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M. McKinley Mertz Portfolio ------------------------- B.F.A Architecture + Master of City and Regional Planning (MCRP) Candidate 410 Cedar Ave. Highland Park, NJ 08904 [email protected] 609.529.0025

M. McKinley Mertz Portfolio

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  • M. McKinley MertzPortfolio-------------------------B.F.A Architecture + Master of City and Regional Planning (MCRP) Candidate

    410 Cedar Ave. Highland Park, NJ 08904 [email protected] 609.529.0025

  • 2 M. McKinley Mertz Undergraduate and Graduate Portfolio

    M. McKinley Mertzaddress410 Cedar AveApt 2Highland Park, NJ 08904

    tel (609) 529-0025

    email [email protected]

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    Petaluma,CaliforniaOctober 2011 - December 2011

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    NewBrunswick,NewJerseyMay 2014 - May 2015



  • 4 M. McKinley Mertz Undergraduate and Graduate Portfolio

  • Table of Contents











    Block ZeroOver-the-Rhine, Cincinnati, Ohio

    Sculpture Design

    International Blugrass Music MuseumOwensboro, Kentucky

    Orange, NJ Development Analysis - GIS

    Jersey City Waterfront RedevelopmentJersey City, New Jersey


    Urban Infill - "Suffolk Place"Lower East Side Manhattan

  • 6 M. McKinley Mertz Undergraduate and Graduate Portfolio

    Block Zero

    Seen on the opposite page is the program we came up with for Block Zero. We did not have enough members in out stu-dio to address every building on the block but the hope is the selected buildings will set an example for how the others may be looked at.

    01Cincinnati, Ohio

    Upper Level Design Studio, Spring 2009, Miami University

    Block Zero

    Block Zero is an existing block in down-town Cincinnati, Ohio. Focusing on social sustainability, our design goal for this project was to collaborate as a stu-dio to design a new program to rebuild this block and set an example for future development within the community.

    Our objective was to create, as much as we could, a self-sustaining block that would give back to the community. We worked out a proposal as a studio, seen on the opposite page, and then each took a part of it to work on in de-tail. We presented our designs in Over-the-Rhine to the community.


    Course + School


  • Existing Condition Block Zero Reuse Proposal



    Vacantbuildings Affordablehousing.MixedHousing.Worktoeliminateabsenteelandlords.

    Krogers StillKrogersbutnowsellsproducegrownintheblocksgarden.

    Vacantbuildings Daycare/rec center with educationopportunitiesforthecommunitysyouth.

    Vacant lot CommunitygardenwitheducationopportunitiesalongwithaFarmersMarketallowinglocalpeopletoselltheiritems.

    Vacant lot GreenhouseVerticle gardening UseofHyroponics

  • 8 M. McKinley Mertz Undergraduate and Graduate Portfolio

    Live/Work SpaceMixed Housing


    The parking lot behind mybuildingiscurrentlyreservedforKrogeremployees.Iproposetokeep that a parking lot withthepossibilityofreservingtwoorthreespotsformybuildingstenants,andaddingasecondstoryterracewithaccessfromthegroundandtoall4buildingsonthisNorthwestcorner.

    Block Zero01

  • Officespaceutilizedbybuidingowner











    Flexible Use Diagrams

    Scenario B

    Scenario C

    Scenario D GroundFloor








    Rental Unit1

    CirculationRental Unit2

    Scenario A




    01Block Zero

  • 10 M. McKinley Mertz Undergraduate and Graduate Portfolio






    When Iwasconsidering theexteriorofmybuilding Imade thedecision tokeep it true to itsoriginallook.ThewooddetailingonthefrontofthebuildingisinsurprisinglygoodshapeandIfinditcharming.Thedesign fitsnicelywith thepurposeof thebuildingand the local aestheticsof theneighborhood.

    Block Zero01

  • Sculpture 02Oxford, Ohio

    Sophomore Core Design Studio, Fall 2008, Miami University

    Interactive Sculpture

    This conceptual steel sculpture is meant as an interactive experience for pedestrians. One distict experience is created out of two other experiences. My sculpture is an established walkway created out of the towering truss-like structures on either side. The truss structures are of slightly different shapes and sizes creating a diagonal path between them. The intended location of the sculpture is in a park, allowing a juxtaposition between nature and man-made.


    Course + School


  • 12 M. McKinley Mertz Undergraduate and Graduate Portfolio

    Process Sketches

    Final Design


    02 Sculpture

  • Models

    Sculpture 02

  • 14 M. McKinley Mertz Undergraduate and Graduate Portfolio

    International Bluegrass Music Museum03

    EastElevation SouthElevation

    Owensboro, Kentucky

    Upper Level Design Studio, Fall 2010, Miami University

    International Bluegrass Music Museum

    Using the existing structure of a 1960s government building, our studio was charged with the challenge to redesign the space to fit the needs of the International Bluegrass Music Museum in Owensboro, Kentucky. The concept for my design was based on the culture sur-rounding bluegrass music. My goal was to incorporate materials, rhythmic schemes, and the musical nature that accompanies bluegrass. Therefore I used a lot of recycled rustic wood materials and worked on recreating the shapes of musical instruments in my floor plans.


    Course + School


  • WestElevation North Elevation

  • 16 M. McKinley Mertz Undergraduate and Graduate Portfolio











    International Bluegrass Music Museum03

  • Ivelocatedthegiftshoponthesoutheastcornerwiththehopeitspresence








    03International Bluegrass Music Museum


  • 18 M. McKinley Mertz Undergraduate and Graduate Portfolio

    The City of Orange Township04Orange Township, New Jersey

    Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Fall 2013, Rutgers University

    Future Development Analysis

    Using GIS, I created analytical maps showing the decline of Orange, New Jersey and revitalization efforts currently taking place by a local nonprofit, HANDS, Inc. Using the information collected from the maps, I conclude by recommending sites for immediate and future development.


    Course + School


    Orange, New Jersey

  • The City of Orange Township

    City of Orange Township Household VacancyPercent Vacant 2000: 6.2%Percent Vacant 2010: 8.4%

    Essex County Household Vacancy 2000 and 2010

    Essex County Median Income 2010

    Housing vacancy in Orange continues to rise, and the median household income is significantly lower than the municipalities to the west. HANDS has done a significant amount of redevelopment in the Valley Arts District of the town. They are working to rebuild the arts community that once thrived here.

  • 20 M. McKinley Mertz Undergraduate and Graduate Portfolio

    Source: New Jersey Oce of Informa5on Technology, Oce of Geographic Informa5on Systems, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protec5on, HANDS, Inc.

    This vacant plot of land is located in the heart of the Valley Arts District and surrounded by numerous HANDS properties. It is right across the street from the Hat Factory Arts Center, which is now under construction. This parcel is an ideal location for immediate redevelopment by HANDS or the town.

    Current Development by HANDS, Inc.(Housing and Neighborhood Development Services)

    Valley Arts District

    Recommendation for Immediate Development

    The City of Orange Township, New Jersey04

  • Amenity Less than 1/4 miles

    0.26 - 0.50 mile

    0.51 - 1.00 mile

    Grocery Store 0 3 12Health Clinic 0 0 6HANDS Development

    7 9 10

    Train Station 1 1 2Bus Station 4 12 27

    Recommendation for Immediate DevelopmentAmenities Near Vacant Parcel

    04The City of Orange Township, New Jersey

    In addition to being located within the Valley Arts District, this vacant parcel is also near transit, grocery stroes, and other ammenities.

  • 22 M. McKinley Mertz Undergraduate and Graduate Portfolio

    The City of Orange Township, New Jersey04

    Sheriffs Sales by Location # of ForeclosuresMontclair 13South Orange 14City of Orange Twp 23West Orange 29Bloomfield 33East Orange 52Newark 266

    To determine the next step for development within Orange, I looked at foreclosed properties, mapped to the left, and the area between the two train stations. I drew a half mile buffer around each train station and highlighted the intersection, seen in the map on the opposite page. This map brought to light that there is one foreclosed proptery within the intersection. This is my proposal for future development. Just like the vacant lot, it is located near transit and grocery stores as well as a park and school.

    Foreclosures in Orange, NJ 2013/2014

  • Within Intersection: 4 Bus Stops 1 Grocery Store 1 Health Clinic 1 HANDS, Inc. Development 1 Foreclosed Property

    Recommendation for Future Development

    04The City of Orange Township, New Jersey

  • 24 M. McKinley Mertz Undergraduate and Graduate Portfolio

    Lower East Side, Manhattan

    Introduction to Planning and Site DesignSpring 2014Rutgers University

    Urban Infill: For an urban area of up to four blocks, including both sides of the peripheral streets, perpare a mixed and mulptiple use infill plan with the emphasis on housing, of which 20% must be affordable.

    Group project done with two fellow classmates

    Urban Infill - "Suffolk Place"05Location

    Course + School


    Existing Site

  • Our group chose a site in the Lower East Side of Manhattan that is currently two empty parking lots. The site is owned by NYC Department of Preservation & Development. We chose this site because it is a blank slate. The site has no parking requirements, ample public transportation, direct access to the Williamsburg bridge, and is near the riverfront. Suffolk Aveneue runs between the two blocks. Because it is under-utilized and run down, we chose to close it off to car traffic and create a pedestrian street. The blocks themselves are made up of a five-story base with mixed use and a residential tower on top. Green space is provided on the roof of the base and on two middle floors on each tower. The current designs for the site through HPD include an Andy Warhol Museum and so we chose to keep this programming in our site. The neighborhood also has a lack of supermarkets and so in the opposite block we are adding a 33,000 square foot grocery store.

    Proposed Development

    Proposed Site Plan Proposed Floor Plans

  • 26 M. McKinley Mertz Undergraduate and Graduate Portfolio

    Urban Infill05

    Corner of Delancey Street & Norfolk Street

    Existing Conditions

    Delancey Street


  • Urban Infill 05

    Broome Street & Suffold Mews Suffolk Mews

  • 28 M. McKinley Mertz Undergraduate and Graduate Portfolio

    Jersey City Waterfront Redevelopment06Jersey City, New Jersey

    Graduate Urban Design StudioFall 2014Rutgers UniversityProfessor: Anton Nelessen

    Design Challenge: Utilize the construction and protection of a seawall, based on Dutch design influence, and create a redevelopment plan of Jersey Citys waterfront. This redevelopment plan will ensure protection from future floods and sea level rise as well as devise a plan for funding through new construction. We worked to create self supporting infill between the new seawall and existing coastline. We used the pier line to determine the location of the seawall.

    The final product is the result of a five person team working for eight weeks. The images in this portfolio represent a small part of the larger presentation. For a PDF of the full presentation, please see:issuu.com/mmckinleymertz/docs


    Course + School

    ProjectJersey City

  • Pier Line (Build to Line) Proposed Infill

    Proposed Site Plan

  • 30 M. McKinley Mertz Undergraduate and Graduate Portfolio

    Waterfront Redevelopment06


    The entire 230 acre infill is pedestrian only, with entrances large enough for emergency vehicles. The proposed development includes plazas, parks, a marina, a wetland, and underground parking for residents and visitors. The density increases as you move north within the site. The purpose of this was to preserve views of Manhattan from exisiting buildings and create several distinct neighborhoods.

  • Waterfront Redevelopment06A: Goldman Sachs Plaza

    B: Exchange Place C: Transit Neighborhood

    AA BB CC

    Site Plan

    The three renderings presented here represent my graphic contribution to the final presentation. These renderings were done with a massing model base, done in Rhino, and details done in Photoshop.

  • 32 M. McKinley Mertz Undergraduate and Graduate Portfolio


  • M. McKinley Mertz410 Cedar Ave. Apt 2

    Highland Park, NJ [email protected]