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  • WELCOME TO ...

  • Welcome to London, a very big and important city, where you can find, old and modern builds, a lot of culture, natural parks, very advance technology, museums, where you can buy a lot of things, where you can visit important landmarks, and outdoors activities. London is very complete.

    Are you going to lose this city?


  • This is the Natural History Museum. On this museum we are going to see millions of artworks. For example: dinosaur skeletons, fossils, insects, etc

  • Welcome to the science museum. On this museum we are going to see the oldest steam machine, spacecrafts, the first cars, a plane, a submarine, a rocket-bomb etc

  • Now we can see the Tate Modern, a museum of modern art of London. On this museum we can see expositions of modern art with artists for example: Matisse, Bacon, Pollock, Rotko etc...

  • This is the British Museum. On this museum we are going to see a lot of antiquities of all over the world for example: Egypt, China, Greece, Rome, Assyria. The most important antiquity of this museum is the Rosetta stone.

  • Is the moment to visit The National Gallery, a very important museum of paingtins.

  • Now we are at the most important landmark of London, a tower with a big clock whose sound is very spectacular.

  • Welcome to Westminster Abbey. This landmark is a Gothic church next to the palace of Westminster.

  • Welcome t o St. Pauls Cathedral, a very important landmark that was destroyed in the fire of 1666. Its a build which survived at the Second World War.

  • At this moment we can see the Buckingham Palace. In this palace live the British queen Elizabeth ll, and its very popular for the change of guard.

  • Welcome to the Tower of London (Majestys Royal Palace). This tower is a historic castle on the north bank of the River Thames.

  • Now is the moment to visit Covent Garden which is a district of the city of Westminster located at southwest of Camden. On this place we can now go shop.

  • Oxford Street is one of the great streets of London, located in the City of Westminster, and one of the world's most famous streets for shopping. With over 300 stores, is the biggest shopping street in the world.

  • Now we arrive at Leicester Square, a square in the West End of London. On this square we can see a statue of Shakespeare, and other of Hogarth.

  • Camden Town is a district located in the town l Camden. It is famous for street markets and we can find the most low prices of London, but you must be careful with the thieves.

  • Welcome to Notting Hill that is a district of London. It is known for Portobello Market

  • Is the moment to visit Stamford Bridge, the stadium of the Chelsea f.c. On this field can enter 41.837 persons.

  • Is the moment to The London Eye, the biggest treadmill on the world. Opened because of the millenium in the year 2000. On this wheel we can see the bests views of the city of London.

  • Sorry but the trip arrive at the end.

    I hope you liked it.


  • by: Pablo Sisamn Badimn