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    Recruiting Solutions

    Convince candidates Put your best foot forward when professionals research careers at your company. Your Career Page on LinkedIn is only one click away from your jobs, groups and employee proles, including your own. Differentiate your brand with videos, banners, and more. Control what appears on your Career Page. Educate and inform candidates following your company on LinkedIn.

    Deliver a custom experienceYour content adapts to viewers based on their LinkedIn prole. For instance, engineers could see very different jobs, content and featured employees than sales professionals. Update your company page as often as you want to keep your content fresh.

    Be authenticYour best ambassadors are your employees. Showcase their story to professionals as they research your career opportunities on LinkedIn.

    Become the company to work for

    Help candidates better understand and identify with your culture and career opportunities

    Why set up a LinkedIn Career Page? Position your company as an employer of choice Raise awareness of job opportunities Increase candidates likelihood to respond to your messages and accept your offers Drive trafc to other destinations (e.g. your career website, social network sites) Understand who is viewing and interacting with your brand through detailed real-time analytics

  • What is follow company? Follow company enables professionals to keep up-to-date on job opportunities, personnel changes and more at companies of interest. Your Career Page, alongside your Company Page, is a powerful additional tool to educate and inform both active and passive candidates. You will be able to see who is following your company and send automatic updates to your followers on job updates, events, etc. | sales@linkedin.comPlease contact your sales manager or account manager for more information.Copyright 2010 LinkedIn Corporation. LinkedIn, the LinkedIn logo, and InMail are registered trademarks of LinkedIn Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. All other brands and names are the property of their respective owners. All rights reserved.

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    Real-time editing

    SilverYes Yes




    Target page content to audiences

    Content refresh

    Ads to drive trafc to site

    Only your ads appear on your companys pages


    Up to 5 target audiences


    600K ad impressions

    1.5M ad impressions


    There are three tiers of LinkedIn Career Pages:

    Jobs targeted to audience

    Detailed Analytics Yes Yes

    Yes Yes



    Up to 30 target audiences






    Job postings targeted to viewer for relevance

    Up to 3 customizable modules

    Links to additional company content

    Contact yourrecruiters directly

    Employee spotlights Company culture video

    Employee benets

    Your messages dynamically adapt to the viewer