Let’s Go On a Thinking Expedition

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Let’s Go On a Thinking Expedition. 3 Sigma thinking in a 1 sigma world Climbing Guide: Duke Rohe, BS, FHIMSS - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Lets Go On a Thinking Expedition 3 Sigma thinking in a 1 sigma world

    Climbing Guide: Duke Rohe, BS, FHIMSS

    Small print: Volunteers needed. All will go up, but some never return unchanged. Many who suffer from normal will learn to live with different. Those who dont will be stuck with the same.

  • Take a Blue SlipLittle Idea Catchers (A thought not caught is a thought thats lost. Ideas are like dreams: many are ha, but few are remembered)

    Key Word, then subject and verb (Write like you think. In insights)

    Why do I have to write? (You can write without thinking but you cant write without thinking)

    Personal Challenge: (How many insights can you walk away with)

  • Differentiators of Unusual ThinkersNotice diffferentOpenness (zip judgment)PlayfulnessConnecting (idea to idea connections)Healthy Tension (Between Convergent and Divergent thinking)Quantity (Ideas flow, and a percentage are keepers. The more ideas, the more keepers)Headline (Good organizing)

  • Where Do You Think ?Normal(auto pilot)Interesting1-sigma2-sigma3-sigmaBreakthrough

  • Level 1 Doing the right thingsStart new habits (Try writing blue slips. More ideas faster means more keepers)Journal (Thought flow must be unobstructed)Think about thinking (Think on the side of your brain. Become a spectator of your thinking. Take notes about yourself)Think Me Inc. (Become the CEO of your thinking. What do you want to do with you?)

  • The significant problemswe face cannot be solved at the same level we were at when we created them.- Albert Einstein

  • Level 2 Doing the right things rightStandard operating proceduresJust in time thinkingNotice change, think about changeOptimizing the whole over the partsDieing on the right hillVisual Control

  • Level 3 Doing things betterCollect some good question (Which ones bring great answers)B+ is good enoughTo ID errors, do choice mapping. (shut down the wrong one)5 minute meeting (issues, challenges, opportunities. actions)Pair and share (the power of two)Me Inc. (101 Goals)

  • Level 4 Doing away with thingsFinding hidden waste Get rid of old habits, old gear (Insight Do away with when)Red Tag things (Surgery equipment is the worst)Me Inc. (negative self talk)

  • Level 5 Do what others are doing (2nd order thinking)Benchmark (in school you called it copying)Seek mentorsAdopt variety, adopt the best (Exxon and Mr. Lube)Little idea day (adopt a lobby)

  • Level 6 Do things no one else is doingBe different, change your underwear drawerThink more about your thinking (what are your discoveries)Force connections no one is seeing(causal loop diagrams, evaporating cloud technique)Mindmapping, KAI, Myers BriggDifferent is relativeAQP, CPSI

  • Level 7 Do what cant be doneGo for the impossible - breakthroughYou cant do what you havent done until you be what you havent becomeRethink yourself, redecide regularly, shiftWrite one more thoughtChange change, ootching