logistics 13 - Raben Group process we are focusing on WMS, Billing and Integrator. The history of RedPrairie

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    Magazine for Raben Group Customers | December 2013

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    As a result, we are trying to use every free moment to the fullest. We use hands-free while driving in order to deal with some matters we were too busy to do before. We check the e-mail when flying. We watch the news while eating breakfast. It is time we found a moment for ourselves. It so happens that a logistics operator can be of help here. The need to optimise the time we have at our disposal as well as the constant drive to innovation make more and more companies outsource their non-core activities. Specialist companies, such as Raben Group, are investing in the latest logistics systems and perfecting their know-how so that their Customers can achieve the desired synergy effect. In this way the outsourcing offer is becoming richer and tailored to the individual needs of Customers. Among the services rendered by Raben Group there are co-packing and kitting processes. Following the instructions of the Customer we prepare specific sets of products, e.g. by adding instruction manuals and samples to the main product and packing everything in a special box. Whereas during the kitting process, we use ready-made elements originating from different sources to prepare one set or one product which is sent to end-users as a whole. This allows for extensive personalisation of individual product deliveries.

    We carefully monitor the market and spot the existing or new trends in order to develop more improvements for our Customers. Raben e-Commerce for example is a comprehensive logistics solution for online sellers. Our facilities and resources allow for offering complete services for e-Commerce. The selection of the platform for this type of business activity, the appropriate sales model and warehouse services, delivering shipments, goods return, payments and servicing Customers via e-mail and phone are the tasks which make the work of an e-trader easier. After all, the relations with Customers in Raben Group are based on a win-win strategy. We understand it not as sharing the already made cake but as baking it anew, following a new, improved recipe. This culinary metaphor illustrates our approach to services which are the answer to the needs of our Customers. The new baking ingredients, i.e. outsourcing, and the increased variety of services bring not only tangible economic benefits but also help to save time, which we all really need.

    With warm regards,

    Ewald Raben CEO Raben Group

    In Search of Lost Time

    The only thing people lack nowadays is time.

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    Magazine for Raben Group Customers

    RedPrairie The requirements of the logistics operator concerning the warehouse management system are usually higher

    than those of any other business which runs its own warehouse processes. When selecting a new system, Raben Group looked for flexibility and broad functionality of the software, which can be adjusted

    to the internal needs and demands of Customers in a fast and problem-free manner. After the multi-stage selection process, a decision was made to use the RedPrairie system.

    By using this modern Warehouse Management System (WMS), Raben Group is able to offer its Customers a wider range of services, in particular, the operations for the very demanding e-Commerce sector or more complex services which are automatically rendered in this system, such as absolute FEFO (First Expired – First Out).

    The RedPrairie software is a complex system which consists of many modules and its multilayer structure has been presented in adjacent diagram. Apart from the Transport Management, the most important factor for 3PL companies is the module for Warehouse Management which, thanks to a wide range of built-in functiona- lities and programmable variants, may be successfully adjusted to different expecta- tions of Customers and the requirements of individual depots.

    Out of many available options, apart from the WMS, we have decided to purchase the following modules: ► Yard Management, ► Enterprise Workforce Management, ► Billing, and ► Integrator (for quick integration with

    external systems of our Customers). At the current phase of the integration process we are focusing on WMS, Billing and Integrator.

    The history of RedPrairie in Raben Group dates back to 2011 when a contract was signed with the supplier. At the same time we created the first of the current six imple- mentation teams, and three months later, in Gliwice branch of Fresh Logistics (Poland), the first implementation project commenced.

    At first we assumed that such a process would last three months. Unfortunately flexi- bility and the consequent vast number of configurable parameters lengthened the operation.

    ”The implementation in Gliwice (Poland) was a great challenge due to the need to introduce many modifications expanding the standard, which significantly prolonged the work of all people involved in the implementation ,ˮ recalls Wojtek Danilewicz responsible for system configuration.

    Quite a slow progress of work had an influence on the decision to increase the number of implementation teams. By the first quarter of 2012, we already had three such teams, each responsible for the process in com- panies: Fresh Logistics, Raben Polska and Raben Trans European Germany. Simultaneously to Poland, we were working on the new system in Germany. One of the biggest and most complex implementations was introducted to Toshiba. ˮThanks to using RedPrairie, we were able to reach a significantly higher daily performance. (…) It was the best result we had ever had in our cooperation with Toshiba!”, Rainer Eser, Branch Manager, commented on the effects of the system implementation.

    The experience gained on the German market was priceless and bore fruit during next implementations. So far, the RedPrairie system is used to service almost 30 of our Customers, not only in Germany (Regensburg, Mannheim, Heilbronn), but also in Poland ‒ Fresh Logistics (branches in Gądki, Gliwice, Straszyn, Wrocław) and Raben Polska (Błonie and Piaseczno).

    By the end of the first quarter of 2014, we will have finished the implementation in Germany (next stages in Heilbronn, then Duisburg and Gütersloh), and in Fresh Logistics (Poland ‒ Grodzisk Mazowiecki).

    Simultaneously, we will be working on the implementation in Raben Polska (Grodzisk Mazowiecki and Gądki). Using this system, Raben Group will be servicing the total of over 100 Customers. From our perspective, the first months of work on the implementation show that after stabilising the operations in one branch, it doesn't take long to return to the initial performance but even to improve it.

    The implementation teams still have a long way to go. The other branches of Raben Group are waiting for the new system and the close of the implementation process is planned for 2016. Ultimately, we will be using one WMS and not several, as it is currently.

    Piotr Kiciński IT Project Coordinator

    Raben Management Services

    In-S tore



    EMPOWERED Category Mgmt

    Warehouse Mgmt

    Workforce Mgmt


    Promotions & Trade Funds

    Customer Collaboration

    Supply Chain Planning

    Transportation Mgmt

    All Channel Commerce


    Network / Inv Optimization

    Supplier CollaborationCUSTOMER

    Diagram: The complexity of RedPrairie System, source: jda ‒ Provider of supply chain solutions.

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    are our core value People

    Summing up our 10-year activity on the Ukrainian logistics market we would like to talk about our most precious asset – about the people. Employees who have worked with us almost from the beginning of the company; workers who have developed and gained professional experience together with Raben Ukraine.

    We present to you the interviews with two of them: South Regional Manager, Sergiy Sergiyenko, and Kyiv Warehouse Manager, Mykola Kondtratyuk.

    You joined Raben Ukraine in 2005. Please describe the company at that time. Raben Ukraine operated from 5 branches at that time (Kyiv, Dnipro- petrivs’k, Odesa, Lviv and Kharkiv) where about 30 Employees worked altogether. The team wasn’t big but it was very friendly. Very often we went out together and we knew each other rather well. Regional depots had only 3 workers each: the depot manager, a dispatcher and a ware- house worker. Therefore, when the volumes started to increase, I had to work simultaneously with transport, documents and with a fork-lift on the ramp as well.

    Tell us about your career path in Raben Ukraine? What did you start from? I started already on the position of the South Regional Manager but I didn’t have too much managerial experience. After some time I had to learn the basics of finance, analytics and many more. In addition, I learned how to communicate with Customers, Employees and Forwarders. I’m glad I was supported by the people who worked with me, who were real experts in certain fields.

    What do you like the most in your job? I