Lifelong Learning Networks: the Policy Career

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Lifelong Learning Networks: the Policy Career. Gareth Parry University of Sheffield. What are they?. membership: dual and diverse identity: meaningful for learners vocational: students, learning and pathways progression I: into and through - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Lifelong Learning Networks: the Policy CareerGareth ParryUniversity of Sheffield

  • What are they?membership: dual and diverse identity: meaningful for learnersvocational: students, learning and pathwaysprogression I: into and through progression II: clarity, coherence and certaintyprogression III: a lifetime of work and studyvehicle: funded additional numbers

  • Another go at?

    lifelong learning partnershipswidening participation partnershipspartnerships for progressionlifelong learning networks

  • A different process?high authorshipfoundation textjoint circular invitation developmental dialoguepolicy buy-in

  • Where from?Bristol Coventry Scotland California Wisconsin the best of American public university practice

  • What are they for?value-addingrunning with the graintesting different approachescounter-balancingcounter-vailing(re-)connecting

  • Mode I or II?collaboration v competitionconnectivity v asymmetryagility v demographysector v system

  • The FurtherHigher ProjectWhy do the English divide?With what effect on organisations?With what impact on participation and equity?


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