Let's Talk About Crime

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  • 8/14/2019 Let's Talk About Crime


    Speaking and listening Pre-intermediate to Upper-intermediate

    Lets talk about CRIME

    Conversation cards

    Have you ever been the victim of

    a crime?

    Talk about it.

    Have you ever witnessed a


    Tell the class what happened.

    Is crime a serious problem

    where you live? What are themost common crimes?

    Make a list of crimes you know.

    What crimes have you heard

    about in the news recently?

    Summarize the stories.

    How can white-collarcriminals

    be brought to justice?

    How should they be punished?

    What kinds of crime can be

    prevented? How?

    Whats your opinion of the


    How should people be punishedfor breaking the law?

    Who decides?

    Have you ever done anythingillegal? Did you get caught?

    Talk about it if you want to.

    Fine, prison time or communityservice. Which crimes could get

    you these punishments?

    Is there a problem with

    organized crime or gangs where

    you live? Explain.

    Do you think prison can

    rehabilitatecriminals? Are there

    alternatives to jail time?

    Should a poor, hungry man be

    punished for stealing food from

    a supermarket? Explain.

    What is capital punishment?Does it exist where you live? Are

    you in favour or against it?

    Whats a serial killer? How do

    serial killers kill their victims?Do you think the death penalty is

    an adequate deterrent?

    Why do people becomecriminals? (e.g. lack of education)

    Give your opinion.

    What is identity theft?

    Do you know any other modern or


    Should adulterybe a crime?(= cheating on your husband or wife)

    What about abortion?Explain.(= terminating an unborn foetus)

    What do you think is a proper

    punishment for murder?

    What about serial murder?

    Stolen! Match crime and explanation

    1 burglary (a burglar) a steal

    2 embezzlement (an embezzler) b steal a person

    3 fraud (a fraud or fraudster) c steal items from a shop

    4 kidnapping (a kidnapper) d steal from a house or office

    5 robbery (a robber) e steal with violence

    6 scam (a scammer) f steal money you manage

    7 shoplifting (a shoplifter) g steal by deceiving (often important amounts)

    8 theft (a thief) h steal by tricking someone

    He who does not prevent a crime when he can, encourages it.

    Behind every great fortune there is a crime.

    All crime is a kind of

    disease and should be

    treated as such.

    Povertyis the




    Do you agree?