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  1. 1. Bio Out of Shanghai's unwashed underbelly rips Limousine! A band made up of one Canadian, two Brits and a Spaniard. This crew of misfits has toured the high- profile party scene for since 2011, and now they bring you something special. Their engine boasts an enormous sound as they rip through a 45-minute live set, at any of the best live bars in town. As the band collectively put their feet on the pedal, the audience is pinned to the wall by thunderous drums and unrelenting bass. A sound that rattles your rib-cage, this rawkus cacophony is blended together with a double vocal onslaught of melodious harmonies. They possess vocal melodies that refuse to leave your head, sticking to your ear like a bug on the windshield of that Limousine speeding down your mental highway. Drums, two guitars and a fat bass create a great feeling when done correctly, and these boys do just that. Venues played: Beedees Music Bar Mural Bar Harleys Bar Sinan Mansions Beer Festival The Monk Live Bar The Westin on the Bund Shanghai Rose Goodfellas (Suzhou) Katheens Waitan (on the Bund)
  2. 2. Maolivehouse Yuyingtang Kerry Place The Regal Hotel On Stage The Marriott Hotel Inferno Zher Bar (Zhujiajiao) Press: Music_features/22071/Interview-Limousine.html Limousine has been nominated for best local band for City Weekend Readers' Choice Awards 2015. Voting is open until April 27. We would greatly appreciate your vote. choice-awards/
  3. 3. Limousine wins Best Local Band at City Weekends Readers Choice Awards 2015! awards-2015-nightlife-winners/ On the Web:
  4. 4. Contact: Colin Mosher 18717707135 Wechat: mosher72
  5. 5. September 2014-Limousine launches debut album The long awaited first album from Shanghai rockers Limousine is finally here with the release of Hit the Throttle at YU YIN TANG Shanghai () on Saturday 26th September from 9pm. The album contains 7 originals tracks and was recorded earlier this year with Ryan Baird at 72 Studio in Shanghai.
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