Liverpool Safeguarding Children Board Safeguarding Children and Licensing

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  • Liverpool Safeguarding Children Board

    Safeguarding Children and Licensing

  • Aims & Objectives:Highlight the importance of licensing in the safeguarding of children and young people.

    Illustrate how the work of the LSCB Licensing Team encompasses the licensing and Gambling Act , Children in Entertainment and Children in Employment.

    Outline how the Liverpool Safeguarding Children Board Licensing Team has developed practise beyond their statutory obligations.

  • Licensing and Gambling Why are Safeguarding Boards Responsible Authorities?

    To support a family friendly culture at licensed premises ( Pubs, Clubs, Takeaways, Supermarkets and Off- Licences)

    To respond to the protection of children from harm by working with licensees.

    The LSCB can only object to a license where there is evidence of established risk to children or young persons.


  • We process applications for new licenses or variations on existing licenses. Consider applications and liaise with premises where concerns exist.Make representation and if necessary request reviews What are the core responsibilities of the LSCB Licensing Team ?

  • Alcohol

  • Act upon intelligence from the Safeguarding Unit.

    Produce leaflets, posters and advise licensees on safeguarding children whilst on their premises.

    Provide specific training to targeted licensees, educating them as to the consequences of sales to underage youngsters.e.g. sexual exploitation, anti-social behaviour, witnessing of or perpetration in violent behaviour.

    consequences of sales to adults with children in their charge.

    Membership of JAG regarding Alcohol and violence.

    employment of young people on premises to sell alcohol.

    How the LSCB Licensing Team developed upon core responsibilities for licensees?

  • Child Employment

  • Child Employment

    The area of child employment falls within many Acts and regulations Health & Safety, Factory Act and so forth

    A child is employed if he/she assist in trade or occupation which is carried on for profit- whether or not the child receives pay or reward for the employment

    The issuing of permits is the responsibility of the Licensing Team

  • This is an area that we need to do develop We presently carry out our statutory requirements Plans for the future

    Publicity Campaign to raise awareness (employees/ parents/carers )

    Trading Standards

    Target specific employers ( News Agents/Hairdressers)

    How the LSCB Licensing Team developed upon core responsibilities Children in Employment?

  • Children in Entertainment

  • Children in entertainment /modelling

    The legislation that deals with children entertainment includes Children & Young Persons Act 1933, 1963,The Children ( performance) Regulations 1968, 1998, 2000.

    The legislation requires that all children from babies to compulsory school age should be licensed if they are to perform on stage/broadcast,

    Matrons/Chaperones They are licensed to look after a child who works in entertainment. They make sure a child does not work to many hours without proper breaks etc.The local authority is responsible for registering matrons

  • information has been provided via the LCC internet and the LSCB web site. Leaflets have been produced.

    Safeguarding Training is provided to matrons/chaperones in addition to the basic training regarding their responsibilities.

    A role of visiting premises where children are performing has been taken on by the Safeguarding officers within the team to allow a greater number of premises to be inspected.

    Best Practice guidance is being drafted for area such as Holiday Camp ( host competitions) Inspection of premises which will be submitted to NNCEE for consultation . A PR exercise has taken place with a number of agencies/dance school to inform them of the role and responsibilities .

    How the LSCB Licensing Team developed upon core responsibilities Children in Entertainment?

  • Summary: Importance of Licensing

    Children now have greater access to situations which could place them at risk of harm. We need to be sure that everything possible is done to protect children .

    Licensing is an integral part of the Safeguarding and has a key role in the lives of children in many different setting, environments,

  • Copies of the Leaflet we have produced are available

    Information is available

    Contact Email

    Phone Number 225 4928

  • Safeguarding is one of 4 objectives Prevention of Crime and DisorderPublic Safety Prevention of Public NuisanceProtection of children from Harm

    Can not limit access of children to a premises unless it is necessary objection need to be necessary

    Blanket condition can not be applied ach application judged on own merits Cannot require a premises to admit children.

    Processed over 1500 RepresentationReviews We received information from strategy meetings/conferences Sexual exploitation

    Leaflets for any premises that allows children access

    Training targeted for licence YP frequent gay clubs incident alcohol sold to parents in charge 14 yr old selling alcohol in her uniform

    Consequences - sexual exploitation, DV, Anti social behaviour behaviour

    Jag focus city centre partner agencies police health city safe Pub watch useful

    Begging Leaflets safe shopping zones Advice supermarkets /off licences/pubs employment ( Gap in legislation )

    Child dies in th e uk

    Large can of worms Need to be in position to deal with enquiries Traditionally paper round hairdressers

    Growing supermarkets , hotels

    Awareness employers and parents people dont understand requirements

    Hotels is a worryDangers liability insurance not valid, health safety issues ( butchers)

    Extending the work we do with trading standards environment health share intelligence may be joint visits

    Target traditional employment shops/ markets/hairdressers Legislation is out dated and pressure on the government to update

    Complicated filming / modelling straight forward but recent talent show

    Britain got talent X factor filming auditions restriction on hours on premises end of show

    Late application / next day /Competitions huge do they count as a performance/ children changing in toilets/ hall ways Hundreds and hundreds exemptions

    ADMINISTARTIVE PROCESS Where possible info can be down loaded Information to hand

    Matrons Liverpool had 5 know have 25- 30 applications emphasis on training

    Visits - trying to capture more premises , Include children in process caused some problems

    Holiday camps

    PR Problems with some schools mainly matrons want own parents causes real issue go to leader of council /echo more out side school activities more than one difficult for parents/ dance teachers to accept need things to be in place

    hope you can see how licensing fits with in Safeguarding