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    5 Macmillan English 5 Unit 2 worksheetTeaching notesSkills and language practised

    Skill Language

    Activity 1 Grammar past simple and past continuous

    Activity 2 Spelling tion words

    Follow-up activityPlay the f luency activity While I was with the class. Organise the children into groups of three or five (odd numbers work best). One child begins by saying: e.g. While I was walking. The next child completes the sentence: e.g. While I was walking, I met a good friend. The third child then says: While I was again, and so on. Encourage students to be creative with their sentences.


    1 Complete the sentences.Example answers:

    1 While he was eating lunch, we talked to him.

    2 When they were digging, they found a gold watch.

    3 While you were shopping, we ate lunch.

    4 While she was watching TV, we made some lemonade.

    5 When you were sleeping, I went for a walk.

    6 While I was cooking, they watered the garden.

    For each sentence, give 1 mark for correct verb tense and 1 mark for correct punctuation.

    2 Match the tion words in the box to the definitions. 1 nation [1mark]

    2 station [1mark]

    3 question [1mark]

    4 pollution [1mark]

    5 population [1mark]

    6 subtraction [1mark]

    7 conversation [1mark]

    8 pronunciation [1mark]

    8 marks

    12 marks


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