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bronchure lighthouse products




4 special pages: Accessories for euro coins

Incl. accessories for banknotes and securities


Dear collector!We have been developing accessories for coins and stamps for more than 90 years. Every day we gather ideas, test materials and evaluate products. We are satisfied only when you are. In this accessories catalogue for 2011 you will once again find yet more new and interesting products for your collection. Take the new SIGNUM ring binders, for example. partner Kurt Strken, Max Strken. Featuring a labelling field on the spine, these allow you to bring even more order and clarity to your collection (see page 14 and 24). On 1 January 2011, Estonia will become the twentieth country to introduce the Euro as its official currency. You can find our extensive range of Euro-themed accessories on pages 46. Your opinion matters to us as we develop and optimise our products. Please support us further by sending suggestions, questions or criticisms to or by post. P.S. Coinciding with the publication of the new catalogue, we have updated the reference numbers of all LIGHTHOUSE products. Please provide the new six-digit number when ordering from now on. Best wishes,Photo (from left to right): Axel Strken, father and senior

Kurt Strken

Axel Strken

Max Strken

LEUCHTTURM ALBENVERLAG GMBH & CO. KG P.O.BOX 13 40 D-21495 Geesthacht Germany Tel. +49 (0) 4152 / 8 01 - 0 Fax +49 (0) 4152 / 801 - 222 E-Mail:

CONTENTSCOINALBUMS AND BINDERS4 5 5 6 6 6 7 8 9 10 11 11 12 12 The NUMIS system NUMIS classic album with presentation box NUMIS classic binder Classic leather NUMIS ring binder with slipcase NUMIS sheets NUMIS Euro coin album NUMIS coin album World Collection NUMIS coin album 2123 21 21 22 22 23 23 23

GB EURO Effective October 1, 2010 Ref. No. 306 604 Prices and products are subject to change without notice. Printed in Germany.

Album systems for coins, banknotes The OPTIMA system 1420 OPTIMA classic coin album 14 OPTIMA SIGNUM ring binder 14 OPTIMA sheets 15 OPTIMA sheet XL 15 OPTIMA BIG sheet 15 OPTIMA classic ring binder 16 16 Matching slipcase, OPTIMA classic set OPTIMA classic ring binder GIGANT 16 16 Matching slipcase, OPTIMA classic set OPTIMA classic box ring binder 17 Album for coin holders 18 OPTIMA ring binder Coins 18 OPTIMA Euro coin album 19 World currency album 19 OPTIMA coin album 20 OPTIMA F binder 20 OPTIMA binder GIGANT 20

Currency albums

VARIO BILLS banknote album VARIO ring binder BILLS for banknotes Banknote album with VARIO classic binder Banknote album with VARIO F binder and slipcase VARIO F binder VARIO classic binder VARIO sheets Pocket album for banknotes OPTIMA banknote albums OPTIMA sheets NUMIS banknote albums NUMS sheets

28 28 29 29 30 30 30 30 31 31 31 31


BOXES AND CASESCOIN TRAVELLER Coin cases Coin trays Collectors case VOLTERRA presentation cases Cabinets and presentation cases PIANO presentation cases VOLTERRA coin etuis Coin etuis NOBILE coin etuis43 44, 46 45 47 4851 52 53 5455 55 5657

MB coin boxes 3236 Labels for coin boxes 33 XL Coin boxes 37 Leathter & aluminium coin case 38 for MB- and XL coin boxes Coin box chest 39 SMART coin boxes 40 41 Coin cases for SMART coin boxes LIGNUM coin drawers in a hight-quality wooden style look 42

ACCESSORIESCoin capsules 5859 Storage of slabs (certified coin holders) 6061 QUADRUM the square coin capsule system 6266 Coin holders 6769 Magnifiers 7077 UV examination lamps 78 OTT-LITE natural light lamp Ultrasonic & vibration cleaner Digital calliper & digital coin scales Coin pocket & coin roll Coin cleaning fluids & coin polishing cloth Cotton coin glove & coin tongs EURO CATALOGUE 2011 79 80 81 81 82 82 84 3

Looking for a discontinued item? Please call us. We may still have stock available.


Coin boxes and cases

Coin albums and binders

VISTA collectors album for Euro coins NUMIS Euro coin album PRESSO Euro collection coin album OPTIMA Euro coin album Collectors card for Euro standard coins Coin wallet for Euro standard coins European Pre-Euro currencies Coin wallets French commemorative coins VOLTERRA presentation case for National Parks VISTA coin album National Park Quarters PRESSO coin album for National Park Quarters VISTA Presidential Dollar coin album VISTA US Quarter coin album

The GRANDE system 2426 GRANDE ring binder incl. slipcase 24 GRANDE classic SIGNUM ring binder 24 GRANDE classic GIGANT ring binder 25 GRANDE F binder 25 GRANDE sheets 26 ENCAP sheets 27





VISTA Euro coin album Austria Belgium Finland France Germany Greece

Volume 1

with 6 VISTA coin sheets for 12 Euro countriesItaly Ireland Luxembourg Netherlands Portugal Spain

Classic binder in bookbinders quality. Leatherette cover with bold imprints on cover and spine (in protective box). Contents: 6 Euro VISTA coin sheets made of extra heavy card with clearview pockets and sliding inserts in hard PVC. For 12countries (2 per page). Leaflet with general information and instructions. Overall size: 245 x 270 mm (9 2/3 x 10 3/4). Colour blue.Ref. No. 330 256



Bold imprints on cover and spine

Albums 1+ 2 ,90 49,80 A 39 A319 Ref. No. 337

VISTA Euro coin album

Volume 2

with 6 VISTA coin sheets for 12 new Euro countries Same format as VISTA Euro coin album, volume 1. Contents: 6 Euro VISTA coin sheets made of extra heavy card with clearview pockets and sliding inserts in hard PVC. For 12new countries (2 per page).Ref. No. 302 742



For the new Euro countries

Clearview pockets and sliding inserts in hard PVC

Bulgaria Estonia Latvia Lithuania Malta Poland Romania Slovakia Slovenia Czech Republic Hungary Cyprus


ALBUMSBlue 4-ring binder with 6 sheets NUMIS (for 18 complete Euro coin sets) + set of colourful flag stickers with space for notations.




NUMIS Euro coin albumAll NUMIS coin albums can be supplemented and extended with the help of NUMIS coin sheets. White interleaving. Embossed silver a sign on cover. Overall size: 215 x 230 mm (8 1/2 x 9).Ref. No. 329 334

A 11,90

Album incl. slipcase Ref. No. 338 772



Additional pages NUMIS see page 22.

Matching slipcase for NUMIS albums.Ref. No. 338 784

For everyone who already has a NUMIS Euro coin album:

additional set of flagsRef. No. 330 344

A 4,95

A 1,95

PRESSO Euro collection coin albumVolume 1: Collectors album made from high-quality printed sturdy card, with custom-fit cut-outs for the Euro coins. Overall size: 255 x 280 mm (10 x 11).Ref. No. 324 353

A 7,95

Volume 2: For the new Euro countries. Same format as for volume 1.Ref. No. 337 527

A 7,95






OPTIMA Euro coin albumBlue 4-ring binder complete with 5 coin pages OPTIMA (for 25 complete sets of Euro coins). Black interleaving. Embossed silver a sign on cover. Size: 240 x 270 mm (9 1/2 x 10 3/4). Additional pages OPTIMA EURO see page 15 !Ref. No. 336 883



Interleaving also available as a set consisting of: 1 coverleaf, 4 illustrated and 1 neutral interleaves.

All coins depicted in colour!

Ref. No. 323 726 Price per pack



Collectors card for Euro standard coinsStrong cardboard constructions with cut-outs for 1 Euro mint set with clear protective sleeve. Coins can be viewed from both sides. Overall size: 106 x 144 mm (4 1/ 6 x 5 5/ 8).NEUTRALRef. No. 315 678

Coin wallet for Euro standard coins

EURO-SET SPECIAL EstoniaRef. No. 338 665

EURO-SET SPECIAL SloveniaRef. No. 310 404

EURO-SET SPECIAL SlovakiaRef. No. 306 661 per set

EURO-SET SPECIAL CyprusRef. No. 335 146



EURO-SET SPECIAL MaltaRef. No. 336 952

Matching storage options: Ref. No. 337 553 + 333 959 (page 26), Ref. No. 317 821 (page 47).

12 pages each for 1 Euro mint set (8 coins). Padded dark blue cover. For travelling or trading. Overall size: 115 x 165 mm (4 1/2 x 6 1/2).Ref. No. 330 102





PRE-EURO CURRENCIESVISTA PRE-EURO coin album in 2 volumesCoin album in 2 volumes for conveniently storing complete sets of pre-Euro currencies such as the DM, lira, franc, Czech koruna and Polish zloty. Contains: 6 VISTA coin sheets per volume. Sturdy card coin sheets include sliding inserts made of durable rigid PVC. Every VISTA coin sheet accommodates 2 coin sets. Premium leatherette cover with attractive imprint on spine and cover. High-quality coin sheet design with colour flags. Sturdy 4 D-ring mechanism. Overall size: 245 x 270 mm (9 2/3 x 10 2/3).

Volume 1: For the last national currencies of the first 12 Euro countries: Belgium, Germany, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Austria, Portugal and Spain.Ref. No. 301 907


2 Albums 1+ ,90 A 39 A 49,809 631 Ref. No. 31


Volume 2: For the last national currencies of the 12 new and future Euro countries: Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Hungary and Cyprus.Ref. No. 332 743





COINCoin wallet


Ref. No. 335 392

For 48 coins8 coin pages each with individual inserts for 6 coins holding up to 48 coins (up to 33 mm /1 1/ 2 ). Fits all U.S. coins (except Sil