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Local Government Councils Performance Monitoring Project Making my Voice Count Advocates Coalition for Development and Environment (ACODE)

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  • Local Government Councils Performance Monitoring Project

    Making my Voice Count

    Advocates Coalition for Development and Environment (ACODE)


  • About ACODEAdvocates Coalition for Development and Environment.Independent policy research and advocacy think tank.National and regional coverageHelp governments and local governments in formulating and monitoring implementation of policiesProgrammes: Peace and Democracy, Environment, Trade, Innovation and Biotechnology.

  • Goal of the ProjectTo contribute to the consolidation of democracy in Uganda by strengthening the demand side of governance through evidence-based monitoring of performance of local government councils

  • Objectives of the LGCMPTo improve the performance of local governments and increase vertical and horizontal accountability of local government councils.

    To build the civic capacity of citizens to demand for effective representation, accountability and efficiency in public service delivery.

    To build the capacity of local level civil society organizations to enable them use the local council performance monitoring methodology and score card

  • Why the ProjectThe local government councils are established with mandate to deliver services to the citizens.

    Effective service delivery requires proper functioning of the political, administrative and fiscal sides of the local councils.

    Existing monitoring efforts focus on monitoring administrative and fiscal performance.

    Monitoring takes a supply-side big brother approach

    Less emphasis on political performance and representation.

  • Local GovernmentCENTRAL GOVERNMENT

    Annual Assessment of Minimum Conditions and Performance Measures for Local GovernmentsTechnical

    Current Monitoring Framework

  • What the LGCMP Seeks To DoMonitor performance of local government councils.

    Publish annual score cards.

    Organize workshops and citizens fora to disseminate the score cards.

    Partner with local CSOs to build their capacity in regular monitoring of local councils performance.

  • How?????????Develop methodology and indicators

    Convene a methodology workshops bringing together district chairpersons, speakers and research teams.

    Identifying and entering partnership with local CSO partners.

  • HowUndertaking fieldwork:-Focus group discussionsAdministration of individual councilors score cards.Collection and analysis of relevant literature.Verification visits to constituencies.

    Outreach and dissemination of score card.

    Partnership with district councils to address identified gaps.

  • Geographical ScopeNationalPhase 1 covering 10 districts: Ntungamo, Hoima, Nebbi, Amuria, Moroto, Amuru, Kampala, Kamuli, Mbale and Luwero.

    Phase 2: Original 10 + 20 districts for the 2009/2010 FY

    Phase 3: 30 + 20 districts for the 2010/2011 and then 50 districts annually.

  • Geographical ScopeLocalVisits to sub-county councils to validate information and data.

  • Who is being monitoredDistrict council as a corporate body

    District Chairperson

    District Speaker/Deputy Speaker

    Individual district councilors

  • What is being monitoredPolitical leadership

    Legislative role

    Contact with the electorate

    Participation in communal and developmental activities in electoral area

    Service delivery on national priority programmes.

  • What are the outcomes of the monitoring exerciseCouncilors are fully aware of their roles and responsibilities.

    Citizens are empowered to demand for better performance and accountability from their councilors.

    Horizontal learning and exchange of knowledge among district councils.

    Electoral campaigns are driven by policy issues and public demand for improved service delivery.

    A more systematic documentation of councilors contributions in performing their roles.