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Looking Forward '13


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    Bored from recapping '12 and waiting for the world to end on 12/21, the IN Staff got together and decided to predict the future. Nothing was off limits for our forward thinking mindslocal politics, the royal baby, the Academy Awards, even the 2016 Presidential race. We based most of these theories on nothing more than our gut feelingssome hopes, others fears. Whether or not they prove true, only time will tell. But we hope you enjoy reading them

    and making your own predictions and plans for the New Year. Here's to a great 2013.

    By IN Staff

  • December 27, 2012 9

    Disenfranchised music fans will stage a protest at the Pensacola Bay Center in the wake of the Kid Rock, Daugh-try and 3 Doors Down concerts, and demand more popular and cur-rent music acts. Fun. anyone? (Sam)

    Fun. / photo by Lindsey Byrnes

    Johnny Manziel, James Franco, George P. Bush, Ted from "How I Met Your Mother," a member of The Lum-

    ineers: Taylor Swift 's '13 boyfriends. (Joani)

    Cincinnati Reds win 2013 World Series thanks to former Blue

    Wahoos on the roster.Stolen base king Billy Hamilton is con-

    sidered by many to be the top Reds prospect, but dont count out pitchers Tony Cingrani and

    Pedro Villarreal. (Rick)

    The iPhone 6 will stink. How can Apple try to top the innova-tion of Steve Jobs? Eventually theyre going to reach a plateau, the iPhone screen can only be so big before it becomes a Mini iPad. Then again, what do I even know? I still use a Blackberry. (Jennie)

    Restauranteur Joe Abston will lease ev-ery available space on both sides of South Palafox with plans to continue lining the street with themed eateriesfollowing up Bar Grub, West-ern and Ocean with Outer Space. Sadly when he's finished downtown will still lack Thai food. (Jeremy)

    Hillary Clinton will an-nounce her bid for the presidency. OK, maybe not this yearit's still a little early for the 2016 race. But I do think she'll do plenty to add fuel to the "is she run-ning?" fire. I see a tell-all memoir, followed by a high profile book tour and maybe an appearance or two on The View. I mean, she didn't "faint" and have to miss the Benghazi hearings for nothing, people. (Joani)

    State Sen. Greg Evers conducts a pledge drive to buy a gun for every teacher in Escambia, San-ta Rosa and Okaloosa counties. Guns in a kindergartenwhat could go wrong? (Rick)

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    Despite efforts by some on Facebook to see it shut it down, Sumo Sushi

    will actually have its best year ever in '13. They'll even be voted Best Sushi in the IN's annual Best of the Coast

    poll. (Joani)Gossip Girl will

    be reveled as oh, wait we're too

    late on that one. (Joani)

    A "Girls" walking tour will start up in Williamsburg

    forcing lots of hipsters who once loved the show to de-nounce it. But don't worry, they'll still watch in secret

    and buy Lena Dunham's book, which will be a bestseller.


    Twitter will start charg-ing per tweet. Twitter will be the next Angry

    Bird and wont let celeb-rities like Kim Kardashi-

    an make money off 140 characters by endorsing

    QuickTrim. (Jennie)

    Lindsay Lohan will finally serve time. We all know the world will be a better and safer place if we could just lock up Lindsay for a little bit. Not to mention, it s just ag-gravating to see her get away with DUIs, theft, drug use and Liz and Dick. (Jennie)

    photo by Rafael Amado Deras

    Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs in "jOBS" will be just as bad as it sounds. The stupid lower-case/caps thing in the title gives it away. But don't wor-rythe other Jobs film that's in works from Aaron Sorkin, based on Walter Isaacson's best-seller, will probably be good enough to make up for it. (Joani)

  • December 27, 2012 11

    Gallery Night will be forced into a name change when the 10,000th per-

    son asks "Where are the galleries?" My suggestions: "Palafox Nights" or

    "Downtown Fridays." (Joani)

    University of West Florida takes Bobby Bowden out of retirement to organize its first football team that will begin playing in 2015. Florida State alumni miss the Bowden championship teams and just might underwrite this hire, especially if they get a round of golf with the coach. (Rick)

    Gov. Rick Scott will get an "Extreme Makeover" cour-tesy of the Florida Chamber. He will need it if he can ever expect to boost his approval rating north of 40 percent . (Rick)

    A local non-accredited for-profit college will manage to squeeze more money out of underpaid but optimistic Pensacola workers by offering new Pin-terest and Instagram marketing certifications. (Sam)

    With dismal graduation rates, appalling health issues, nerve-wracking crime and a gaping disparity gap, the region has a difficult time attract-

    ing businesses and residents. A task force of governmental and com-munity leaders decide its time to get real, rolling out the new No-

    where to Go But uP ad campaign. The effortadvertising a cheap and undereducated workforceis surprisingly successful. (Jeremy)

    1.13 The 70th Golden Globes featuring hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.

    2.2 Start training now for the 15k Double Bridge Race or take a stroll in the 5K run/walk race.2.3 Super Bowl XLVII will be in New Orleans in the Mercedes Benz Superdome. Not a football fan? Tune in for the anticipated half-time show featuring Beyonce.2.8 The Pensacola Grand Mardi Gras Parade kicks off the four-day celebration of Mardi Gras leading to Fat Tuesday. 2.24 The 85th Academy Awards featuring host Seth MacFarlane.

    3.9 The McGuires 5K Prediction Run is the largest prediction run in the nation. Dressing up is optional, but encouraged. 3.13-3.17 Go Irish on the Island extends your favorite green holiday with Catholic mass, poker tour-naments, a re-enactment of Tim Finnegans Wake ending with a pub crawl on March 17.

    4.1-4.7 During the seven days of JazzFest, music is celebrated around the town in various venues. 4.4 The Blue Wahoos are back in season at the Maritime Park.

    5.3-5.5 Get your southern food fix at the Pensacola Crawfish Festival. 5.17-5.19 Travel packages are already available for Hangout Fest. Dont miss the biggest party on the beach.

    7.8-7.13 The Red White and Blues week on Pensacola Beach kicks off with a fireworks display and ends with the world-famous Blue Angels performing over Santa Rosa Island.

    8.2 The Bushwacker Festival and 5k is centered on Pensacola Beachs favorite adult drink.

    9.6 The Emerald Coast Beer Fest features breweries, brewpubs, homebrew clubs and distributers.9.27-9.29 The 35th Annual Pensacola Seafood Festival will be held in the historic Seville Square downtown.

    10.2-10.6 The 5th Annual Songwriters Festival fills every stage in Pensacola Beach with lo-cal and nationally-known singers and songwriters.

    11.1-11.3 The Great Gulfcoast Arts Festival draws more than 200 artists from all over the country.

    Mark your calendars, Gallery Night is coming back


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    October 18November 15

  • 12 inweekly.net12

    Due to global warming in-duced sales boosts in the win-ter of 2012, even more fro-yo chains will open in Pensacola this year. Fingers crossed for Pinkberry! (Sam)

    The Royal Baby will be the new 'It ' Baby. Move over Suri Cruise, you're still as beautiful as ever, but in 2013 your spot-light will head over to England while we gush over all things royal baby, especially whether Kate will bear a future prince or princess. (Jennie)

    Good thing he's already com-fortable in the spotlight be-cause the Facebook fan page "Our Mayor is hotter than your Mayor" is going to hit over 100,000 likes, gaining na-tional attention for the dreamy sometimes-model Ashton Hayward. Lots of appearances on cable news and The Ellen DeGeneres Show are sure to follow. (Joani)

    Based on nothing more than a random Facebook rumor and a little hope in my heart, I'm predicting Mumford & Sons will be one of

    the '13 Hangout Fest headliners. I also feel safe saying they will be this year's Grammy "surprise." And just like Arcade Fire and Bonny

    Bear, oops, we mean Bon Iver, before them, I'm sure "Who are Mumford & Sons?" will trend on Twitter. (Joani)

    The Zimmerman Agency goes home empty handed from the annual Pen-sacola Advertising Federation's ADDY awards. Mostly because they aren't local, but also because that logo wasn't as good as most created by Pensacola based agencies. (Joani)

    Grumpy Cat will get a

    sitcom. Not sure who will

    play the voice of the cat, but

    I'm thinking Seth Rogen

    or maybe the chick who did

    Daria. (Joani)

    A high profile influen-tial Christianlike Mike Huckabeewill come out in support of the online petition to classify West-boro Baptist Church as a "hate group." By years end, Christians all around the country will get on board and force the hate mon-gers to start calling them-selves what they really are. And pay taxes. (Joani)

    photo by Gage Skidmore

    Walmart will earn even more money via worker exploitation, team-ing up with KFC to sell quick and cheap tur-key dinners to hungry holiday shoppers in line during new 2013 Pre-Black Friday Thanksgiv-ing Day hours. (Sam)

  • December 27, 2012 13

    Even though he's makin