Looking into the Future at Energy

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Looking into the Future at Energy. Jacqueline Kniskern Director, Contract and Financial Assistance Policy Division Jacqueline.kniskern@hq.doe.gov 202-287-1342. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Looking into the Future at EnergyJacqueline KniskernDirector, Contract and Financial Assistance Policy DivisionJacqueline.kniskern@hq.doe.gov202-287-1342

The mission of the Energy Department is to ensure Americas security andprosperity by addressing its energy, environmental and nuclear challenges throughtransformative science and technology solutionsEnergyCatalyze the timely, material, and efficient transformation of the nations energy system and secure U.S. leadership in clean energy technologies.Energy EconomyEnergy EfficiencyEnergy SourcesEnergy Usage

Science and InnovationMaintain a vibrant U.S. effort in science and engineering as a cornerstone of our economic prosperity with clear leadership in strategic areaEmerging TechnologiesInnovationScience EducationScience & Technology

Nuclear Safety and SecurityEnhance nuclear security through defense, nonproliferation, and environmental efforts.Environmental CleanupNational Security & Safety

Quadrennial Technology ReviewStrategic Plan May 2011Plans to update for 2013Blueprint for a Secure Energy FutureNew Secretary and senior leaders

FY 2013 research focusFundamental discovery and the frontier research essential to developing the next generation of energy technologiesTransportation systems and alternative fuel developmentEnergy storage systemsAdvanced Vehicles and Biofuels researchCarbon Capture Technology researchEnergy EfficiencySolar Energy Systems researchSmall Modular ReactorsFY 2013Continuing ResolutionSequestrationFY 2014????Basic scientific research Clean energy technology development and deployment National Security

Spent Nuclear FuelsNuclear EnergyEnvironmental CleanupRenewablesSunshot and other solar projectsVehiclesPlug-InsBatteriesInnovationCommercializationBiofuels