Loddon Valley Link 201509 - September 2015

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Loddon Valley Link, Church and Village Magazine for Sherfield on Loddon, Stratfield Saye, Hartley Wespall and Stratfield Turgis. and Bramley. September 2015

Text of Loddon Valley Link 201509 - September 2015

  • September 2015


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    The Loddon Valley Link Church and Village Magazine

    for Sherfield-on-Loddon, Stratfield Saye, Hartley Wespall with Stratfield Turgis and Bramley

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  • Welcome to the September edition of Loddon Valley Link.

    Harvest time so thanks to one of our local farmers partner Georgina Glover for this months cover photo of thatching straw in Stratfield Turgis.

    Talking of the cover photo, you can see the finalists and winner of our cover competition at this months Sherfield show (p26). Make sure youve got your entries ready. Well publish all the show results and especially the photos in next months edition but thanks to all who entered. The centre pages this month are all about the Friends of Hartley Wespall. Theres another historical excerpt (p11). A fascinating article about Caspian horses (p44) and all the usual news and events from the various clubs and societies in the area. Please keep the photos and articles coming in.

    Also apologies in advance for the earliest use of the word Christmas (p20) Ive known.

    Please send in your submissions to: editor@loddonvalleylink.org.uk.


    Church Services P 4 Church Opening Times P 6 Pastoral Letter P 7 Parish Registers etc. P 9 Hants & Berks Gazette P 11 Turgis Green Shop P 13 Sherfield Park P 15 WI P 17 Police P 19 Chineham PPG P 22 Prayer Page P 25 Sherfield Show P 26 Hartley Wespall Friends P 29 VC Ceremony P 33 Evergreen Club P 35 NWR P 39 Sherfield Parish Council P 41 Village Hall Matters P 43 Caspian Horses P 44 St Michaels Hospice P 47 Sherfield Gardening Club P 48 Borough Councillor P 49 Sherfield Park P 50 Beer Festival P 51 Stratfield Saye Parish Council P 55 Small Ads P 56 Useful Numbers P 57

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    Editor - Simon Boase

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    Church Services

    September 2015

    *Drive up close to the white gates, which will open automatically. Children are welcome at all our services. Services in italics are particularly geared to children and families.

    Sunday 13th September Trinity 15

    10.00am Morning Worship & Sunday Club St Leonards Sherfield

    Sunday 20th September Trinity 16

    10.00am Holy Communion & Sunday Club St Leonards Sherfield

    6.30pm Evensong St Marys Hartley Wespall

    Sunday 27th September Trinity 17

    10.00am Harvest Festival St Leonards Sherfield

    10.00am Harvest Festival St Marys Hartley Wespall

    Sunday 4th October Trinity 18

    10.00am Holy Communion St Leonards Sherfield

    10.00am Family Service & Harvest Festival St Marys Stratfield Saye*

    6.30pm Evensong St Marys Hartley Wespall

    Sunday 6th September Trinity 14

    10.00am Holy Communion St Leonards Sherfield

    10.00am Family Service St Marys Stratfield Saye*

    6.30pm Evensong & Holy Communion St Marys Hartley Wespall

    Friday 4.15pm Messy Church St Leonards Sherfield

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    BREACH LANE CHAPEL Sherfield on Loddon Geoff Belsham 01256 882534 / 07519 708416 Transport is available for all events at the chapel

    September 2015 Services and Events

    Catholic Services St Bedes and Holy Ghost Churches,


    Parish Office Tues to Friday

    9.30 am-1.00 pm Tel.465214.

    Sunday Mass 9.00 am, 11.00 am and 6.30 pm

    St Leonards Open Days

    Everyone is welcome to visit for reflection, prayer, or

    to view with a wedding in mind.

    The church is open on the 5th, 12th and 26th of September from 10am

    until 4pm.

    Thursday 3rd 7.45pm House Group & Bible Study at 9 Coopers Lane, Bramley

    Friday 4th 10.30am Coffee Morning at the Chapel with Book Sale for Mencap

    Sunday 6th 10.30am Family Worship led by Neil Owen

    Tuesday 8th 6pm Property Committee Meeting at Frimley Road

    7.45pm Church Members Meeting at Frimley Road

    Sunday 13th 10am Joint Service at St Leonards CofE led by Neil Owen

    Thursday 17th 7.45pm House Group & Bible Study at 9 Coopers Lane, Bramley

    Friday 18th 10.30am Coffee Morning at the Chapel

    Saturday 19th 2pm Disabled Christian Fellowship at Brookvale Village Hall

    Sunday 20th 10.30am Family Worship led by Neil Owen

    Wednesday 23rd 3pm Midweek Fellowship at Chapel led by Geoff Belsham

    Friday 25th 10.30am Coffee Morning at the Chapel with Book Sale for Mencap

    Sunday 27th 10.30am Family Worship led by Steve Smith

    Friday 28th 10.30am Coffee Morning at the Chapel

  • Pastoral Letter In Roman mythology, the god Janus had two heads one looking forwards and the other looking back. His name finds its way into that for the first month of the year, when we look back to the joys and sorrows of the year just ended while also looking forward to the opportunities and delights of the year ahead. But its September! Well, to me there are similarities in that the seasons are turning this month; we look back to summer holidays now ending, and ahead to the completion of harvest, the new school year and to the crisp bright winter to come we can hope!. We are also at another turning point this year, one of special importance to our churches communities, in that we shall soon have Stephen Ball as our priest in charge of the parish after a vacancy lasting two years. Last months Loddon Valley Link introduced us to Stephen and his wife Lorna, and their arrival is eagerly awaited. Such a new beginning brings renewed energy to us all. Looking ahead at this moment is, of course, exciting, but we can also look back over the last two years with considerable satisfaction. We owe a huge debt of thanks to our Churchwardens and to Sammie and Carol for working tirelessly to maintain the life of our churches, smoothly running all the services, weddings, baptisms and funerals, and visiting the sick and the bereaved. They have been helped in these duties by our lay readers Richard Elphick, John Williams and Andrew Doggart and this team, further assisted by John Lenton, has maintained the vitality of the church and its message. But in addition to these, we have seen several other members of the congregation step forward to play a more active role for example in taking services, and helping with Messy Church and Tower Club. This, for me, has been a particularly positive outcome of the long interregnum, a time when its easy for things to slip back and for momentum to be lost. Its a tribute to all who attend and assist in our churches that we can move into this exciting new era stronger and more committed than we were two years ago. As Fred Woltman would say, Praise the Lord! Mike

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    Friday 11th September 2015

    Lots of craft, worship and tea for the

    children! All welcome

    4.15 pm Arrive, Register, prepare for Worship

    4.30 pm Worship followed by activities in three groups

    5.15 pm Meal - cafe style (finish at 5.30pm) It is essential that you book (and advise of any food allergies).

    For more information and to book, please contact : Peta Alvares 01256 883911

    Or on Facebook : Messy Church-Sherfield On Loddon

    Parish Registers


    Daphne Robertson-McCleod 13.07.15 Sherfield

    Jan Woltman 24.07.15 Sherfield

    David Leivesley 29.07.15 Sherfield


    St. Leonards & St Marys Hartley Wespall

    Both 10.00am on 27th September

    These are special services for to celebrate all the good things in Gods creation.

    The churches will be beautifully decorated with flowers and produce and we have very family friendly services with lots of traditional harvest music.

    If you have never visited before then we would love to see you.

    At St Leonard's it is our tradition that non-perishable food tins or packets are brought as an offering. Any of the fresh fruit, flowers and produce can be taken

    after the service with hopefully, a suitable donation. All the food and money raised will go to the Food Bank.

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    Continuing our series of old articles on Sherfield




    Following the opening ceremony which took place on the previous Tuesday, a very large party assembled in answer to Mrs. Barkers kind invitation to enjoy a musical evening, the first held in that room, on Friday evening, the 8th inst. To many of those who attended, the scene was a great surprise, the brilliantly lighted room, furnished in luxurious comfort, being far beyond what was generally anticipated. The hall itself lends itself admirably to social function. A capital platform with footlights has been erected at the end adjoining the Committee room, and the floor space of the room is amply sufficient to accommodate any company likely to assemble in it.

    Lieut. Col. F. G. Barker acted as Chairman. The programme opened with a violin solo very skillfully played by Miss. M. Belcher, and here we may mention that in the accompaniment the tone of the new piano presented by Mrs. Barkers daughters was heard for the first time. Mr. Geoffrey Palmer, who possesses a fine baritone voice, renewed his acquaintance with a Sherfield audience