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Text of LOOKBOOK FW 15

  1. 1. FALL WINTER 2015
  2. 2. TRANSITIONS FALL WINTER 2015 CashmereInLove woman is forever on a journey; she adventures through life, navigating its twists and turns with strength and grace. Not afraid to explore lifes rich experiences but also her inner self, always open to the unexpected, constantly learning and evolving. Yearning for the new, while staying true to what she has become. Her wanderlust is endless taking her from backcountry pillow lines on the Alps to reef breaks in Indian Ocean. She is the author of her own adventures. The stories are threaded as luxurious details of exquisite craftsmanship, perpetuating the journey in the collection. Powerful statement pieces bring an empowering spirit to fall sweater dressing, confident, sensual and glamorous. There are pieces that make a strong first impression and more importantly demand that you have an unforgettable time whenever you are in them.