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    Linking Career Management Fields (CMF) and Selected Military Occupational

    Specialties (MOS) with College Programs

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    Form updated June, 2005

    CMF MOS Title Instructional Program Availableat College


    11 Infantry General Studies,Organizational Leadership

    13 Field Artillery Liberal StudiesManagement Concentration

    14 Air Defense Artillery General Studies, Electronics

    15 Aviation Aviation Maintenance Technology

    15B Aircraft PowerplantRepairer

    Aviation Maintenance, Technology

    15F Aircraft Electrician Electronics EngineeringTechnology

    15Q Air Traffic ControlOperator

    Air Traffic Control

    15T UH-60 Helicopter Repairer Aviation Maintenance-Helicopters

    18 Special Forces Social Science, EmergencyMedical Services

    19 Armor General Studies

    21 Engineer Civil Engineering Technology

    21D Diver Marine Science

    21E Heavy ConstructionEquipment Operator


    21F Crane Operator Construction Technology

    21J General ConstructionEquipment Operator

    Construction Technology

    21K Plumber Industrial Skills

    21M Firefighter Fire Science Technology

    21R Interior Electrician Electrical Technology

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    CMF MOS Title Instructional Program Availableat College


    21S Topographic Surveyor Geography

    21W Carpentry and MasonrySpecialist

    Construction Technology

    25 Communication &Information SystemsOperation

    Information Technology

    25D TelecommunicationsOperator - Maintainer

    Computer Studies

    25M Multimedia Illustrator Graphic Design

    25S Satellite CommunicationsSystems OperatorMaintainer

    Telecommunications Management

    27 Paralegal Paralegal Studies

    27D Paralegal Specialist Paralegal Studies

    31 Military Police Criminal Justice

    31B Military Police Law Enforcement/Police Science

    31E Internment ResettlementSpecialist

    Criminal Justice Administration

    33 Military IntelligenceSystemsMaintenance/Integration

    Industrial Electronics

    37 Psychological Operations Psychology

    38 Civil Affairs Urban Planning

    38B Civil Affairs Specialist Human Services

    42 Adjutant General Personnel Services

    42A Human ResourcesSpecialist

    Business Management

    42L Administrative Specialist Office Management, PublicRelations

    42R Army Bandperson Music

    44 Financial Management Accounting Studies

    46 Public Affairs Media Communications

    46Q Public Affairs Specialist Journalism

    46R Broadcast Specialist Communications

    56 Religious Support General Studies

    56M Chaplain Assistant Counseling, Religion,Social Science

    63 Mechanical Maintenance Mechanical Repair Technology

    44E Machinist Machine Tools

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    CMF MOS Title Instructional Program Availableat College


    62B Construction EquipmentRepairer

    Industrial Technology

    63B Light-Wheel VehicleMechanic

    Automotive Services Technology

    45B Small Arms/ArtilleryRepairer

    Small Arms Repair/Maintenance

    63H Track Vehicle Repairer Automotive Services Technology

    74 Chemical Environmental Studies/HazardousWaste

    74D Chemical OperationsSpecialist

    Environmental Studies,Management Concentration

    77 Petroleum & Water Chemistry

    79 Recruitment & Re-enlistment

    Marketing and SalesManagement

    88 Transportation Traffic & TransportationTechnology

    88K Watercraft Operator Transportation

    88M Motor Transport Operator Automotive Technology

    88U Railway OperationsCrewmember


    89 Ammunition Logistics

    91 Medical Medical Technology

    91D Operating Room Specialist Operating Room Specialist

    91E Dental Specialist Dental Assistant/Hygiene

    91H Optical LaboratorySpecialist

    Clinical and Laboratory Science

    91K Medical LaboratorySpecialist

    Clinical Laboratory Science

    91M Hospital Food ServiceSpecialist

    Dietary Management

    91T Animal Care Specialist Laboratory Animal Science/Care

    91W Health Care Specialist Emergency Medical Services,Medical Assisting

    91W-N6 Practical Nurse Nursing

    91W-N8 Physical TherapistAssistant

    Physical Therapy Assistant

    91X Mental Health Specialist Psychology, Human Services

    92 Supply & Services Business Management Operations

    92A Automated LogisticalSpecialist

    Industrial Automation Technology

    92G Food Service Specialist Food Service Management,Culinary Arts

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    CMF MOS Title Instructional Program Availableat College


    92M Mortuary Affairs Specialist Mortuary Science

    94 Electronic Maintenanceand Calibrations


    94D Air Traffic ControlEquipment Repairer

    Electronic Equipment Maintenance

    94M Radar Repairer Radar Repair

    96 Military Intelligence Geography, LanguageIntelligence Operations

    96B Intelligence Analyst Management Systems, Statistics

    96U Imagery Analyst Intelligence Operations

    97 Translator/Interpreter (RC) Foreign Languages

    98 SignalsIntelligence/ElectronicWarfare Operations

    Intelligence Operations

    (28) 53 Listed


    Matching Career Management Fields and Military Occupational Specialties with college instructional programs is only asuggestion. Soldiers may choose any instructional programs they desire.

    There are approximately 200 Military Occupational Specialties but only 53 appear on this chart. All Career Management Fieldsare shown.

    Degrees offered at two year institutions: A.S.= Associate in Science, A.A.S. = Associate in Applied Science, A.A. = Associate inArts, A.P.T. = Associate in Applied Technology, other Associate Degree Programs

    Degrees offered at four year institutions: B.A. = Bachelor of Arts, B.S. = Bachelor of Science, other Bachelor Degree Programs.


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