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Vol. 12, No. 23 | Thursday, November 15, 2012 www.thelighthousenews.comWHATS INSIDEBy Andrea HowryLighthouseNeedham Theater at NavalBase Ventura County (NBVC)Port Hueneme will close Dec. 10for an extensive renovation thatis expected to last about sevenmonths.In addition, the food court atthe Navy Exchange at NBVCPort Hueneme will close Dec. 14for renovation, and food truckswill be brought in while the workis under way. When it opens againin about six months, it will featurePanda Express and another neweatery, NEX General ManagerAnna Esguerra said.The theater joins several otherMorale, Welfare and Recreation(MWR) facilities undergoingrenovation, including the Warf-ield Gym, the track at the BeehiveGymand the SurfNet liberty cen-Needham closing for 7-month renovationPHOTO BY LT. J.G. PETE CORUMBO KOWALCYK / VAW-112Golden Hawks of Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron (VAW) 112 Lt. Carl Toby Davis, Lt. MichaelXtreme Tem, Lt. Cmdr. Reginald Lando Johnson, Lt. Scott Bunk McCord and Lt. j.g. Jessica RodeoHunt prepare to launch off USS John C. Stennis (CVN-74) Oct. 21. Story, Page 10.GOLDEN HAWKS TAKE OFF NEX Food Courtalso closing formajor overhaulLane splitting or lane sharing,the practice by which motorcy-clists ride in the spaces betweentraffic lanes, is now prohibitedonboard installations in NavyRegion Southwest, including Na-val Base Ventura County(NBVC).Lane splittingbanned on baseSEE NEEDHAM, PAGE 22SEE SANDY, PAGE 22 SEE REGION, PAGE 20By Lt. j.g. Jonathan KimNMCB 5An air detachment of 110 Seabees fromNaval Mobile Construction Battalion(NMCB) 5 is in New York and New Jer-sey this month helping in relief and re-covery efforts on the East Coast followingNMCB 5 helpsin Sandys wakePHOTO BY ETSN SEAN ROOZEN / NMCB 5Seabees from Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 5 movedebris in a Breezy Point, N.Y., neighborhood Nov. 6.Capt. Brad Erdel of the MarineAviation Detachment at Naval BaseVentura County, Point Mugu, servesup his first-place chili at the PortHueneme Commissary chili cookoff.Page 13Courtney Fliearman, spouse ofCMCN Seth Fliearman of NavalMobile Construction Battalion 5,shops at the Navy-Marine CorpsRelief Society Thrift Shop. Page 8Naval Mobile Construction Battalion4 heads toward the Pacific CoastHighway during one of its monthlysafety rides. Page 72By Captain Larry VasquezNBVC Commanding OffcerTHE LIGHTHOUSE IS PUBLISHED AT NO COST TO THE GOVERN-MENT EVERY OTHER THURSDAY BY THE STAR, OF CAMARILLO,CA. THE STAR IS A PRIVATE FIRM IN NO WAY CONNECTED WITHTHE DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE OR THE UNITED STATES NAVY,UNDER WRITTEN CONTRACT WITH NAVAL BASE VENTURACOUNTY. THE LIGHTHOUSE IS THE ONLY AUTHORIZED CIVILIANENTERPRISE NEWSPAPER FOR MEMBERS OF THE U.S. NAVY,CIVILIAN EMPLOYEES, RETIREES AND THEIR FAMILY MEMBERSIN THE VENTURA COUNTY AREA. CONTENTS OF THE PAPER ARENOT NECESSARILY THE OFFICIAL VIEWS OF, NOR ENDORSED BY,THE U.S. GOVERNMENT, AND THE DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE,OR THE DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVY AND DO NOT IMPLY EN-DORSEMENT THEREOF. THE APPEARANCE OF ADVERTISING INTHIS PUBLICATION INCLUDING INSERTS AND SUPPLEMENTS,DOES NOT CONSTITUTE ENDORSEMENT OF THE DEPARTMENTOF DEFENSE, THE U.S. NAVY OR THE STAR, OF THE PRODUCTSOR SERVICES ADVERTISED. EVERYTHING ADVERTISED IN THISPUBLICATION SHALL BE MADE AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE, USEOR PATRONAGE WITHOUT REGARD TO RACE, COLOR, RELIGION,SEX, NATIONAL ORIGIN, AGE, MARITAL STATUS, PHYSICALHANDICAP, POLITICAL AFFILIATION, OR ANY OTHER NON-MERITFACTOR OF THE PURCHASER, USE, OR PATRON. IF A VIOLATIONOR REJECTION OF THIS EQUAL OPPORTUNITY POLICY BY AN AD-VERTISER IS CONFIRMED, THE PUBLISHER SHALL REFUSE TOPRINT ADVERTISING FROM THAT SOURCE UNTIL THE VIOLATIONIS CORRECTED. EDITORIAL CONTENT IS EDITED, PREPAREDAND PROVIDED TO THE PUBLISHER BY THE LOCAL INSTALLA-TION PUBLIC AFFAIRS OFFICES UNDER THE AUSPICES OF THENAVAL BASE VENTURA COUNTY PUBLIC AFFAIRS OFFICE.COMMANDI NG OFFI CERCAPT. LARRY VASQUEZCHI EF STAFF OFFI CERCAPT. DAVID SASEKCOMMAND MASTER CHI EFCMDCM THOMAS CYRPUBLI C AFFAI RS OFFI CERKIMBERLY GEARHARTLI GHTHOUSE EDI TORANDREA HOWRYlighthouse@navy.mil805-989-5281FI ND US SHERMARGIE COCHRANEADVERTI SI NG DEPARTMENT437-0332N AVA L B A S E V E N T U R A C O U N T YPlease submit your questions or comments to Lighthouse Editor Andrea Howry at lighthouse@navy.mil800-221-STAR (7827)Ask theCaptainThursday,November15,2012TheLighthousewww.TheLighthouseNews.comQuestion: There seemed to be more mosquitoesthis year, and eas too. Mosquitoes can carry dis-ease. Is there any way we can get housing to sprayour yards for these insects since we pay rent?Answer: Mosquitoes and eas are a commonnuisance in summer and fall. We have 22 differentspecies of mosquitoes here at Naval Base VenturaCounty (NBVC), partly because of the extensiveprotected wetlands at Point Mugu. Saltwater mos-quitoes, which make up the bulk of the mosquitoeswe get at NBVC Point Mugu, are luckily not disease-bearing, just annoying! Freshwater mosquitoes canspread disease, and there are several ways to deterthem, starting with wearing repellant when you areoutdoors and cleaning up any standing pools ofwater around your home.We monitor standing water in the wetlands andemploy abatement efforts using long-lasting bri-quettes and larvicides whenever possible. In housingareas, groundskeepers do a great job of cleaning upstanding fresh water and monitoring for larval activ-ity. You can help by making sure your yard doesnthave any breeding areas for the insects, such as oldbirdbaths or water pooled on tarps or other outdoorcovers. There was a great article in the Aug. 22 edi-tion of The Lighthouse that covered many tips andtricks for helping reduce mosquito activity.Fleas are another matter. Housing does not sprayyards for eas because the choice to have a pet is anindividual one, and ea abatement and control is thepet owners responsibility. As a dog owner, I under-stand the frustration of nding eas on your pet. Ifyour usual ea treatments arent working, Id recom-mend talking to your veterinarian about alternatives,but housing will not take responsibility for sprayingyards for eas.Can yards be sprayed for mosquitoes, feas? www.TheLighthouseNews.comTheLighthouseThursday,November15,20123COMMUNITYCALENDARTURKEY TROT 5K:11:30 a.m.; registrationstarts 10:45 a.m.BeeHive Gym. $10 perperson, includes T-shirt. Opento all base personnel, includingcontractors. Participants will beentered into a drawing for a freeturkey; three will be given away.Information: 989-7378.15BEE CLUB AUCTION:6 p.m., Bard Mansion.Buffet featuringturkey, roast sirloinand all the sides. Silent auction,live auction and dessert auction.$22 for advance tickets, $25 atthe door. Proceeds support the2013 Seabee Ball and Can DoScholarship program. Information:Angie Frank, 805-890-2815.16NovemberSAFETY FAIR: 8a.m. to noon, PortHueneme Grinder.Stations will be set upto provide holiday safety remindersabout fire dangers, accidents anddriving while under the influence.Information: 989-8099.16IMMIGRATION,CITIZENSHIPOUTREACH: 10 1 p.m., Bldg. 1180,Region Legal Service Office,second floor, NBVC Port Hueneme.Signup required. Information: 982-3124.6DecemberPRE-PIG WORKOUT:Bee-Fit Health andWellness Center,NBVC Port Hueneme.8-8:45 a.m., Zumba; 9-9:30,muscle conditioning; 9:45-10:45spinning or yoga. Information: 982-4726.22Hundreds of people stopped by the 2013 Open Season HealthFairs held Wednesday, Nov. 7, in Bldg. 366 at Naval Base Ven-tura County (NBVC) Point Mugu, and the next day in DukesPlace at NBVC Port Hueneme.About two dozen healthcare providers were on hand to answerquestions about health benefits and to provide such services asbody fat testing and even a free massage.This is the chance clients have to speak to an actual pro-vider and get straight answers to questions about their healthinsurance, said Rebecca Coronado, who organized the Huen-eme event for the Human Resources Office.One trend she has noticed in recent years is a large numberof questions about Medicare.So many baby boomers are retiring or getting ready to retire,she said. There are so many different plans out there. Thepeople here can provide answers.Christopher Lujan, an electronics engineer with the NavalSurface Warfare Center Port Hueneme Division said he stoppedby the event at Dukes to check the different plans and see if hewanted to change anything this year.He also got his body fat checked and was pleased with theresult.Meanwhile James Estes, a mechanical engineer with the Na-val Facilities Engineering and Expeditionary Warfare Center,took advantage of the opportunity to get a free massage, cour-tesy of Kaelyn Curran, a massage therapist with Morale, Wel-fare and Recreation.Coronado said more than 300 people attended the first hourof the event at Hueneme, about the same number as attendedthe Mugu health fair the day before.Hundreds attendNBVC health fairsPHOTO BY ANDREA HOWRY / LIGHTHOUSEIt may look closed, but the Navy College Office at Naval BaseVentura County, Port Hueneme, is open for business whilerenovation continues. The office is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.Monday through Thursday. For information on the many programsavailable, call Rochelle Goitia at 982-3940.PHOTO BY ANDREA HOWRY / LIGHTHOUSEMarialuisa Savy Vanore, a fitness specialist with Morale, Welfareand Recreation, does a body fat analysis on Christopher Lujan, anelectronics engineer with the Naval Surface Warfare Center PortHueneme Division during the Nov. 8 health fair.SAYING THANKSPHOTO BY ANDREA HOWRY / LIGHTHOUSEA Military Appreciation Barbecue provided 1,500 mealsfor active duty military members Tuesday, Nov. 13 outsideDukes Place, Naval Base Ventura County, Port Hueneme.The barbecue was put on by Morale, We