6i-es its #ractitioners the #o!er to ru"e the ateria" cos osthrou h ani#u"ation o) the su t"e as#ects o) atter, the

    #o!er o) the Pantocrator.The reat od PanThe ost i #ortant series o) e atria corres#ondences )ocuses

    on the nu er o) the reat od Pan (rIA8G . In 0reek Pa anis ,Pan, the #ersoni)ication o) !ho"eness, !ho "inks the di-ine !iththe hu an and ani a" !or"ds, has the nu er 1*1. This is thestartin #oint o) a a>or series o) e atria inter#retations . Theenerati-e #o!er o) Pan, the #ha""ic od, is e #hasiDed 6 t!ocorres#ondences. Pan and the ser#ent (drakon, ~5/KO , + 2G

    #roduces the sa e e atria" -a"ue o) Eros (*$2G. The di-inesource o) this enerati-e #o!er is e #"ained 6 the addition o) the nu er o) creation ('H rE E~I~, &1G, and that o) Pan(1*1G, !hich akes 41+, the nu er o) the su#re e od, eus.Pan and the nu er &==, !hich can ean 'the ;ord', '@aith','the 0re at Po!er ' and a"so Pasi#h ae, a 6 na e o) the oddessArte is, akes the nu er o) A on (,AMM%8G, an e#itheto) eus, *1. @urther ore, !hen a ain added to *1, the 1*14*

    a(ical AlphabetsPan akes 1=4+, 6 the con-ention o) co"eK, the nu er o) A#o""o (' An5AA%8G, 1=41. Pan !ith the oon oddess :e"ene~E/0 0, *=1G akes the e atria -a"ue o) *+, !hichis ATAB5AH, conce#tion. Pan !ith 8ous, the conscious !i"",(1*1 E $+=Gakes &21,the nu er o) su stance Yn/5:::I~).Added to the nu er o) Te"eion' ('the #er)ect nu er',

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    TEAEI58, $=G, the nu er o) Pan akes the nu er 4=1,!hich is T5 = 85MA, 'the 8a e' , e ui-a"ent 6 co"eK to Cos osand 0odhead, 4==. As e)ittin his uni-ersa" status, thenu er o) Pan !ith the E #6rean (nA8 E 'EMnYPEI58,1*1 E $4=G #roduces the nu er o) the hea-ens, 5uranos(5YPA85:, & 1G.@ina""6, !hen the nu er o) Pan and thato) the ar ent o) "i ht, End6 a E ~ YMA, 2==G are addedto ether, the nu er o) death, Thanatos E2/ /&O~, 4*1Gis

    #roduced. The #anic o) those !ho ha-e seen ri""iant a##aritionso) the reat od Pan in his terri "e as#ect is !e"" kno!n,resu"tin in the death o) the un)ortunate #ersonsKC05I /I N G5EEK GE /5IThese Pa an od connections !ere continued, e #anded andre)ined in the "ater Judaeo Christian a ica" tradition o) 0nostic e atria. As in ear"6 Christian art, !here Christ !aso)ten de#icted as A#o""o, 5r#heus or ion6sos, there areconnections et!een the na e o) Christ and the ear"ier di-inities and heroes. @or e a #"e, 6 e atria, the nu er o) 'Christos' (5I~&3~) is 1 &=. This is e ui-a"ent to the 1 $o) 5d6sseus O~ Y~~EY~) . There are se-era" e atria nu ersassociated e #ress"6 !ith Christ . These are $==, the 'Chi 3ho'ono ra (see @i . 14G? &&&,Jesus, I0~O&I)4 1 &=, Christos(5I~&3~)4 1 &, '#h6sis Jesou' (the nature o) Jesus, = Y~I~I0~OY~), and +*4&,Jesus Christ I0~OY~ (5I~&O~).These na es are o)ten co #osed o) nu ers that, !henco ined, e #ress di-ine or cos ic ua"ities . Jesus, &&&, )or e a #"e, is co #osed o) Ether and E #6rean ('AIESHP and'EMnYPEI58, $4= E 1+&L &&&G.The 0reek tradition o) ind "etters or ono ra s eca e

    hi h"6 de-e"o#ed to e #ress the na e o) Christ. The estkno!n o) these si i"s is the Chris on or 'Chi 3ho' ono ra .This is a indin to ether o) the characters Chi (Ch, !ritten FGand 3ho (3, !ritten PG to ake a si i" co #osed o) the )irstt!o "etters o) 'Christ'. .t has the e atria -a"ue o) $== . This4The #ree% Alphabet @i . 14. Chri stian ono ra s in the 0reek tradition *top row) (iG standard Chi3ho ?(iiG A"#ha, 5 e a and cros s? (iiiG IH: ? (i-G -ariants o) A"#ha and 5 e a?* second row) (iG -ariant Chris on , Jesus :oter (sa-iourG and Jesus Christco ined? (iiG Mother o) 0od? (iiiG -ariant Chi 3ho ?*third row) (iG A"#ha Tau5 e a?(iiG Chris on and Ichth6s ? (iiiG Chris on )ro 0reek 5rthodoco union !a)er , Jesus Christ Con uer? (i-G short -ersion o) the #recedin si i" .si i" is c"ear"6 a -ersion o) o"der, so"ar, s6 o"s, such as thecirc"e !ith a cross eneath it, !hich re#resents the risin sun.It is a"so c"ose"6 re"ated to the ancient E 6#tian si n kno!n asthe 'Ankh' or 'Cru Ansata', s6 o" o) eterna" "i)e. Theono ra o) Jesus Christ used the )irst three 0reek "etters o) the na e Jesus, I0~ . ;ater, the 0reek "etter Eta (HG, !ith a

    #honetic -a"ue o) 'E' , !as istaken as re#resentin the 3o an"etter 'H', and so the eanin ascri ed to the ono ra

    eca e &n hoc si(no (In this si nG. This reca""ed the ce"e rateddrea o) the E #eror Constantine . Accordin to "e end , in

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    this drea the Chris on si i" a##eared to hi , acco #anied 6 a -oice that said, 'In this si n thou sha"t con uer'.Inter#retin the drea as a di-ine #rediction, Constantinethere)ore used the si n on his #ersona" !ar anner, the;a aru . 7ictorious, he i #osed Christianit6 on the 3o anE #ire . In its 3o an isinter#retation, the ono ra IH:has a"so co e to re#resent 9esus Hominem Sal ator (Jesus,ankind's redee erG . A 0er an inter#retation o) this ono rais 9esus Heil und Seli(macher (Jesus, sa-iour andredee erG . The ori ina" 0reek ono ra I0~ has a -a"ue o) +1&. B6 co"e", this is #art o) the 'Pan series', !here a nu er o) the reat od Pan is added to other si ni)icant e atriae ui-a"ents . Here, the na e o) 7ictor6, '8ike' &&, added to42

    a(ical Alphabets1*1 akes +1 , re#resentati-e o) IH;. :6 o"ica""6, this can einter#reted as '-ictor6 o-er a""'.Another 0reek "etter corres#ondence !ith Christ is throu h

    the )irst and "ast "etters, A"#ha and 5 e a. This co es )rothe ook o) Re elation ++.1* 'I a A"#ha and 5 e a, the e innin and the end, the )irst and the "ast.' There, Christ isassociated !ith the 0reek "etters A"#ha, A, and 5 e a %, the)irst and the "ast "etters o) the a"#ha et. Esoterica""6, thissi ni)ies eterna" continuance, the )irst and the "ast enco #assina"" that is et!een the . The6 a"so re#resent theenerati-e and re enerati-e #o!er ascri ed to the Christ. Thisis sho!n 6 the )or u"a 'A"#ha and 5 e a' (A AI %G, !hichhas the e atria -a"ue o) &*+. B6 co"e". this #hrase is e ua" to'Pha""us' (RR"SAAA5;, &*1G.E-en 6 the se"-es, the t!o "etters A"#ha and 5 e ade onstrate the !onder)u" -ersati"it6 o) 0reek e atria. Thenu erica" e ui-a"ent o) A% is &=1. ade u# o) A"#ha's 1 and5 e a's &==. These "etters are !ritten so eti es in connection!ith the cross, )or e a #"e, in the rite o) consecretion o) a church. 9hen !ritten !ith the "etter Tau, as a re#resentationo) the cross, the nu er o) AT% ono ra is 11=1, 6 co"e"e ui-a"ent to the nu er o) the na e :i on, 11==. The use o) this ono ra !as an esoteric si n used 6 those !ho e"ie-edthat :i on o) C6rene died on the cross as a su stitute )or Jesus.Another i #ortant Christian s6 o" is the do-e, '#eristera'(nEPI;TEPAG, so eti es used e #"icit"6 as a s6 o" )or Christas rin er o) #eace, !hose e atria nu er is &=1. Thus,throu h e atria, the do-e s6 o"iDes A"#ha and 5 e a,!hich itse") is a ci#her )or Christ. The connection et!een &==and Christ is ecause it is the nu er o) #o!er and do ni)6in o ni#otence, 'autod6na is', (H /Y&O~ Y8AMI;G..t is a"so the nu er o) '"ord', 'k6rios' ( YPI5;G? and )aith,'#istis (nI;TI;G. Thus, A"#ha and 5 e a to ether s6 o"iDeo ni#otent #o!er, "ordshi#, )aith and #eace. Another co ons6 o" o) Christ is the )ish, !hich is deri-ed not 6e atria, ut 6 notarikon. Here, the 0reek !ord )or ')ish' is'ichthus'. @ro this, 6 notarikon co es the sentence '/esousCHristos THeou 7ios :oter (Jesus Christ, :on o) 0od. the

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    :a-iourG. The use o) the )ish as a s6 o" )or Christ connectshi !ith Poseidon, 6et another "ink et!een Christ and theo"der ods.44The #ree% Alphabet Esoteric 0reek tradition re"ates the 1+ a#ost"es o) Christ to

    the 1+ si ns o) the Dodiac. B6 e atria, each o) the na es o) the si ns o) the Dodiac has a nu er, and si i"ar"6 !ith thea#ost"es. The corres#ondences o) the Dodiaca" si ns take theorder o) the a#ost"es as "isted in the os#e" accordin to :tMark *.14 1 G. Takin :i on Peter as the e innin o) theDodiac, the si n o) Aries, the corres#ondences are as )o""o!sodiac 0reek 0e atria:i n na e -a"ueAries PI5" ==Taurus TAYP5" 1=$10e ini ~I~Y6OI 2*&Cancer AP"RI85" $1

    ;eo AE58 &&27ir o nAPESE85" 212;i ra FHAAI 4:cor#io " 5#nI5" $2=:a ittarius T5 E8TH" 1* *Ca#ricorn A")5 EP5" 1+=A uarius Y~5O(Ol: 121Pisces IFESYE" 1++Tota" 1=24A#ost"e 0reek 0e atriao) Christ na e -a"ue:i on Peter nETP5" $22Ja es Boaner es IA 5B5" 11=*John Boarner es I5A8H" 1=4Andre! / ~5E/l: *41Phi"i# ctSIA"nn5I &=Bartho"o e! BAP&=A5MAI5" 4=*Matthe! MAES=AI5" * =Tho as ES5MA" 1=2=Ja es A"#haeusson IA 5B5" 11=*Thaddaeus 8/~~/IOl: +:i on Canaanite " IM58 11==Judas Iscariot "5Y ~/l: I" API5ES 1&*2Tota" 1=2 &4$

    a(ical AlphabetsThe su tota" o) the 1+ si ns is 15,24 ,!hi"st that o) the 1+a#ost"es is 1=,2 &, a -er6 c"ose #ara""e". The di))erence is + .:6 o"ica""6, the Dodiac has een s6nthesiDed !ith the a#ost"eso) Christ, and er ed #er)ect"6 !ith their na es throu he atria. As !ith the 1+ tri es o) Israe", the a#ost"es o) Christeach re#resent so e as#ect o) the 6ear"6 and thus a"so the

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    uni-ersa" c6c"e. The necessit6 o) the rene ade a#ost"e, JudasIscariot, is thus ade a##arent. Christ stands at the centre o) this 6ear"6 circ"e, #ara""e"in the #osition o) so"ar deities in thePa an inter#retation o) the cos ic order. A a>or oti) inPrincess Antonia's se-enteenth centur6 a a"istic #aintin atBad Teinach sho!s Christ at the centre o) the Dodiac circ"e o)

    the 1+ tri es K# Israe", de onstratin the "on e-it6 o) thisi a e. As aster o) the 1+ disci#"es and 1+ onths o) the 6ear,Christ can e seen as #ara""e"in Mithras, !hose nu er *4= isthat o) the de rees in the circ"e. Man6 Mithraic scri#turessur-i-e in !hich the deit6 is sho!n !ithin a circ"e de#ictin thesi ns o) the Dodiac. This #ara""e"s c"ose"6 the conce#t o) thedeit6 A ra as, !hose *42 sho!s hi as ru"er o) the da6s o) the6ear, !ith a e atria e ui-a"ent to 'Meson', the second o) the)i-e tetrachords o) 0reek usica" har on6. Each o) theco #onents o) 0reek har onics ha-e their o!n na es !hichare re"ated 6 e atria to the na es o) re"ated ua"ities anddi-inities. B6 this eans, the Her etic a i 'As a o-e, so

    e"o!' o#erated throu hout 0reek science, art and re"i iona"ike.The connection et!een the Eucharist !ords and theate!a6 has een entioned a"read6. Inscri#tions in 0reek onChristian to s in the 3o an cataco s o) the !ord ' eses'( H;E; ' a6 6ou "i-e'G is actua""6 an encr6#tion o)the nu er o) the E 6#tian other oddess, Isis, re e erer o) the s"ainod 5siris. Both !ords ha-e the nu er +=. Here, ase"se!here, oth the Pa an and the Christian inter#retations areas one. This denotes the uni-ersa" nature o) rea"it6 under"6ina"" e"ie), )or there can e no re"i ion hi her than the truth. In0nostic 0reek e atria, a ost i #ortant nu er is &1, )or it re#resents the e innin , '0enesis' (H rE8E;I;G. It is the

    nu er o) the 0reek tetra ra aton used 6 C"e ent o) A"e andria, I/~ Y, re#resentin the na e o) 0od. Thee atria nu er )ro the three "etters o) the Trinit6, n, Y, A,!hich si ni)6 '#ater' (nA THPG, the Ho"6 :#irit is &1. @urther4&The #ree% Alphabet

    tJ m ! L~~.~.0t>.~"r@i,~, ~ ~

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    #t#=3=6U@i . 1$. :ecu"ar ono ra s in the 0reek tradition . The B6Dantine and Ho"63o an E #erors. )o""o!ed 6 other ear"6 edie-a" kin s. dukes and church

    #re"ates. "iked to use #ersona" si i"s deri-ed )ro 0reek "etters (f$p line) (iGJustinian? (iiG 5tto I? (iiiG ;othar III ? (i-G ;ouis 7I o) @rance?*second line) (iG3o ert o) @rance? (iiG !enti o"d -on ;othrin en? (iiiG ;othar I? (i-G ;ouis II?*third line) (iG Henri I? (iiG ;ouis the Pious? (iiiG Phi"i# I? (i-G ar" ann? *fourthline) (iGHu o o) Pro-ence ? (iiG Char"es I7? (iiiG Bisho#' Arethras o) Caesarea? (i-GChar" a ne .ore, it is a"so the nu er o) 'e#isko#e' ('H EnI~KOn0),the ;ord's -isitation, and the ua"it6 o) o-erseein ,'e#isko#eia' EnI~KOnEI/), e #hasiDin oth the attri uteso) the @ather and the Ho"6 :#irit. There are a nu er o) other i #ortant "inks in this area o) e atria. The nu er 1=&=, theHo"6 :#irit (T5 ArI58 n8EYMAG, is a "unar nu er,associated !ith the 7oid (or a 6ssG, 'H /BY~~O~ (1=&1G.The cross, 'stauros' ~&/ Y5O~), has the nu er o) 1+$1. Thisis a"so the nu er o) 'the kno!"ed e o) 0od', the 0nosis, ('Hr O~I~). This is a"so the nu er o) 'the kno!"ed e o) 0od',the 0nosis, ?=7 r O~I~)./;. nu

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    this nu er a6 not e !hat it at )irst a##ears to e. In theori ina" 0reek. the #hrase )ro 3e-e"ation 'and his nu er is:i hundred threescore and si ' has the e atria -a"ue o) +*4&.the nu er o) Jesus Christ. The nu er 444 !ithin this #hraseis a necessar6 #art o) the entire co #utation. indicatin thatthe 'nu er o) a an'. the e atria o) the entire sentence. isthat o) Jesus Christ.B6 0reek e atria. 444 is the nu er o) Teitan. a 0reek o##onent to the ods o) 5"6 #us. enera""6 he"d to si ni)6 the

    #o!er o) o##osition and destruction o) the esta "ished order.Ho!e-er. accordin to 7ictorinus. Bisho# o) Petau at the endo) the third centur6 'As the6 ha-e reckoned )ro the 0reek characters. as the6 )ind it a on an6 to e TEIT A8. )or Teitan has this nu er. !hich the 0enti"es ca""ed :o" andPhoe us' . The asonic !riter 9i""ia :tir"in sa! this asassociatin it !ith the 'ark o) the sun', !hich contained the)i ure