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  • LARMP Update | Steering Committee #3 | LARiverMasterPlan.org 1

    Los Angeles River Master Plan Update Steering Committee Meeting #3 September 26, 2018, 9:00 a.m. to Noon

    Meeting Summary Location

    Los Angeles County Department of Public Works 900 South Fremont Avenue, Alhambra, CA 91803 Conference Rooms C and D

    Attendees Steering Committee Members • City of Long Beach, Cory Allen, alternate for Lena Gonzalez • City of Los Angeles Mayor’s Office, Michael Affeldt and Katie Mika, alternate • City of Paramount Public Works, Adriana Figueroa • City of South Gate, Gladis Deras, alternate for Arturo Cervantes • Council for Watershed Health, Eileen Alduenda • Conservation Corps of Long Beach, Dan Knapp and Kayla Kelly-Slatten,

    alternate • East Yard Communities for Environmental Health, mark! Lopez and Alessandro

    Negrete, alternate • From Lot to Spot, Viviana Franco and Enrique Huerta, alternate • Friends of the LA River, Stephen Mejia, alternate for Marissa Christiansen • Heal the Bay, Shelley Luce and Katherine Pease, alternate • Los Angeles City/County Native American Indian Commission, Rudy Ortega • Los Angeles County 3rd District, Virdiana Velez, alternate for Katy Young • Los Angeles County 4th District, Jocelyn Rivera-Olivas • Los Angeles County 5th District, Chris Perry • Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition, Lyndsey Nolan, alternate for Jesi Harris • Los Angeles County Business Federation, Hilary Norton • Los Angeles County Flood Control District, Keith Lilley, alternate for Daniel J.

    Lafferty • Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, Rafael Villegas, alternate for

    Evelyn Cortez-Davis, • Los Angeles Neighborhood Trust, Keshia Sexton, alternate for Tamika L. Butler • Los Angeles Waterkeeper, Melissa von Mayrhauser, alternate for Bruce Resnik • Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Julia Salinas

  • LARMP Update | Steering Committee #3 | LARiverMasterPlan.org 2

    • Public Counsel, Antonio Hicks • Regional Water Quality Control Board, Renee Purdy, alternate for Deborah

    Smith • River and Mountains Conservancy, Mary Beth Vergara, alternate for Mark

    Stanley • Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, Sarah Rascon and Melissa Vega,

    alternates for Joseph T. Edmiston • The Boethius Initiative UCLA Department of World Arts and Cultures, Peter

    Sellars and Catherine Gudis and Julia Carnahan, alternates • The Nature Conservancy, Shona Ganguly • The Trust for Public Land, Robin Mark, alternate for Tori Kjer • Urban Waters Federal Partnership, Justin Yee • U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Pauline K. Louie • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Chris Solek, alternate for Eduardo T. DeMesa • Water Replenishment District, Kimberly Badescu, alternate for Robb Whitaker

    Los Angeles County Public Works Staff • Carolina Hernandez • Dan Sharp • Christine Wartman • Dusadee Corhiran • Ernesto Rivera • Christine Wartman • Mark Beltran • Alynn Sun • Riley James • Paul Shadmani • Anthony Weiss • Helen To • Stella Lee

    Additional Los Angeles County Staff • Sheela Mathai, Department of Parks and Recreation • Michelle O’Connor, Department of Parks and Recreation • Katherine King, Department of Parks and Recreation • Rita Kampalath, Chief Sustainability Office

    Consultant Team

  • LARMP Update | Steering Committee #3 | LARiverMasterPlan.org 3

    • Mark Hanna, Geosyntec • Najwa Pitois, Geosyntec • Paul Senker, Geosyntec • Joseph Goldstein, Geosyntec • Andrea Carrassi, Geosyntec • Jessica Henson, OLIN • Joanna Karaman, OLIN • Diana Jih, OLIN • Angela Barranco, River LA • Jon Switalski, River LA • Miguel Luna, DakeLuna • Joan Isaacson, Kearns & West • Jack Hughes, Kearns & West • Jenna Tourje, Kearns & West • Melina Smith-Castro, Kearns & West • Glenn Gritzner, Mercury • Jenna Dressner, Mercury

    1. River Story Screening On September 26, 2018, the County of Los Angeles Department of Public Works (Public Works) hosted the third Steering Committee meeting for the Los Angeles River Master Plan Update. The meeting started with the screening of the most recent installment of the River Story video series, produced by River LA as part of the Los Angeles River Master Plan Update.

    2. Welcome, Introductions, and Agenda Overview Welcome Joan Isaacson, meeting facilitator from Kearns & West, welcomed the attendees and introduced Carolina Hernandez, the project manager from Public Works, who provided opening remarks. Hernandez introduced the new committee member, East Yard Communities for Environmental Justice, represented by mark! Lopez. She also introduced two additions to the Public Works team, Mark Beltran and Paul Shadmani. Hernandez said she was excited about the work done by the technical and community engagement teams and looked forward to sharing it at this meeting.

    Meeting Purpose, Agenda, and Objectives After roundtable introductions, Isaacson reminded the Steering Committee of its charge to provide feedback, input, and ideas and to ask tough questions based on their experience and expertise. The project team will use this input to guide and shape the

  • LARMP Update | Steering Committee #3 | LARiverMasterPlan.org 4

    preparation of the Los Angeles River Master Plan Update. After each quarterly Steering Committee meeting where the project team presents working material and hears initial input, the Water, People, and Environment subcommittees meet for expanded discussion and to provide more thorough feedback through their respective lenses.

    Isaacson reviewed the meeting agenda (see Appendix A), highlighting the community engagement update, goal-driven plan implementation, and an update on the inventory and analysis process items. She reiterated that an important element of all agenda items is hearing Steering Committee input and providing opportunities for discussion. Community members can provide input to the project team by making oral comments or filling out comment cards at Steering Committee meetings, submitting comments on the website LARiverMasterPlan.org, or by emailing them to LARiver@dwp.lacounty.gov. She also underscored the importance of the public comment portion of the meeting and thanked community members for attending.

    3. Steering Committee Updates Isaacson provided the following brief updates and reminders to the Steering Committee:

    • The next Steering Committee meeting on December 12, 2018, will include discussion about precedents, existing design standards, and preliminary planning concepts. The project team has updated the project roadmap, which can be viewed on page 21 of Appendix B.

    • At the suggestion of the Steering Committee, the project team compiled a glossary of planning terms (see Appendix C). Isaacson encouraged the Steering Committee to review the glossary and provide input on additional terms and sources for definitions.

    • Summaries for all Steering Committee meetings will be posted on the project website, LARiverMasterPlan.org.

    • Steering Committee members received an email from Public Works stating that all members are encouraged to designate an alternate. Since membership on the Steering Committee is based on organization or agency, the alternate needs to be a staff member or someone with a leadership position in the member organization or agency.

    4. Public Engagement Update Additional Meetings Project team members involved in the public engagement update included Hernandez, Jon Switalski of River LA, and Miguel Luna of DakeLuna. First, Hernandez reported that in addition to the broader community engagement that River LA is conducting, Public


  • LARMP Update | Steering Committee #3 | LARiverMasterPlan.org 5

    Works is also participating in engagement activities. She attended three meetings where the project team presented a project overview and listened to feedback. At the August 9, 2018 meeting of the Valley Industry and Commerce Association, participants expressed interest in potential projects and their impact on the business community. At the meeting of the Upper LA River and Tributaries Working Group on August 16, 2018, the project team committed to coordinating with the working group and will provide more updates and information at their meeting on October 25, 2018. On August 20, 2018, Hernandez attended the Alliance for River Communities meeting where approximately 16 Los Angeles neighborhoods were represented. Attendees expressed interest in flood protection and how they could give input and share information about the Los Angeles River Master Plan Update process.

    Community Outreach and Input Report Switalski gave a progress report on the community engagement program (see pages 21 -27 in Appendix B). The project team held two community meetings, one on July 25, 2018, in Canoga Park and one on August 22, 2018, in Cudahy. Each community meeting began with opening remarks from a local community leader and a short project presentation by the project team. An open house with 12 interactive stations addressing different aspects of the project followed. In Canoga Park, 167 community members signed in, and 126 community members signed in at the Cudahy meeting. In addition, the online survey, which mirrors the community meeting discussion questions, has generated 321 responses to date. Switalski then highlighted themes from the input received at the community meetings and from the online s


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