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    NO. PROJECT TITLE PROJECT SUMMARY 1 Tannery and leather

    improvement (uga/003/M/99-06)

    TALIU registered in 1995 and embarked on establishing a tannery in Uganda. The Tannery is located on a 20-acre land in Masaka, 130 km from Kampala. The company was technically assisted by UNIDO in the site selection, assessment of equipment needs and preparation of feasibility studies. Currently, the tannery produces semi-finished processed leather (wet blue) from grade 1 and 2 hides and skins. The company is planning to have 30% of the wet blue leather further processed into crust thereafter finished leather. The company is looking for a strategic investor to improve on the quality of products through up grading of the machinery. The overall current capacity is 5 containers per month of wet blue. Estimated investment cost US$ 1.13 million.

    2 Poultry (uga/125/k/03-12)

    The promoters have been in poultry farm business for over 20 years and now produces about 2 million broiler chicks and 500,000 thousand layer chicks per year. The main business now is production of day-old-chicks, poultry feeds, Unimix porridge and grain trading with current turnover in excess of US$1.6 million. The company is now venturing into putting up a new farm of commercial broilers as well as a processing plant for dressed chicken for which it is seeking for a Belgian partner with capital ( for a poultry house, processing plant, refrigerated trucks for frozen broilers, etc. The cost shall depend on the type of technology and the source.

    3 Production of the milk powder (UGA/128/K/05-05)

    Twiga Dairies Limited plant's installed capacity is: 5,000 litres per hour of pasteurized milk; and 6,000kgs per day of dry milk powder. The company plans to modernize the plant by: a) adding additional equipment to match the international quality standards; b) provide dry milk powder and instant milk powder for added value. Later (stage 2), they plan to venture into ice cream, butter, ghee and flavoured milk. This plant is expected to start running again in September 2005. Total forecasted investment : 1.5 Million Usd. To commence operations, they are looking for: a) right partner to help in technical and commercial partnership b) plant and machinery to upgrade the current set up. c) long-term financial support The owners have two large chemical plants in Tanzania and Kenya.

    4 Dyeing of the cotton clothes and bed sheets (UGA/057/K/02-03)

    ATM came into operation in 1968. It is an integrated textile mill operating both spinning and weaving departments. Its annual peak production reached 7 million meters in 1972. The company is worth US$20 million but is currently operating at less than 10% of its installed capacity. The owners are seeking for strategic partners to inject in the company capital base so that all departments of the production process can optimally operate. Estimated investment costs US$5 million.

    5 Food Processing (uga/58/k/02-03)

    The company has a business history extending over 20 years with assets worth well over US$2 million to date and still growing. The company has 100 permanent employees and one of the leading manufacturers of food products in Uganda that include: fresh fruit juices, concentrates, jams, marmalades, chili & ketch-up. The company is seeking a partner as well as quality technology for juice concentrate with an aroma recovery evaporator (i.e. spray drying plant for fruits powder, distillation column & an aseptic flush freezer); Machinery for papain plant (i.e. a lyophilize for freeze drying, basket centrifuge 1600rpm & chromatography column); water treatment plant with sludge tanks and pH controls. The company is in the process of certifying 800 out growers so as to be able to supply organic produce. It is one of the leading market suppliers of processed products in Uganda. Expansion cost of project is US$1 million.

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    NO. PROJECT TITLE PROJECT SUMMARY 6 Real Estate Development National Housing and Construction Corporation is a parastatal body established by an Act of Parliament in 1964

    where government of Uganda owns 100%. With the changing business environment, the corporation has changed its role from that of building and managing estate to that of building and selling. The Corporation is worth US$ 40 million in the terms of assets net worth and it is profitable. The company is therefore looking for a strategic investor for cooperation in its expansion programme.

    7 Dairy Processing (UGA/129/K/05-05)

    Bushenyi district is one of the biggest milk producers in Uganda. The Cooperative Society currently deals in milk collection but has problems with milk in period of glut, hence the need to process milk to increase it shelf life while marketing. The plan is to pasteurize and pack milk which some can be exported to neighboring countries like Rwanda and Congo where there is high demand. The idea is also to expand in the production of yoghurt, butter and ice-cream. This Society is assisted by Land OLakes, which helps it in farming and technical advice with milk processing. The Society is seeking for partnership support to conduct marketing survey, a feasibility study, equipment purchase and technical know-how. Their current monthly output is 4.8 Million litres per year. The proposed investment is estimated at US$1.4 million.

    8 Organic Foods Processing and Exports (uga/088/k/02-08)

    The company produces and exports certified organic dried and fresh fruits and vegetables (Swiss IMO certified). The company started in 1990 under the name Suntrade and Consulting; in 1998 it was incorporated into a bigger one named Amfri farms Ltd. The total tonnage of fruits and vegetables exported in 2001 was about 295 tons for a turnover around 500- 000 dollars. The quality of the products is very high and sells them across Europe already. They need new market in European countries, expert in agro-processing to advice them on equipment, installation and technology while conscious of the organic niche market.

    9 Fruits and Veges processing and Exports (uga/104/k/03-06)

    This company was founded in 1989 by Mr. Kavuma who is also the current President of the Federation of associations of Uganda exporters. This company produces and exports fruits and vegetables to Europe and Middle East. In additional, the company indirectly employs contract farmers who are grouped in 7 units of 15 farmers in each group. Today, their main trader is based in Holland. This company needs equipment purchase (pack house), technical help and know-how. Directly, the company employs 20 people.

    10 Fruits and Veges processing and Exports (uga/108/k/03-07)

    This company started operations in 1997, by exporting fresh vegetables and fruits. Flonas main export is exclusively targeting the European and Far East markets. The company works with the rural farmers (with emphasis on the woman) to actively participate in increased production of horticultural produce for export market. The company needs a joint-venture partner, a technical expertise and a long term-loan. Currently, the company employs 15 people directly and plans to invest additional US$30,000 in its expansion project of establishing a cooling and sorting centre for fruits and vegetables.

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    NO. PROJECT TITLE PROJECT SUMMARY 11 Seed multiplication and

    distribution (UGA/130/K/05-05)

    This company was a project from the Belgian Survival Fund, partnership ACT (NGO: Agency for Technical Cooperation) and Hoima Catholic Diocese. Their main activity is seed multiplication and sells around Africa (Sudan, Kenya, Congo) with a turnover of around US$1.5 Million in 2004. The company, which is in contact with PAU semence of France, needs a joint-venture and a marketing partner. The expected investment outlay is in the region of US$1.5 Million. Current output capacity is : Maize 1500 Tonnes per year Beans 400 Tonnes per year Rice 500 Tonnes per year

    12 Leather goods production and training

    This training center is supported by UNIDO and the Austrian government. TCFC is basically on training and produce shoes and leather goods (turnover around US$50,000 dollars in 2002). The TCFC is trying to find a contact with promex pma in France. They need a joint-venture (subcontract), market access, technology transfer and a marketing, technical, management expertise. Current investment is about US$100,000 with 20 people employed directly.

    13 Organic farming and training of farmers

    NOGAMU was founded in January 2001 during an open meeting of Ugandan organic sector stakeholders. It is registered as an NGO and is operated as a membership controlled association. The objectives are 4 major focus areas: Standardization Training farmers to enter in organic products Marketing: Promote organic products in Uganda Networking and lobbying They need a technology transfer and an expertise.

    14 Information technology UBIN is a unique commercial enterprise developed with technical assistance from the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) to maximize synergy and ensure profitable public/private sector cooperation. UBIN provides Business Information Solutions and other value added services to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Uganda using ICT to assist them to achieve their Marketing, Production, Technology and Financial development objectives. UBIN provides commercial demand-driven services for MSMEs in Uganda in three important business areas: business information solutions, ICT & entrepreneurial training and Internet technology based solutions. Later this year, with support from the Austrian government, UBIN will extend its services in Phase 2 to the rural areas by establishing eight (8) pilot District Business Resource Centres (DBRCs). UBIN is set up as private limited liability company with shareholders from public and private sectors. The present shareholders of UBIN are Uganda Investment Authority (UIA) and Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA). Uganda Telecom Ltd (UTL), East African Development Bank (EADB), Latest Technology International Limited and others have indicated interest in acquiring shares in UBIN. The company is seeking for JV partner.

    15 Production of instant coffee (uga/061/k/02-03)

    This is an old company established over 3 decades ago and is engaged in coffee business. The company would like to add value to Ugandas coffee by manufacturing instant coffee. The total annual current sales are US$5 million. The company is seeking for a strategic investor that will come along with capital and modern equipment for instant coffee manufacture. The company has also all the machinery in place for roasting coffee but needs technical expertise in order to improve the quality.

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    NO. PROJECT TITLE PROJECT SUMMARY 16 Production of breakfast cereals

    & short time foods, marcrones (uga/094/k/03-01)

    Maganjo Grain Millers was established in 1984 and is engaged in grain/food processing with current turnover of US$110,000 per annum. The company has invested over US$110,000 in its current establishment and looks forward to introduce new product lines within the current family of products which include: maize flour, millet flour, soya millet flour; baby porridge and nutri bread. The company now wants to diversify its product line but to start with breakfast cereals and short time foods, macrons, etc. The local promoter is seeking for foreign participation with the aim to garner expertise and capital for equipment purchase.

    17 Coffee Processing (uga/100/k/03-03)

    Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA) is a Government Agency set up to add value to Ugandas Coffee, promote its consumption domestically and market it Internationally. UCDA is interested in Finding an investor who can establish a roasting, grounding and soluble coffee plant in Uganda.

    18 Tannery and Farming (uga/062/k/02-03)

    Uganda Crocs is producing about 3,000 wet salted crocodile skins. It is the only company dealing with crocodile skins in Uganda. They intend to expand their production to an estimate of 20,000 skins per annum. The company is seeking for experienced investors in the field of crocodile farming and processing of the skin.

    19 Food Processing (uga/110/k/03-06)

    Kasanje Small Business Network Co. (U) Ltd is seeking to widen its Market to International level, as well as find equipment and expertise in the field. They are currently producing Organic Pineapples, hot paper, avocado and apple banana. Their association groups over 200 farmer with good supply capacities for setting up a fruit processing plant or just for constant supplies of tropical fruits.

    20 Garments (uga/098/k/03-03)

    The company is producing yarn and garments (executive shirts, white school uniform shirts, T-shirts, polo shirts, undies etc). The objective is to expand and improve the capacity and the quality of the products to export under AGOA market. The company is also interested in market access, equipment purchase as well as buys back arrangement.

    21 Wood Processing (uga/083/k/02-07)

    Erimu Co. Ltd installed a Modern Wood Industry in Uganda for knock down furniture. The company is currently producing household furniture and fittings, office furniture and construction materials. Market fro good quality furniture in the region is big. Proposals and equity participation are invited from interested foreign companies to co-invest in this improvement project.

    22 Horticulture (uga/091/k/02-01)

    The company is producing fruits and vegetables (cabbages, tomatoes, okra, chilies, egg plants, caulis flower). The aim of the project is to increase the production both for the local and the export market.

    23 Agro (uga/092/k/03-01)

    Uganda is exporting around 12-15 million US$ of locally available cow hides and goat/sheep skins. This raw material can be used to promote value- added exports if it is converted into downstream products e.g shoes, garments and other articles. LIU is the only company having the capability of producing finished leather which can be used to produce the downstream products. Wet blue exports on its own has become somewhat difficult owing to change in the structure of the industry. Consequently the objective of the project is to upgrade its facilities to produce for a niche market for value added products for which Ugandan heavy substance cow hides (1.8/2.2 mms) are more suitable. LIU has no market knowledge or technical capability to do this on its own. So it is requesting for a partner who can help LIU achieve this objective. The company can process over 50 million wet blue a year but needs a partner for it to find market and technical expertise.

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