Looking Into My Future

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Looking Into My Future. By: Jessica Carthron. ARTIST . Some art supplies a artist might need Crayons Paint Paint brushes Carolos Paper Pencils EXC. Artist use clay, fabric, wood, stone and other materials Artists have no general working hours. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Looking into my future</p> <p>Looking Into My FutureBy: Jessica Carthron</p> <p> ARTIST </p> <p> Artist use clay, fabric, wood, stone and other materials Artists have no general working hours. Artists have to be prepared to do a lot of hard work. it takes years of practice and training to have your skills. Salary per hour: $22.22. Some art supplies a artist might needCrayons Paint Paint brushesCarolosPaper PencilsEXC.</p> <p>PERFUMER</p> <p> PERFUMERPerfumers design the scents in products. Perfumers ensure house holds products like skin cream, glass cleaner; candles and even kitty litter Perfumers also design fine perfumes. Perfumery is part art and part science. Perfumers are combining scents in unique and exciting ways being a perfumer takes creativity of all artists. Salary per hour: $30.00. Annual: $62,400. </p> <p> Elementary teacher Elementary teacherElementary teacher generally teach children from kindergartners --- 8 grades. Some teachers are instructed to teach 5 9 graders. Teachers introduce children to numbers, languages, science.Some teachers have multilevel when they are teaching more then one grade. Salary per hour: none. Annual: $46,350. </p> <p> Veterinarian VeterinarianVeterinarians are animal doctors; they are responsible to take care of pets. Vet also takes care of animals at the zoo. Vets treat medical problems and injuries. To be a vet you have to take two years of university followed by four years of vet collage. Salary per hour: $36.69. Annual: $76,320. </p> <p>Veterinarian need lots of things like.Animals KnifesScissorsMagnified glasses EXC.</p> <p>Thank you for watching my short little slide show that is telling you about some thing that I might do when I grow up and I did say might. Thank you for watching Bye.</p> <p>By: Jessica Carthron </p> <p>Source: www.bridges.com6</p>