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Let’s practice…. B. A. C. What is meant by Earth’s rotation? What is meant by the revolution of Earth? How does this affect our day and a year? . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Lets practice

ABCWhat is meant by Earths rotation?

What is meant by the revolution of Earth?

How does this affect our day and a year? What is meant by Earths rotation? *spinning on its axis (every 24 hours)What is meant by the revolution of Earth?* full trip around the sun on the orbit (365 days)Effects:*Daytime/Night (length of each, temperature differential)*Seasons (temperature, precipitation, biodiversity)

What is the name of this map?Hemispheres (hemi- means ?)

Hemispheres (hemi- means )

90* N90* S90* WFront of circle is 1800 Back of circle is + 1800 Full circle is 3600 +1800 (+ 1800 backside of this image) = 3600 +90* S (+ 1800 backside of this image) = 3600 ,wwwwwwwwwww180* ? (runs North/South)? (runs East/West)

LONGITUDE (runs North/South)LATITUDE (runs East/West)

Before the end of class you should be able to.Locate the a country given the degrees of latitude and longitudeExplain how GPS (the mapping system in your phone or car) relates to this topic and how it works.Please take Cornell Notes during the presentation!What is GPS? How does it work? What do lines of latitude and longitude have to do with it?

Lets INFER before I EXPLAIN how GPS works.

This is the guy who just ran off with your cell phone (its being tracked).How does the Global Positioning System work?

Each GPS satellite transmits data that indicates its location and the current time to receivers that passively receive the signals. All GPS satellites synchronize operations so that these repeating signals are transmitted at the same instant. The signals, moving at the speed of light, arrive at a GPS receiver at slightly different times because some satellites are farther away than others. The distance to the GPS satellites can be determined by estimating the amount of time it takes for their signals to reach the receiver. When the receiver estimates the distance to at least four GPS satellites, it can calculate its position in three dimensions.

There are at least 24 operational GPS satellites at all times. The satellites, operated by the U.S. Air Force, orbit with a period of 12 hours. Ground stations are used to precisely track each satellite's orbit.

AGPS receiver "knows" the location of the satellites, because that information is included in satellite transmissions. By estimating how far away a satellite is, the receiver also "knows" it is located somewhere on the surface of an imaginary sphere centered at the satellite. It then determines the sizes of several spheres, one for each satellite. The receiver is located where these spheres intersect.

Retrieved from http://www.nasm.si.edu/gps/work.html

The relationship between these units resemble time. By general standards, 1 degree latitude equals 69 miles, 1 degree longitude equals 42 miles. 1 minute latitude is equivalent to 6072 feet and 1 minute longitude equates to 3696 feet. 1 second equates to 101.2 feet, 1 second longitude equals 61.6 feet.

This GPS device gives coordinates which refer to a location that is more than 43 degrees north of the equator and a little over 80 degrees west of the Prime Meridian. SecondsMinutesDegreesBefore we begin the activity, please pay close attention to the following slides.5 Components of a Map:Title

Grid system (latitude and longitude)


compass rose

Legend ("Key" )

DirectionsThe cardinal directions are north, south, east, and west.The intermediate directions are northeast, southeast, southwest and northwest.They help describe the location of places in relation to other places.

What is the latitude/longitude of Detroit?Latitude 1st find the dot & run finger up to margin. Document the latitude in degrees w/quadrant.Longitude is written second. Find location dot and run it to the margin.Document the longitude in degrees w/quadrant.

What is the latitude/longitude of Detroit?

What state is located at 40*N90*W?

What state is located at 40*N90*W?

What state is located at 40*N90*W?Illinois

????What Quadrant?

NWNESESWWhat Quadrant?Please get into your assigned group & begin the activity!Exit Ticket (as a group).Latitude runs _________, while longitude runs _________How many hemispheres? In which hemisphere is South America?Name one country through which the Prime Meridian runs.What is GPS ? How does it work? How is it related to longitude and latitude?