Life quality in patients presenting allergic rhinitis*1

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  • 215 Life Quality in Patients Presenting Allergic RhinitisM. A. Calvo, Sr.; Pediatrics Institute, Austral University, Valdivia,CHILE.RATIONALE: To evaluate life quality (LQ) in children presenting Aller-gic Rhinitis (AR).METHODS: Prospective study by using Rhinoconjunctivitis Quality oflife Questionnaire. It evaluates LQ in 7 areas (0 optimal, 7 the worst).Requirements: acceptance of the questionnaire by patients and tutors,aging over 7 years old and being at lest 15 days without AR preventivetreatment (October 15, 2002 to April 14, 2003). 5 to 15 patients per week.RESULTS: 261 children were surveyed. 37 (14.2%) only AR and 224(85.8%) AR+Asthma (BA). Score average for AR: 2.2 being the areas ofActivities (3.8) and Practical Problems (3.5) the most altered; and Othersymptoms (1.0) the least. Direct relation in 5 out of 7 areas with ARIA(Allergic Rhinitis and its Impact on Asthma) classification, in terms of ARhighest seriousness and highest alteration in LQ with p


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