Lovely, Lovely Leaves. Leaf arrangement OppositeDecussate

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Text of Lovely, Lovely Leaves. Leaf arrangement OppositeDecussate

  • Lovely, Lovely Leaves

  • Leaf arrangementOppositeDecussate

  • Leaf arrangementAlternateBasal rosette

  • Function and Shape

  • Leaf VenationNet venationParallel venation

  • PetioleSessile leaves

  • Axillary Buds

  • Simple & Compound LeavesNB. position ofaxillary bud

  • Leaf Sheath & Ligule (monocots)SheathLiguleIntercalary meristemalso important inMonocots (esp.grasses)

  • New LeavesShoot apical meristem

  • The Epidermis

  • Glandular TrichomesDionaeaDrosera

  • Sarracenia

  • Basic Leaf AnatomyXylemPhloemBundle sheath

  • Mesophyllsub-stomatalchamber

  • Kranz Anatomy

  • Leaf c.s. through midrib

  • Leaf AbscissionAbscissionlayer

  • CotyledonsMostly storage organs

  • HeterophyllyLeaves may be quite different (e.g., in beans, juvenile leaves are entire, while adult leave are compound)

  • XerophytesThick cuticleSunken stomataReduced air spaces in mesophyll (succulent)Trichomes boundary layer humidMultiple epidermal layers

  • HydrophytesThin cuticleLack characteristics for water conservationLeaves often lobed (underwater)

  • Special FeaturesBulbsTendrilsPlantletsInsect trapsKalancho