LIGHT MY FIRE - ORCHESTRAL SCORE PRODUCTION MY FIRE...Flute 1 Flute 2 Oboe 1 Oboe 2 Clarinet in Bb 1 Clarinet in Bb 2 Bassoon Horn in F 1 Horn in F 2 Horn in F 3 Horn in F Trumpet in Bb 1 Trumpet in Bb 2 Trumpet in Bb 3 Trombone 1

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<ul><li><p> Jim Morrison Arrangement by Fedor Vrtacnik</p><p>LIGHT MY FIRE</p></li><li><p>Flute 1</p><p>Flute 2</p><p>Oboe 1</p><p>Oboe 2</p><p>Clarinet in Bb 1</p><p>Clarinet in Bb 2</p><p>Bassoon</p><p>Hornin F 1</p><p>Hornin F 2</p><p>Hornin F 3</p><p>Horn in F</p><p>Trumpetin Bb 1</p><p>Trumpetin Bb 2</p><p>Trumpetin Bb 3</p><p>Trombone 1</p><p>Trombone 2</p><p>Trombone 3</p><p>Tuba</p><p>Timpani</p><p>FemaleVoice</p><p>FenderRhodes</p><p>ElectricGuitar</p><p>BassGuitar</p><p>DrumSet</p><p>Violin 1</p><p>Violin 2</p><p>Viola</p><p>Violoncello</p><p>Double Bass</p><p>q=85</p><p>f</p><p>f</p><p>f</p><p>f</p><p>f</p><p>p f p</p><p>p f p</p><p>p f p</p><p>p pf</p><p>f</p><p>f</p><p>f</p><p>p f p</p><p>p f p</p><p>p f p</p><p>p f</p><p>mf fp</p><p>Fm9 Dm9 Fm9 Dm9 Fm9 Dm9 Fm9 Dm9 Fm9</p><p>Fm9</p><p>mf</p><p>Dm9 Fm9</p><p>f</p><p>Dm9 Fm9 Dm9 Fm9</p><p>p</p><p>mf fp</p><p>mfp</p><p>p f p f</p><p>p f p f</p><p>p f p f</p><p>p f p f</p><p>fp2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9</p><p> Jim Morrison</p><p>Arrangement by Fedor Vrtacnik</p><p> Psychedelic rock</p><p>LIGHT MY FIRE</p><p>Wha-Wha Rhythm Simile</p><p> 4</p><p> tremolo</p><p> tremolo </p><p> tremolo </p><p> tremolo </p></li><li><p>Fl.</p><p>Fl.</p><p>Ob.</p><p>Ob.</p><p>Cl.</p><p>Cl.</p><p>Bsn.</p><p>Hn.1</p><p>Hn.2</p><p>Hn.3</p><p>Hn.</p><p> Bb1</p><p> Bb2</p><p> Bb3</p><p>Tbn.1</p><p>Tbn.2</p><p>Tbn.3</p><p>Tba.</p><p>Timp.</p><p>F.V.</p><p>F.Rh.</p><p>E.Gtr.</p><p>Bass</p><p>Dr.</p><p>Vln. 1</p><p>Vln. 2</p><p>Vla.</p><p>Vc.</p><p>Db.</p><p>Voice in</p><p>f</p><p>You knowthat itwould be un true, you know that Iwould bea li ar,- if I was to say to you, boy, we could n'tget much high er.-</p><p>Dm9 Fm9 Dm9 Fm9 Dm9 Fm9 Dm9 Fm9 Dm9</p><p>Dm9 Fm9 Dm9 Fm9 Dm9 Fm9 Dm9 Fm9 Dm9</p><p>Voice in</p><p>10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18</p><p> A B</p><p> 4</p><p> 6</p><p>A B</p><p>3</p></li></ul>


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