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  • ALNOCP r i n c i p l e

    To provide premier technical and management services to develop, build and operate installations

    for our customers in the Sultanate of Oman




    1 Chairmans Message 5

    2 Mission Statement 6

    3 Core Principles 7

    4 Introduction 8

    5 Main Activities 9

    6 Civil Construction 10

    7 Oil & Gas 12

    8 Mechanical Construction 13

    9 Maintenance of Heavy Equipment 14

    10 Trading Division 15

    11 Real Estate 16

    12 Commercial Representation/Joint Ventures 17

    13 Other Activities 18

    14 Quality, Team-Philosophy 19

    15 Health Safety & Environment 20

    16 Information Technology 21

    17 Human Resources 22

    18 Marketing/Sales 23

    19 Major Projects Excecuted 24

    20 Summary of Staff 31

    21 Summary of Equipment 32

    22 Subsidiaries & Associates 33

    23 Address 34

  • Al Hamdullah Wassaltu Wasalamu Ala Rassul Ullah

    During the Renaissance era in Oman, both Public and Private Sectors started prospering by leaps and bounds and, still, the fast

    pace of progress has always kept futuristic goals of ecological

    balance with proper environmental measures has maintained a

    perfect balance between industrial growth and social welfare.

    With the onset of this golden era in Oman, we started trading and

    contracting venture from scratch and with our continued efforts,

    perseverance and dedicated contributions of all the staff members,

    The Al Nahdha Group has made rapid strides and has gone from

    strength to strength attaining ISO 9001:2000 award and nationwide

    appreciation for the projects completed within stipulated time frame

    with quality and state of the art professionalism.

    Health, safety and welfare of the client and staff have been our

    top priority and we always worked as a team, each one of us,

    work with full confidence, dedication and perfection until tasks are


    To keep pace of industrial relationship, we always foresee new

    technologies and make suitable changes in the existing methodology

    and practices to relieve strain on the environment.

    We have grown enormously in multitude of activities and, are

    keen and enthusiastic to keep our perfection and excellence of

    performance in all projects, we shall get in future, Insha Allah

    Hamed Bin Ahmed Al Ghazali Chairman













  • 6


    We will be the organisation of choice for customers, employees and

    key suppliers in every industry market we serve by:

    Delivering exceptional value to our customers

    Earning a fair return on our delivered value

    Working closely with our customers, key suppliers,

    and communities to help improve the standard of living

    and quality


  • 7


    We bring to our work:

    A proud heritage of accomplishment integrity, excellence and

    commitment to our customers interests

    A willingness to appropriately adapt ourselves to change while

    maintaining our fundamental values and constancy of purpose




    We will continue to:

    Adhere to the highest standards of ethics and integrity

    Do our work safely and consistently with responsible

    environmental principles

    Make continuous improvement of integral part of the way we


    Respond to the rapidly changing work with entrepreneurial

    approaches, innovative solutions, advanced technology, high

    quality and timely decision making

    Reward those contributing to success








  • 8

    Al Nahdha Al Omaniah Co. ALNOC is the flagship company of the Al Nahdha Al Omaniah Group of companies fully integrated and horizontally spread with nationwide Contracting and Trading activities, in well diversified Technical and Commercial disciplines maintaining fast growing track records with many landmarks, milestones, its exemplary saga of success contributing enormously to gross domestic and welfare products of Sultanate of Oman. This is an ISO 9001:2000 company accredited with quality deliverables.

    Guided by seasonal entrepreneurs as its helm, Al Nahdha Al Omaniahs controlled diversification and total quality management steers the group towards success, never losing sight of the immediate and long term goals.

    Founded in 1973, the Al Nahdha Al Omaniah Group of companies today is one of the Sultanate of Omans leading Contracting and Trading Group. An entity that has spread its host of services far and wide, building up a reputation of trust worthiness, efficiency and quality and ever lasting clientele satisfaction in each project we handled.

    Today Al Nahdha Al Omaniah, a 100% Omani Group is performing very well in multidimensional functions such as Construction, Real Estate, Transportation, Plant Hire, Oilfield Support Services, Well services with New Technology Projects and Trading in the Sultanate of Oman, managed by professionals with talent and vast experience.

    ALNOC is fully geared for an exponential growth in future. Continuous upgradation and improvement in works procedure using latest technology and commitment to client satisfaction, ahead of or in time deliverables with high quality products, human resource development with adequate application of information technology and above all, proceeding fast in self reliance and Omanisation.

    Forecasting future expansion of this group with certainty, it will have multitude of activities with wider territory services within the country and beyond. The company has already identified several thrust areas. Many of these projects are to be executed in technical collaboration with some major multinational companies combined with in-house capabilities. Especially new technology wing is contributing unparalleled horizons in Oil and Gas operations support of the client company.

    The success of ALNOC has made its mark in Construction, and has attained the distinction of one of the top notches in the construction field for which the credit goes to the leadership of company management with teams vision, dynamism, high values and the dedication of working hands who spare knighting to get grandeur in each project.

    The company has impeccable financial reputations and it stands tall in the market with high corporate image. Most of the banks in Oman have a business relationship with ALNOC and any of them can be referred to.















  • 9

    Al Nahdha Al Omaiah Groups activities are divided into various

    business segments. Each of these divisions is a profit centre with

    responsibility for its operations.


    Includes construction of Buildings, Roads, Dams, Laying of

    Water Pipelines, Site Preparation and Excavation.


    Fabrication and Erection of Steel Structures, Flow Lines, Pipeline

    Maintenance, Aluminium Fabrication etc.



    5) OIL & GAS


    Includes sales/service of Electrical Household appliances,

    Building Materials, Aluminium Profiles, Glass etc.




    Under study such as Tourism, Industry etc.



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    Earthmoving equipment comprising Excavators, Graders, Dozers, Tippers, Cranes & Water Bowsers operated by dedicated locals and multinational operators have carried out millions of cubic meters of earth works for Petroleum Development of Oman LLC (PDO) and other major clients.

    Fully equipped to handle any type of Roads and Highways Construction, this division has executed challenging assignments in difficult terrains under extreme climatic conditions such as:

    Construction of Buraimi Qabil Road including of a pass through a mountain range.

    Construction of an access road and drilling platform for AMOCO Oman at Wahiba Sands.

    Constructed road and drilling platform for ELF AQUITAN near Saudi Border.

    Site preparation of the Bausher Sports Complex involving cut and fill operation and rock excavation of more than one million cubic meters.

    Site preparation of Royal Hospital at Ghubra.

    Construction of drilling location for PDO in North Oman, including building of locations at different terrains.

    Construction of rig location in Subkha area for PDO.

    Construction of roads in a hilly area in Dhofar.

    Above are only highlights of the exhaustive list of numerous projects undertaken by the Company.

    The client base includes PDO, Ministry of Transport, MRME, Muscat Municipality and other Government Bodies.


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