Lisa Cooke Photography Client Guide

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This client guide describes the amazing experience during a family photo session with the talented Lisa Cooke.

Text of Lisa Cooke Photography Client Guide

  • Youve already had a blast at your session but now things are about to get even better! Two weeks after your session well have your reveal night (Well schedule this at the same time we schedule your session to make sure you see your images as soon as possible!) On your reveal night youll see all of your images for the first time. Its definitely something to get excited about! That night Ill come to your home (thats right no babysitter and you can even stay in your jammies if you want!) and show you a custom slideshow with your images and maybe even some video that Ive taken throughout your session.

    After youve experienced the slideshow youll have some time to go through all of your images and take a look at all of the product samples. Seeing everything in person will really give you a sense of what products are most important to you. My favorites are canvases and image boxes!

    Youll have plently of time to ask any questions, to hold up images to different walls in your own home to see what sizes will work best and enough time to pick out your favorites.

    The collections on the following page have been put together to give you the absolute best quality products for the best value. Those collections are available on reveal night only. No need to worry if the products in the offered collections dont fit your needs, all products are available a la carte as well and are 20% off on reveal night!

    The goal of the reveal night is to finalize your order so we can get your prints and products to you as soon as possible. To help make this stress free its a great idea to take a look through all of the different products and collections so you can go into it with an idea of what might work best for you. Once youve seen your images that may change, but its always good to have an idea when we get started!

    When all the fun of the reveal night is over, youll have a short wait before youll have those images in your hands! Digital files purchased will be made available within 24 hours and you can expect to have your prints and products in hand within 2-4 weeks. When everything is in, well schedule a time that I can hand deliver everything to make sure it gets there safely!

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