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lesson plan


LESSON PLAN 2Topic of the lesson LETS GO SHOPPINGSkills covered: speaking, writing, reading, listening vocabulary, spellingObjectives:1. to engage and activate all students2. to develop speaking skills3. to introduce new vocabulary related to shopping and money4. to practice the new vocabulary related to shopping to play a role game5. to reinforce the new vocabularyDidactic strategies: Methods and procedure:conversation,explanation, dialogue Materials and equipment:handouts, tape recorder, flashcards, blackboard,Eurotalk English CD, paper money and paper coinsTeaching methods: explanation, conversation, gap filling exercisesSTAGES OF THE LESSONINTERRACTIONTEACHERS ACTIVITY/STUDENTS ACTIVITYTIMINGFOCUS1ORGANIZINGTHE CLASS The T calls the roll SS prepare for the lesson1listening,speaking2WARM UPT-SS, SS-T T asks the SS about their week end programme, when elicitting about shopping T asks them what did they buy SS give examples of items that they bought3listening,speaking3LEAD-INT-SS, SS-T T introduces the topic and tells the SS that they are going to learn new words related to shopping and at the end ot the activitythey will play a game Going Shopping T shows SS flashcards with different items and asks the SS what do they show SS write some of the items representes in the pictures8listening,speaking,writing4LANGUAGEPRESENTATIONT-SS, SS-TACTIVITY 1 T writes the title of the lesson on the blackboard SS write the title of the lesson on their notebooks T directs SS's attention:and asks What do you say when you go shopping and you want to ask for the price of an item youwant to buy? SS answer How much is it please?, or How much does it cost? T writes their answer on the backboard SS write in their notebooks the new words and expressions T then asks SS what is the name of the shop where you go when you want to buy different items SS answer the question and T writes on the blackboard the name of each shop mentioned, for example:STATIONER,FLORISTS,POST OFFICE,OPTICIAN,SHOE SHOP, BAKER, GROCERS, BUTCHERS, CAFE, NEWSAGENTS ,FURNITURE SHOP, CHEMISTS15listening,speaking,writing5CONTROLLEDPRACTICET-SS, SS-T,PAIR WORKGROUP WORKACTIVITY 1 T gives SS a handout and plays a short dialogue, SS,in paris, have to fill in the missing words from the shopping list SS write down what each shopping trolley contains T checks their answers and asks SS to write it on the blackboard10listening,speaking,writing6FREEPRACTICET-SS, SS-TSS-SSACTIVITY 1 T plays the DVD game Shopping, and tells the SS that each group have to do the same exercise, and the final score willrepresent the amount of money that they will get to go shopping SS play the game and get paper money for their score10listening,speaking,writing7FEEDBACKSS play the Going Shopping game Procedure: Each group choses one representative to go shopping T gives each SS from each group a shopping listSHOPPING LIST MILK EGGS BUTTER OLIVE OIL BREAD A PAIR OF GLASSESSHOPPING LIST AN ENVELOPE PENCILS A PEN STAMPS MATCHES A BULB The object of the game is for each student to acquire the items on the list. To do this, they must pay attention when the T saysI have .for you, naming the items of shopping SS come to the teacher and asks for specific items on their list and also ask how much does that cost and give the paper moneyfor it. T starts the review of the subject of the day, highlighting again the main points T praises the SSs effort and appreciates their work by grading them5listening,speaking,writing


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