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Long Island’s Drinking Water

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Text of Long Island’s Drinking Water

Long Islands Drinking Water

Long Islands Drinking Water


NorthSouthFire IslandLong IslandSoundGreat South BayYou are here

Atlantic Ocean3

Magothy AquiferRaritan Clay LLoyd AquiferUpper Glacial Aquifer4PermeabilityAbility of water to flow through

Impermeable Water cannot flow through5

PrecipitationEvaporationEvapotranspirationEvaporation while falling7


Water TestspH : a measure of acidityTurbidity : a measure of suspended matter Color : the relative clarity of the water. Hardness : the amount of calcium and magnesium in the water. Alkalinity(total) : the amount of carbonate, bicarbonate, and hydroxides in the water. Chlorine: Added to disinfect water by destroying bacteria and algae. Corrosion: deterioration of metal parts which are slowly eaten away by oxidation or rusting. (Iron & Copper)

How old is your water?

11Can we influence our groundwater? 12

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