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Macro Photography. Tips and Techniques. What is Macro Photography. The art of taking close-up pictures that reveal details which can’t be seen with the naked eye. Macro can magnify from Life Size to 10x Life-size. What is Aperture?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Macro Photography

Macro PhotographyTips and Techniques1What is Macro PhotographyThe art of taking close-up pictures that reveal details which cant be seen with the naked eye. Macro can magnify from Life Size to 10x Life-size

2What is Aperture?The size of the opening in the lens when a picture is takenIt varies the amount of the image that is in focusCalled the Depth of FieldLarge f/numbers= larger area of the image will be in focusSmall f/numbers= smaller amount of the image will be in focus

Taken at f/4.5 3Setting Your Camera for the ShotAperture Priority Mode (A or AV)Impacts the depth of field of your shots. Choose a large aperture (low f/number) to get the subject in focus and blur the background.Macro Mode on a Point & Shoot Camera Limiting Camera Shake is VERY important in MacroUse a Tripod Use the 2-second timerTurn off Auto FocusUse manual focus so you can pick what is in focusStart with f/5.6 and then play around with the f-stops

4Tips for a Good Macro ShotFill the photo with your subject. Shoot from different angles When shooting flowers, get down to Ground level and see the world from the flowers perspectiveBackgrounddue to the narrow depth of field, the background will usually be thrown completely out of focus, which allows the natural background to be nice backdrop Move around to remove the background or use a solid color screen to accentuate the subject Go AbstractGet in extra close and focus on part of the flowerthe center, contrasting colors, textures

5Adding Color to the BackgroundAdd drama and a sense of the unexpected by inserting a different type of background screen into the photographUse a colored panel behind your flowersSet it a few feet behind the subjectUse BLACK for a more dramatic effect


Typical Macro SubjectsFlowersInsectsSpider websRaindropsSea shellsFruits and vegetablesSmall objectsCoins

8Camera Settings to Start WithNIKONsAperture ModeLowest ISO possibleMoving in close can make the image darkerManual focus (flower button)f/5.6 to start and then experimentFocus halfway and then move camera in

Point & ShootsMacro ModeSeparate subject from background to blur bkgd moreFocus halfway and then take pictureYour Task Use the Internet to search for 2 Macro pictures of eachFlower with blurred backgroundFlower with bold color backgroundField of flowersInsectNature (a pebble, acorn, etc.)Bubbles or Drops of waterSmall Objects (nails, coins, paper clips, words on a paper)Some helpful Case Macro PicturesSave your 3 best Macro shots into the PROJECTS folder:Digital 2/ PROJECTS/ Macro/Rename them your last name 1, your last name 211NotesSample Macro Bryan Peterson experiment to introduce Macro Photo LayoutsHow to showcase your workMulti-Photo Layout

Photo Strip Layout