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  • 1. Lets talk about EV Arthur Wang 11/17/2012

2. About MePresented by Arthur Wang1 11/17/12 3. WHY?Presented by Arthur Wang2 11/17/12 4. Global Oil & Gas Import 3 DependencyUnconventional gas willaccount for about half ofthe increase in global gasproduction to 2035, withmost of this coming fromthe UnitedStates, Australia andChina, according to IEA.Presented by Arthur Wang 11/17/12 5. 4 US Oil & Gas ProductionPresented by Arthur Wang 11/17/12 6. 5 Oil Price FactorPresented by Arthur Wang 11/17/12 7. Our Options?Presented by Arthur Wang 6 11/17/12 8. 7 Many Options ExistPresented by Arthur Wang 11/17/12 9. New Energy Vehicle8 Required ComponentsPresented by Arthur Wang 11/17/12 10. The EV Revolution has 9 begun!Presented by Arthur Wang 11/17/12 11. 10 EVs are Ready for Primetime!Teslas Big Win Proves EVs Are Ready forPrimetimeElectric vehicles have hit the tipping point of mainstream acceptance, and you naysayers just lost your last reason forhating the technology.MotorTrend magazines unanimous decision to name the Tesla Model S its car of the year is more than a big moment forTesla Motors. Its a big moment for electric vehicles and, more importantly, internal combustion. The award follows similarnods from Automobile and Yahoo. (Yes, Yahoo does cars.) That only underscores just how good the Model S is, and howsolid its underlying technology is. Source: www.wired.com, 11/13/2012 By Damon LavrincPresented by Arthur Wang 11/17/12 12. 11 EV Market PlayersPresented by Arthur Wang 11/17/12 13. 3rd Party Forecast of EV12 Fleets in Different RegionsForecasts are almostuseless they varywidely- Range from 2M to over20M vehicles in 2020Presented by Arthur Wang 11/17/12 14. 13 Supply ForecastsPresented by Arthur Wang 11/17/12 15. Worldwide EV OEMs 14 Production CapacityPresented by Arthur Wang 11/17/12 16. Markets Rarely Grow This 15 WayPresented by Arthur Wang11/17/12 17. 16Market Constraints Total Market Size Substitutability Access to Infrastructure Income Issues Behavioral IssuesSource: GTM ResearchPresented by Arthur Wang11/17/12 18. 17 EV Growth DRIVERSDETERRENTS Efficiency Range Anxiety Cost Learning Curve Purchase Price Success of Hybrids Political Opposition Lower Operating Cost Utilities Resistance Climate Risks Multi-Tenant Living Health & Clean Air InfrastructurePresented by Arthur Wang 11/17/12 19. 18 Range Anxiety Declining Marginal Value of More Batteries a very expensive way toavoid Range AnxietyPresented by Arthur Wang 11/17/12 20. COSTPresented by Arthur Wang19 11/17/12 21. Key Drivers of EV Operating 20 CostsCapital, Operating Costs, Fuel, Electricity, Performance, Use, andFinancing all impact TCO & will change over time.Presented by Arthur Wang 11/17/12 22. 21 Battery Cycle CostsPresented by Arthur Wang 11/17/12 23. 22 EV Fuel Saving per GallonPresented by Arthur Wang 11/17/12 24. Variable Cost of ICEs vs 23 BEVs in USAPresented by Arthur Wang11/17/12 25. 24 Li-ion Cost AssumptionPresented by Arthur Wang11/17/12 26. 25 Battery Cost ImprovementPresented by Arthur Wang11/17/12 27. 26 EV Battery MarketPresented by Arthur Wang 11/17/12 28. 27 Shakeout Electric Car Battery Maker A123 Systems Files BankruptcyPresented by Arthur Wang 11/17/12 29. TechnologyPresented by Arthur Wang 28 11/17/12 30. 29EV Battery Technology Trend Key: Lower Cost ($), Higher High Power Density Cell: ,,Energy (Wh) Density, Higher;Power (W) Density High Energy Density Cell: Target:,, ,; Battery pack cost < 25% ofvehicle cost to enable a healthy market growth. , Increase battery cells energy& power density.Presented by Arthur Wang11/17/12 31. Vehicle Powertrain30 Architecture IP|VDS|HMIABS|ESPVCU PTCAIRBAG e-Compressor BMSPCU BatteryGearHVJB M/D MotorPackBox ON BOADRD DC/DCCHARGEREVSE/AC12V SLACAN OFF BOARDHVCHARGEREVSE/DCPresented by Arthur Wang 11/17/12 32. 31 Battery Management SystemPresented by Arthur Wang 11/17/12 33. 32 SafetyPresented by Arthur Wang 11/17/12 34. 33 Grid & ChargingPresented by Arthur Wang 11/17/12 35. 34 V2GPresented by Arthur Wang 11/17/12 36. Thank You! Arthur Wangarthurwangjob@gmail.comPresented by Arthur Wang 3511/17/12