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    olbZ rkyqdk gkflax lkslk;Vh jhOg;wl~VASAI TALUKA HOUSING SOCIETIES REVIEW

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    H. O. : A - 2/301, LARAM CENTRE, S.V.ROAD, OPP. RAILWAY STATION, ANDHERI (W), MUMBAI- 58, Tel.: 022 -42551414

    B.O.: Swagat Bhavan, Near Indian Oil, Opp. M. S. E. B. Colony, Vasai (E), Thane - 400 208.


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    Minimum Deposit Maximum Deposit

    : ` 1000/-: 500000/- `

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    Withdrawal up to 1 year Interest payable @6% p.a.

    From 1year to 2yrs. Interest payable @7% p.a.

    From 2yrs. To 3yrs. Interest payable @ 8% p.a.

    Above 3yrs Interest payable @ 9% p.a.

    (Regd. No. BOM. (W-R)RSP/CR/9175/2000-2001)

  • EDITORIAL & PUBLICATION OFFICESwagat Bhavan, opp. MSED Staff colony,Next to Indian Oil, station road,Vasai road (E), Dist. Thane - 401202

    CHAIRMAN & GUIDE Ramesh S. Prabhu

    EDITORMr. V. Viswanathan

    DESIGNED BYMr. Jitendra KalivdaMr. Tukaram Pawar

    EDITORIAL BOARDMr. Rajiv PhadnisAdv. Vilas RautAdv. Vaishali Shetty Anitha Viswanathan

    VASAI TALUKA HOUSING SOCIETIES REVIEWolbZ rkyqdk gkflax lkslk;Vh jhOg;wl~

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    olkgr leksj] olbZ jksM iwoZ]

    rk- olbZ] ft- Bk.ks 401202

    0250-6457596 9028097499 @vasaihsgfed


    For General Housing Society related queries, Please Contact

    0250-6457586/ 95 0250-2390170/ 71 E-mail

    Views expressed in this Magazine are of the authors & VTHF is not Responsible for its Contents.

    Circulate among Friends and other members of the Society

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    Vasai Housing Federation

    Vasai Taluka Housing Societies Review 03 April 2013

    All societies to get deemed conveyance 0506070810131920212223252627293031

    FAQs ON COLLECTOR'S LANDNOW DEEMED CONVEYANCE MADE EASYHIGHLIGHTS OF CHANGES - MCS ACT, 1960Changes in Co-operation Sector have happened!lgdkjh laLFkk vf/kfu;e 1960 e/;s >kysY;k lq/kkj.kk

    egkjk"V xg`fuekZ.k laLFkk vf/kfu;e 1960 e/;s >kysY;k lq/kkj.kk - jkti=Gazette of Maharashtra Govt. dated 14/02/2013 in respectamendment to MCS Act 1960The new amendment byelaw in pursuant to the97th amendment to constitution of India.VTHF Yellow PagesDocuments required for deemed conveyanceFlat owners must pay more forlate registration: GovtCIRCULAR (Redevelopment)News Galleryijhi= iquZfodkl


    lfpo Jh- fOg- fooukFku

    After the 97 Amendment to the constitution India, the Maharashtra Government has come out with an Ordinance on the 14 February 2013. The MCS Act, 1960 has also been amended in lines of the same. All the societies are directed by the Maharashtra Government to adopt the New Model Bye-laws on or before 30 of April 2013.



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    Readers are recommended to make appropriate enquires and seek appropriate advice before sending money, incurring any expenses, acting on medical recommendation or entering into any commitment in relation to any advertisement published in this publication. VTHF group doesnt vouch for any claims made by the Advertisers of products and services. The Printer, Publisher, Editor, and Owner of the VTHF Group Publications shall not be held liable for any consequences, in the events such claims are not honoured by the Advertisers

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    Vasai Housing Federation

    Vasai Taluka Housing Societies Review 04 April 2013 to download the panel list of auditors. The financial year has ended and I am sure all the committee members would start working on the finalization of the society accounts. Remember the last date to conduct AGM from this year is 30 September AND THERE IS NO EXTENSION from this year. Therefore complete the accounts and place the audited financial statements before the general body before that date.I need more and more valuable and constructive inputs from various professionals like advocates, chartered accountants, architects and consultants to improve the working of the federation and also the magazine. Your valuable inputs are invited at /


    Happy Reading ! info@vasaihousingfederation.comEnroll yourselves as the member of the Vasai Taluka Federation having its registered address at Swagat Bhawan, Near Indian Oil, Opp : MSEBcolony, Station Road, Vasai Road (E) Dist. Thane 401 202 having Tel no. 0250 2390170 / 71 / 239 377 3 / 74 / 645 75 85 / 95 by filling up a application form given at the end of this magazine after passing a resolution in the managing committee meeting and paying a sum of Rs. 1600/- (Rupees One Thousand Six Hundred Only) being Rs. 1000/- towards share money, Rs. 100/- Towards entrance fees and Rs. 500/- towards Annual subscription.For more details and to avail the benefit, please contact the Vasai Taluka Federation office at the registered address or send email as given above.V.ViswanathanSecretary

    The Government is yet to print the bye-laws. The same is uploaded on the website of federation at Meanwhile we suggest all the societies in Vasai Taluka to conduct a special general body meeting of their respective societies with the agenda to adopt the model bye-laws and to appoint an auditor for the financial year 2012-2013 from the panel maintained by the Registrar. The list of the panel list of auditors is available on the website of the federation. Please follow the link

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    iRrk% Lokxr Hkou] bafe-jk-fo-e- olkgr leksj] olbZ jksM iwoZ] rk- olbZ] ft- Bk.ks 401202

    M;u vkWbZy P;k cktqyk


    To Get Regular free updates on Society Matter email the Name, Address, Cell No and emailid of all the Committee Members of your Society to with the subject matter as UPDATe

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    Vasai Housing Federation

    Vasai Taluka Housing Societies Review 05 April 2013

    To speed up the allotment of deemed conveyance to housing societies before June 2013, Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan has decided to set up a coordination committee under the Collector.

    He has directed that a website be created with information pertaining to all the 88,000 housing societies in the state and their deemed conveyance status. The Coordination Committee will meet every mo nt h to en s u r e a t i m e- bo u n d implementation of the proposal.

    A conveyance deed is a document executed to transfer the title of land and building in favour of a society.

    The decision for the time-bound implementation was taken during a review meeting conducted by the CM on the implementation of deemed conveyance in Maharashtra. The CM stated that granting of deemed conveyance involves various departments like Housing, Cooperative and Revenue, and the entire process should be coordinated by the Housing department. He directed that more people should be recruited to ensure the process of handing over deemed conveyance is expedited.

    Under the law, a builder is required to convey the land and building within four months of formation to the society. However, many builders do not do so. As a result, people who have brought flats do not have ownership of land. To tide over this problem, the government amended the Maharashtra Ownership Flats Act, 1963 (MOFA) and provided for deemed conveyance in favour of legal bodies.

    Under this provision, after the expiry of

    four months of formation of the legal body, the land and building is deemed to have been conveyed to the legal body. To ensure this in the government records, an authority has been designated to hear these cases and execute the conveyance deed in favour of the society.

    Under the law, builder is required to convey land and building within 4 months of formation to society

    Conveyance ensures that ownership of land passes to society

    Many builders do not do so which means that people who have brought flats do not have ownership of land

    Government amended Maharashtra Ownership Flats Act, 1963 and provided for deemed conveyance in favour of legal bodies

    Under this provision after expiry of 4 months of formation of legal body, land and building is deemed to have been conveyed to legal body.

    An authority has been designated to hear cases and exe