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<ul><li><p>The ideal way to choose colors for your projects is, of course, to have actual thread charts so you can compare them to your available thread and your project, but this chart can help you make your selections. The colors for Madeira Rayon </p><p>shown are the threads that have equivalents in BFC Poly.Please note: Computer Monitors may vary when viewing color swatches.</p><p>Madeira Rayon to BFC Poly Conversion Chart</p><p>BFC Poly # ColorMadeira Rayon # Name</p><p>2170 Black1000</p><p>2168 White1001</p><p>2169 Bright White1005</p><p>3408 PLST Gray1010</p><p>2949 Sage Tint White1010</p><p>3369 Gray Pearl1011</p><p>3730 PALE Heather1011</p><p>3409 Silver1012</p><p>2181 PALE Salmon Pink1014</p><p>2468 PLST Salmon1018</p><p>2513 LT Salmon1018</p><p>2371 LT Yellow1023</p><p>2380 Buttercup1024</p><p>2411 LT Apricot1024</p><p>3649 LT Bright Blue1028</p><p>3675 MD Clear Blue1029</p><p>3670 LT Blue1030</p><p>3749 PLST Periwinkle1030</p><p>3777 MD Lavender1032</p><p>2331 LT Fushia1034</p><p>2315 Brandy1034</p><p>2602 Eggplant1036</p><p>Page 1 of 10</p></li><li><p>BFC Poly # ColorMadeira Rayon # Name</p><p>2297 Satin Red1039</p><p>2283 DK Red Rust1039</p><p>3379 Blue Gray Granite1041</p><p>3413 MD Gray1041</p><p>3645 Marine Blue1042</p><p>3513 PALE Teal Blue1045</p><p>3514 LT Teal1046</p><p>3092 LT Moss1047</p><p>3235 LT Grass Green1048</p><p>3161 Spring Green1049</p><p>3204 MD Shamrock Green1051</p><p>2552 PALE Cameo1052</p><p>3713 PALE Eggplant1054</p><p>2768 Camel1056</p><p>2756 DK Mustard Gold1056</p><p>2784 DKST Earth1059</p><p>2819 DKST Reddish Mink1059</p><p>2821 DK Reddish Mink1059</p><p>2508 PLST Mink1060</p><p>2693 LT Ecru1060</p><p>3393 LT Pigeon Gray1062</p><p>3398 DK Pigeon Gray1063</p><p>2473 PALE Salmon1063</p><p>2385 Bright Yellow1064</p><p>2751 PALE Gold1070</p><p>2172 Antique White1071</p><p>3028 PLST Smoke green1073</p><p>3636 LT Clear Blue1075</p><p>Page 2 of 10</p></li><li><p>BFC Poly # ColorMadeira Rayon # Name</p><p>3601 DK Bright Aster1076</p><p>3660 DK Bright Blue1076</p><p>3072 DK Jade1079</p><p>2709 LT Putty1084</p><p>2575 PALE Gray1085</p><p>3370 PALE Mauve Pearl1085</p><p>3368 Silver Tint White1087</p><p>3468 Light Turquoise1095</p><p>3472 LT Peacock1096</p><p>3194 Blue Green1098</p><p>3009 MD Smoke Green1098</p><p>3110 PLST Moss1100</p><p>3201 DK Mint1101</p><p>3200 MD Mint1101</p><p>3145 DKST Moss1103</p><p>2256 MD Peach1107</p><p>2198 Pink1108</p><p>2271 MD Pink Carnation1108</p><p>2220 MD Fushia1109</p><p>3770 PALE Lavender1111</p><p>3833 LT Orchid1111</p><p>2250 PLST Peach1114</p><p>2199 MD Pink1117</p><p>3340 MD Slate1118</p><p>2320 Desert Rose1119</p><p>2189 PALE Pink1121</p><p>3841 Purple1122</p><p>2379 Buttered Popcorn1125</p><p>Page 3 of 10</p></li><li><p>BFC Poly # ColorMadeira Rayon # Name</p><p>2553 Bisque1127</p><p>2793 PALE Mink1128</p><p>2783 DK Earth1129</p><p>3655 MD Bright Blue1133</p><p>3679 DK Clear Blue1133</p><p>3600 MD Blue Aster1134</p><p>3604 MD Mediterranean Blue1134</p><p>2390 LT Buttered Popcorn1135</p><p>2748 Taupe1136</p><p>2412 MD Apricot1137</p><p>2413 Apricot1137</p><p>2689 Ecru1138</p><p>3178 PALE Grass Green1140</p><p>3597 Light Blue Aster1143</p><p>3692 MD Blue Violet1143</p><p>2781 Golden Mink1144</p><p>2745 MD Chestnut1145</p><p>2642 Chestnut1145</p><p>2187 MD Salmon Pink1148</p><p>2690 PALE Ecru1149</p><p>2490 Beige1149</p><p>3250 PLST Silver1151</p><p>3728 Lilac Tint White1151</p><p>3185 MD Grass Green1156</p><p>3218 Md Loden Green1156</p><p>2832 Golden Amber1159</p><p>3606 DK Mediterranean Blue1160</p><p>3324 DKST Blue Granite1161</p><p>Page 4 of 10</p></li><li><p>BFC Poly # ColorMadeira Rayon # Name</p><p>2972 Gray Basil1163</p><p>3639 Dusk Blue1163</p><p>3321 MD Sea Green1164</p><p>3263 DKST Blue Gray1164</p><p>3822 DK Orchid1168</p><p>3238 Dk Grass Green1170</p><p>3166 DK Spring Green1170</p><p>2695 DK Honey1173</p><p>2435 Melon1178</p><p>2403 Bright Popcorn1180</p><p>2303 DK Satin Red1181</p><p>2317 MD Burgandy1182</p><p>2275 DK Pink Carnation1184</p><p>3545 DKST Teal1185</p><p>3563 Dk Turquoise1185</p><p>3821 MD Orchid1188</p><p>3142 DKST Grass Green1189</p><p>2881 MD Olive1191</p><p>2833 DK Golden Amber1192</p><p>2899 DK Olive1194</p><p>3531 PALE Aqua1195</p><p>3096 PALE Jade1195</p><p>3511 PALE Teal1195</p><p>3130 PALE Mint1195</p><p>2873 LT Olive1196</p><p>3429 PLST Blue1198</p><p>2499 LT Rose Taupe1218</p><p>3295 PLST Sea Green1219</p><p>Page 5 of 10</p></li><li><p>BFC Poly # ColorMadeira Rayon # Name</p><p>3550 Aqua Tint White1219</p><p>2270 DK Salmon Pink1220</p><p>2484 Terra Cotta1221</p><p>2376 Yellow1223</p><p>2834 Harvest Gold1225</p><p>2924 DK Moss1228</p><p>2817 DK Mink1228</p><p>2809 MD Mink1228</p><p>2818 DKST Mink1229</p><p>3772 LT Lavender1232</p><p>2218 Pink Lady1234</p><p>2222 LT Cranberry1234</p><p>3793 LT African Violet1235</p><p>2586 Mahogany1236</p><p>3415 DK Gray1239</p><p>3621 DK Marine Blue1242</p><p>3646 DKST Navy1243</p><p>3050 MD Aqua Green1245</p><p>3520 MD Teal1246</p><p>3075 DK Aqua Green1247</p><p>3160 MD Spring Green1248</p><p>3105 Pine Green1250</p><p>3206 DK Shamrock Green1250</p><p>2675 PALE Rust1253</p><p>2514 MD Salmon1254</p><p>2253 LT Peach1254</p><p>2657 Mustard Gold1255</p><p>2758 MD Rust1257</p><p>Page 6 of 10</p></li><li><p>BFC Poly # ColorMadeira Rayon # Name</p><p>2504 LT Terra Cotta1257</p><p>3688 Violet Tint White1261</p><p>3714 MD Eggplant1264</p><p>2388 PALE Mellow Yellow1267</p><p>2368 PALE Yellow1267</p><p>3674 PALE Aster Blue1275</p><p>3690 Light Blue Violet1275</p><p>2451 Bright orange1278</p><p>3080 DK Emerald1280</p><p>2278 Ruby Red1281</p><p>3082 Bright Aqua1284</p><p>3412 MD Pigeon Gray1288</p><p>3376 LT Gray1288</p><p>3559 MD Turqoise1289</p><p>3345 DK Slate1291</p><p>3532 LT Aqua1292</p><p>3474 Peacock1296</p><p>3542 DK Teal1298</p><p>3479 Deep Lake1304</p><p>2934 LT Sage1306</p><p>2943 DK Yellow Green1308</p><p>2228 MD Bright Pink1309</p><p>2202 DK Pink1309</p><p>2245 DK Fushia1310</p><p>3828 PLST Orchid1310</p><p>3733 MD Lilac1311</p><p>3731 LT Lilac1311</p><p>3735 Heather1311</p><p>Page 7 of 10</p></li><li><p>BFC Poly # ColorMadeira Rayon # Name</p><p>2182 LT Salmon Pink1315</p><p>2433 LT Melon1317</p><p>2235 MD Desert Rose1319</p><p>2193 LT Pink1321</p><p>2870 PALE Olive1323</p><p>3758 DK Heather1330</p><p>3752 DK Periwinkle1330</p><p>3753 MD Periwinkle1330</p><p>3803 DK African Violet1334</p><p>3694 DK Blue Violet1335</p><p>2913 PALE Aloe1337</p><p>2656 Warm Sand1338</p><p>2731 Hemp1338</p><p>2928 PALE Sage1339</p><p>3176 MD Lime1340</p><p>2509 LT Mink1342</p><p>2630 LT Sandstone1342</p><p>3756 DKST Periwinkle1343</p><p>2772 LT Golden Brown1344</p><p>2765 DKST Camel1348</p><p>3174 LT Lime1350</p><p>3059 DKST Aqua Green1351</p><p>2852 LT Green Amber1352</p><p>3437 Light Denim1353</p><p>2572 PALE Mauve Gray1356</p><p>3225 DK Loden Green1357</p><p>3431 PALE Blue1360</p><p>3299 Blue Sea Green1360</p><p>Page 8 of 10</p></li><li><p>BFC Poly # ColorMadeira Rayon # Name</p><p>3421 Purple Ash1362</p><p>3727 DK Purple Sage1362</p><p>3704 DK Heliotrope1366</p><p>3587 Navy1368</p><p>3167 DKST Spring Green1369</p><p>3136 Spearmint1369</p><p>2567 DK Brick1374</p><p>3620 French Blue1376</p><p>2458 Red Orange1378</p><p>2260 DK Peach1379</p><p>2437 DK Melon1379</p><p>2226 DK Cranberry1381</p><p>2307 Red Wine1381</p><p>2223 MD Cranberry1383</p><p>2219 Fushia1383</p><p>2546 DK Ash Rose1384</p><p>2306 DKST Satin Red1384</p><p>2287 DKST Burgandy1385</p><p>2342 Black Wine1386</p><p>2606 DK Mauve1386</p><p>3722 MD Purple Sage1387</p><p>3721 LT Purple Sage1387</p><p>2247 DK Burgandy1389</p><p>3014 DKST Smoke Green1390</p><p>3113 Moss1392</p><p>2945 DKST Sage1393</p><p>3507 DKST Lagoon1397</p><p>3023 DKST Pine Green1397</p><p>Page 9 of 10</p></li><li><p>BFC Poly # ColorMadeira Rayon # Name</p><p>This chart is copyrighted by BFC Stash and is for your personal use. It cannot be sold or shared. But we encourage you to give others the link so they can download their copy: Thank you! </p><p>Page 10 of 10</p></li></ul>