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Liz Shaw Ariel Retik MEDICAL HUMANITIES and PUBLIC ENGAGEMENT AT THE WELLCOME TRUST: FUNDING OPPORTUNITIES Slide 2 Slide 3 an independent research- funding charity established 1936 funded from private endowment managed for long-term stability and growth interests range from science to history of medicineinterests range from science to history of medicine Slide 4 To foster and promote research with the aim of improving human and animal health Slide 5 Medical History and Humanities Remit To encourage applicants to address the important questions that will develop further our understanding of the progress, socioeconomic and cultural impacts of medicine and medical sciences on human and animal health. Research must be historically grounded, drawing, where appropriate, on wider disciplines, in particular the humanities. Disciplines: Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences Slide 6 Eligibility Any department, as long as the research is historically grounded Main regions of funding: UK and Ireland Possibility of overseas funding, if deemed of strategic importance Focus Areas: India, Major Overseas Programmes (MOPS), Developing and Restructuring Countries Slide 7 Places: Strong track record in global health research Geographic focus Major Overseas Programmes Focus countries Other eligible countries Slide 8 Programme Grants Encourage more expansive research on important questions at the interface of science, medicine and the humanities Long-term funding: up to 5 years support on a focused topic or theme Slide 9 Designed explicitly to develop a competitive Programme Grant application Test research questions, methodology and collaborations Should also have its own autonomous outcome (e.g. journal article, large conference, etc) Can include research leave Up to 2 years support Pilot Grants Slide 10 University Awards Allows universities to attract outstanding research staff The university guarantees a permanent post at the end of the award Applicants cannot be in an established academic post Up to 5 years support, providing full salary for three years, 50% in the fourth year and 25% in the fifth year Slide 11 Fellowship Awards You CAN apply before you have finished your PhD Only two deadlines: 1st of August and 1st of December Interviews are held within 2 weeks after the FC meeting Up to 3 years support Slide 12 Research Leave Awards Allows researchers to undertake an uninterrupted period of full-time research Pays for a replacement lecturer Can be part of a Programme or Pilot Grant Tenable for up to three years Also for clinicians and scientists (6 months) Slide 13 Research Expenses: assistance for modest programme of study (up to 2 years, 5,000) Conferences, Symposia, Seminar Series: financial support for organising academic meetings of all kinds (up to 5,000) Applications accepted throughout the year Fast turnaround: decisions are usually made within 8 weeks No need for preliminary application Small Grants Slide 14 Application Process Three deadlines per year: 1 March (FC meets in June) 1 August (FC meets in November) 1 December (FC meets in March) Preliminary applications required 6 weeks before deadline Programme Grant Prelims go to Funding Committee Interview within 2 weeks of Funding Committee How we can help: Grant Outreach and Grant Administration Slide 15 Other Wellcome Funding Slide 16 Ethical issues arising in the develop- ment & delivery of healthcare or use of medical techniques in non- healthcare contexts Must have some ethical/critical analysis of what ought or ought not to be done, or some analysis of concepts crucial to that ethical analysis Can have substantial empirical component Must be research in ethics Biomedical Ethics Slide 17 Other Arts and Humanities Activities at the Trust Wellcome Library Wellcome Collection Wellcome Trust Book Prize Slide 18 Public Engagement Dissemination of academic outputs Opportunities within research projects to reach wider audiences Public Engagement grants