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1. Life is worth to play by the rules! Project: VOLVO Life is worth it! Client: Winner Imports (Volvo)Idea & Execution: Yedynka Digital Time frame: October-November 2011 2. Problem According to global statistical data, car accidents kill 1.2 million andinjure some 20 to 50 million people each year. This accounts for2.1% of the total number of deaths and is comparable with thenumber of deaths caused by malaria or tuberculosis. Compared to developed countries, the relative number of deathscaused by car accidents in Ukraine is 7 to 10 times higher. More than 40% of deaths in road accidents occur with peopleunder the age of 25. Road accidents are the second leading cause of death amongpeople aged 5-25. 2 3. Life is worth to play by the rules!Realizing the extent of the problem, we have come up witha project that emphasized the value of life and those littlethings that make it worthwhile.Valeriya Blinova, Volvo Brand Communications Manager,who initiated the project 4. Launched in October 2011, the VOLVO Life is worth it! project became the first socially responsible project of the Volvo brand inUkraine, dedicated to road safety and the attitude of young people to this issue. Its target audience included people aged 20-25. 5. Lead-in data One of the main competitive advantages of Volvo passenger carsis safety. It was Volvo that introduced most of the safety devices that arenowadays used throughout the entire automotive industry. According to the Ukrainian death rate statistics, car accidentsoccupy the 5th position. In the majority of these cases the car is driven by a young personaged under 25. Speeding, talking on the phone while driving, drunk driving andfailure to use seat belts refer to the main reasons for fatal caraccidents. 6. Projects Tasks Inform the public about the real numbers of car accidents andtheir consequences in Ukraine. Demonstrate how seemingly simple actions can have asignificant influence on the outcome of car accidents, savingthousands of lives each year. Position Volvo as a socially responsible brand that sees safety asits core value. 7. Solution First of all, we decided to reject bloody intimidation and focuson the positive facts that make us hold on to dear life andadhere to the rules of road safety. That is why we came up with a cheerful and an interactiveapproach to attract the attention of as many young people aspossible and urge them to collect pluses to their karma. 8. Partners 9. Digital components of the project: project web page Domain major reason for car accidents wasspared a separate page.We created the Online Volvo SafetyMuseum that described the history ofVolvos inventions that made cars safer.We developed a separate block thatrandomly showed simple tips on roadsafety. 10. Digital components of the project : facebook appWe have created an appthat allowed Internetuser to collect pluses tokarma by answeringquestions on road safetyand win prizes thanks totheir wit and generalinvolvement. 11. Digital project components: bannersIn addition, we managed to place project banners on severalpowerful online media resources, including,,, two months the total number of banner exposuresamounted to 1 million! 12. External supportA number of our partnerssupported the initiative withmultiple reposts in the socialmedia and individualpublications on their websites. 13. Project resultsDigital results: Over 11 000 page views of project website during the campaign. Over 2 000 facebook app users. 1 000 000 banner exposures on 4 popular web resources. Up to 50 publications about the project on various websites andcountless reposts in the social media!!!! 14. Project resultsOther results: A poster campaign, covering 340000 students in 9 universities. City-light exposures to 15 000 000 visitors of the OKKO gasstations all over Ukraine in Oct-Nov 2011. A total of 103 000 radio listeners heard the mention about theproject on DJfm during two months. A total of 1 000 000 people were able to see projectadvertisement and hear voice mentions on MTV. 15 000 readers of the Autocenter magazine were able to learnabout the project from its pages.Promotional budget: UAH 0,00Moreover, our partners expressed strong desire to develop theproject further! 15. , , 10.06.2010Thank you for your attention!