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Looking Forward. Investigating the counselling and support needs of non- traditional students in Irish third-level education Trinity College Student Counselling Service 2007. Overview. Third-level students in the 21 st Century Meeting needs through student counselling - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Looking ForwardInvestigating the counselling and support needs of non-traditional students in Irish third-level education

    Trinity College Student Counselling Service2007

  • OverviewThird-level students in the 21st Century

    Meeting needs through student counselling

    The importance of researching non-traditional students

  • Defining the non-traditional studentMature students

    Students with disabilities

    Students from ethnic minority groups, including refugees

    Students from the traveller community

    Students from socially- disadvantaged backgrounds

  • Research Question

    What is the current counselling provision for non-traditional students in third-level education in comparison to their traditional student peers?

  • Mature Students (23+ years) - Current Service Provision

  • Mature Students (non-CAO applicants) - Referral Rates at Trinity College Dublin

  • Students registered with Disability - Counselling attendance

  • Mature Students in Counselling- Presenting IssuesPresenting issues for Mature Students at UCC Counselling ServicesAugust 2004 to June 2005

  • Students with Disability - Counselling Service Provision

  • Social Disadvantage- Current service provision

  • Finding out what students think - Qualitative research First year in college: the experience of mature students- Daire Gilmartin The experience of students from socially-disadvantaged backgrounds at third-level- Sonya Walsh

  • Research Questions

    What are the training needs and practice guidelines required by student counselling staff in order to provide a quality service to non-traditional students in a third-level setting?

  • Counsellor training needs - IAUCC survey (n=23)

  • Research Question

    What are the counselling and support needs of non-traditional students in Irish third-level education?

  • Mature Students Needs - Qualitative findingsChoosing third-level education

    There was no option, the option for me to come to college at that stage, after school, just did not existmy parents wouldnt have been able to afford itI was so disillusioned.

  • Mature Students Needs - Qualitative findingsPersonal impact

    Youre trying to balance the subjects and the topics yourself. Finding that balance is difficult enough, but then you have to find the balance with your family, kids, friends, social life and that is really, really difficult.

  • Mature Students Needs - Qualitative findingsSocial Comparison

    coming back to full time education from so long that you worry, and if you are heading in to your first year exams, that youd be wondering were you up to it, were you up to the mark, could you make the grade in third level.

  • Mature Students Needs - Qualitative findingsCoping and support

    ...theres a crowd of us. Weve kind of formed a nucleus, there are other matures who weve gotten to knowso we keep an eye.

  • Mature Students Needs - Qualitative findingsPositivity

    Im doing something for myselfIm not trapped anymore. I feel like Im working towards something as well. The goal is a Degree. Hopefully in a couple of years timemaybe who knows. Ive got opportunities. Im going to have choices.

  • Social Disadvantage - Issues faced by studentsExperiencing difference

    My Mam and Dad were very eager that I kind of got a new route, because they seen what they had to do and how they had to workbreaking their backs all the years.

  • Social Disadvantage - Issues faced by studentsThe right to an education

    what matters is not the door you go in. Its the door you go out

  • Social Disadvantage - Issues faced by studentsFuture focus: the big picture

    its like my legacy to my kids. They will have a father who went to collegethat will be another step up for themsomething that I didnt have and that will be passed on through the generations.

  • Social Disadvantage - Issues faced by studentsThe meaning of education

    Its given me the optionof just having what I want instead of having to settle for second or third.

  • Social Disadvantage - Issues faced by studentsPractical challenges

    Im having to work. Im in college Monday to Friday and Im working probably one or two nights during the week and then Saturday and Sunday as well. Im just finding it really tiring.

  • Improving counselling services- some suggestionsPro-active personal contact

    Assisting time-management

    Focus on relationships

    Communication and information sharing

    Staff training and liaison

  • Report DetailsAvailable in electronic format (pdf) from: