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    LINC Cares provides dynamic services to enhance the lives of the families and seniors who live in our communities.

    Our programs are offered at no cost, right where residents live, which uniquely positions LINC Cares to create positive outcomes and opportunity among the households we serve.

    The LINC Cares Newsletter isprinted on Acid Free paper that is made with

    Green-e certified renewable wind energy and fifty-percent post-consumer waste.

    555 E. Ocean Blvd. Suite 900 Long Beach CA 90802

    LINC Cares is the Resident Services program of


    A Magical EveningLINC Housing was excited to host its fourth annualNight on Pine at the Sky Room in Downtown Long Beach. Situated against the spectacular backdrop of the Long Beach cityscape, the view couldnt have been more perfect. The array of entertainment and activities proved superb as guests participated in our silent auction, grooved to the musical works of the Blue Breeze Band, and were mesmerized by the magical illusions of Rmax Goodwin and Taylor Hughes. We certainly cannot forget to mention our City Gardens junior magicians who stole the show with a fearless performance of their newly learned sleight of hand.

    The group of kids from City Gardens attended Magic Camp where magic expert and Stan Edwards

    introduced them to the world of magic. The camp was a great success, as each child learned at least one magic trick of their

    own to perform at Night on Pine in addition to tricks the group learned together. The kids had a blast performing their tricks for the crowd with assistance from LINC Cares volunteer of the year, David DeLuca.

    All event proceeds support LINC Cares resident services programs in their effort to provide dynamic services to enhance

    the lives of some of Californias most vulnerable residents. Thank you to our attendees and event sponsors for making this years Night

    on Pine a great success! Special thanks to our top sponsors U.S. Bank, Walton Construction, and Raymond James. Tax Credit Funds, Inc.

    Mosaic Gardens at Huntington Park Back to School EventLINC Cares staff organized special volunteer activities in coordination with the Mosaic

    Gardens at Huntington Park after-school programs Back to School event. The general manager and a sales representative of Brilliant Earth Jewelry from

    West Hollywood contributed their resources to help host and sponsor the worthwhile celebration.

    Volunteers assisted students in painting pencil boxes and picking out the right backpack filled with new school supplies. After fun with crafting, the team of volunteers served the parents and kids a scrumptious dinner and ended with a group photo to remember such a wonderful time. Thanks to employee volunteers from Brilliant Earth, 10 students walked away with

    backpacks full of pens, pencil pouches, erasers, binders, folders, markers, and paper. It was a large donation from some very caring individuals!

    Volume 11, Issue 4


    ing Doors to a Brighter Future

    LINC Cares Newsletter- Fall 2016

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    LINC Cares






    ALL LINC VoLuNteer Hours serVed

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    Meet Imara: A Foundation for a Better FutureImara is a resident of LINCs Pepperwood Apartments in Rancho Cucamonga. She has come a long way on a journey that was far from easy.

    When faced with the reality of homelessness with two young children, Imara was at a loss for how she would provide for her family. Her part-time employer was able to help her find shelter during the nights, but she had to leave every morning. That was no way to live, especially with two school-aged children.

    Fortunately, in summer 2015, Imara was able to secure an apartment at Pepperwood Apartments. Although housed,

    Imaras family still lacked practical home essentials. During a standard inspection, the property manager discovered that

    they had no furniture other than a dining room table. It didn't take long for LINC Cares staff to call on our own Welcome Home program to provide beds to this family in need. "I'm very happy for the kids to not have to sleep on the floor, and they are so excited for the new beds," said Imara. Now she and her family not only have a roof over their heads, they have a true place to call home.

    Imara continues to work part time so she can provide for her family. Now that she has permanent housing and she is coming out of "survival mode," Imara can begin to focus on the future. She and her children participate in LINC Cares activities and programs, including the recent financial literacy classes. Her hope is to find a reliable full-time job and to return to school. LINC Cares has helped give Imara the foundation she needs to secure a brighter future for herself and her children.

    FRIENDS OF LINC CARESAmeriCorps VISTA - Corporate Social Responsibility and Job Readiness ProgramsApple Care Medical Group - Community Engagement Activities & Health and WellbeingArthritis Foundation - Training and Curriculum SupportCalifornia State University Long Beach - Social Work Interns/Staff SupportCamp Fire USA - Nutritious Snacks for Pepperwood After-School Program

    Copper Ridge - Senior Activities in ReddingCox Communications - Computer Programs for Seniors at

    SEASONS at San Juan CapistranoCVS - Flu Shots for Senior Residents

    John Given and Daphne Dennis - LINC Cares General Operating Support Terry and Kathy Dooley - LINC Cares General Operating Support

    Samara B. Larson - LINC Cares General Operating Support Lin Lines - Transportation Support for Senior Activities Mark and Jennifer Montoya LINC Cares General Operating SupportOpus Community Foundation - Arbor Village After-School ProgramPanera Bread - Baked Goods for Seniors at SEASONS at Redondo BeachProvident Savings Bank Charitable Foundation - LINC Cares in Riverside County

    Theatre Of Hearts - Photography Class at SEASONS at ComptonU.S. Bank - Night on Pine Sponsor

    Walton Construction Services - Night on Pine Sponsor

    Monica LopezMonica Lopez is our LINC Cares Resident Services Coordinator at Pleasant View Apartments in Fresno. She assists families and seniors within the community through managing life-enhancing programs and events. Monica oversees the after-school program, summer literacy program, job readiness workshops, computer programs, sustainability activities, fitness, and health and wellbeing programs. Additionally,

    Monica provides resources and referrals to connect Pleasant View residents to other community

    services. She also supervises local volunteers who help run LINC Cares programs and

    make an impact on the lives of the families in this community.

    In her work for LINC Cares, Monica is driven by compassion and a genuine concern to help others in her community overcome challenges. The resources that weve made available are so essential to empowering any person to make positive changes for themselves and

    their families, Monica says. I am truly thankful to be a part of LINC; this

    has been my most rewarding job.

    Is your company, church, or student group looking to ser ve the community together? Contact Katie Ar mendar iz, Community Involvement Coordinator at kar mendar to explore group volunteer oppor tunities!

    Donate to LINC Cares can also help out by visiting our LINC Cares on-line

    LINC Cares About Healthy LivingGreen Apple Day of Service gives students and local organizations the opportunity to focus on healthy, safe and productive learning environments. For LINC Cares, Green Apple Day 2016 was an opportunity to teach the students in our after-school programs how to read nutrition labels on their favorite snacks and also choose, make, and taste healthy snacks. Our students prepared healthy snacks using their favorite recipes and created a LINC Cares Snack Book!

    LINC Cares Volunteer: Brian LaiBrian has been a volunteer with SEASONS at Ontario senior residents since March of 2015. Brian started volunteering with the seniors at SEASONS because he believed in the mission and goal of LINC Housing to provide affordable housing to low-income seniors and wanted to make a difference in the lives of others. What he enjoys best about volunteering is building friendships with the seniors who regularly come to the BINGO events. Recently, he passed the 100 hours mark for serving as a LINC Cares

    volunteer. Brians caring heart extends to what he describes as his most meaningful aspiration of saving lives by becoming a physician and has just been accepted into medical school. We wish Brian the best and thank him for all of his faithful service with LINC Cares.

    Your one-time donation or

    recurring gift will allow

    LINC Cares to continue

    life-changing programs.

    Visit :

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    LINC Cares






    ALL LINC VoLuNteer Hours serVed

    4 93 7 VOL



    R SPO




    Meet Imara: A Foundation for a Better FutureImara is a resident of LINCs Pepperwood Apartments in Rancho Cucamonga. She has come a long way on a journey that was far from easy.

    When faced with the reality of homelessness with two young children, Imara was at a loss for how she