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  • the smart way to English

    Level The DynEd Advantage


    Lets Go

    Let's Go builds a strong foundation in both spoken and written English for pre-readers, early readers, and English language learners. Let's Go integrates reading, listening and speaking skills by balancing alphabet and phonics work with word-recognition and sentence-making activities. Children learn to sound out words and figure out meanings from grammar and context.

    Children follow Sam and Ginger, their feline guides, on a word-discovering journey around the house, the classroom, the schoolyard and the neighborhood. Sam and Ginger's animated world is ripe with words. Children learn new words while investigating games, food, the weather, animals, etc. As they tour the town on the school bus, they build sentences, sing songs, learn phonics with rhyming sounds, and play a variety of word games.

    Lets Go is based on the worlds most successful English language textbook series for children published by Oxford University Press.

    DynEd Kids PT Level: 1.0 to 6.0

    6 levels, 240 lessons

    No keyboard required

    Easy-to-use interface

    Highly interactive lessons

    Individualized content and activities

    Voice Record and Playback

    Alphabet recognition, Phonics, Vocabulary exercises, Word games, Numbers, Sentence building, Voice recording, Sing-alongs

    Teachers Guide and Classroom Activities

    Kids Placement and Mastery Tests

    Intelligent Tutor

    Detailed record-keeping system

    Fun and effective English learning for pre-readers

    Let's Go focuses on the basic framework of English. It follows the 4-skills path: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Designed specifically for English language learners, it develops the language base that is a prerequisite for effective literacy development. An early emphasis on oral skills, vocabulary, and phonemic awareness is followed up with spelling, sentence construction, and sentence reading exercises.

  • Greetings, Introductions, Family Members, Classroom Commands, Classroom Objects, Toys and Animals, Things to Eat and Drink, Weather, Colors, Numbers, Letters and Sounds

    Level 1

    Level 2

    Level 3

    Level 4

    Level 5

    Level 6

    Occupations, Household Objects, Parts of the Body, Asking Questions, Wants and Likes, Possession, Telling Time, Daily Activities, Phonics and Word Families

    Clothing, Transportation, Community, Talking about the Past, Days of the Week, Location and Direction, Personal Objects, Daily Routines, Phonics and Word Families

    Age and School, Occupations, Health and Illness, Talking about the Future, Months and Dates, Comparison (-er), Sports and Hobbies, Responsibilities, Spelling

    Jobs and Family, Physical Description, Offers and Invitations, Future Plans and Needs, Comparison (-er, -est), Quantities, Seasons, Outdoor Activities, Phonics and Word Families, Spelling

    Past Experience, Future Plans, Hypothetical Situations, Cause and Result, Advice and Opinions, Feelings and the Senses, Shopping, Countries and Cities, Spelling




    Lets Go is composed of 6 levels, each divided into 8 units. Learners are introduced to each unit with engaging songs by Carolyn Graham. Grammar lessons teach learners to construct sentences using new vocabulary and they have fun participating in the phonics lessons. Conversation lessons reinforce the vocabulary and grammar learned in each unit. Each level also provides educational games and an instant record and playback feature.

    Kids Placement Test

    DynEds Kids Placement Test positions young learners at their appropriate starting point within DynEd's courses. The process is quick and easy, thanks to DynEd's computer-adaptive testing technology. Mastery Tests

    DynEds Mastery Tests confirm a students grasp of the material within a course. Passing a Mastery Test gives students access to more advanced lessons.

    Intelligent Tutor

    DynEds Intelligent Tutor provides students with real-time, qualitative feedback that continuously helps them maximize the outcome of their DynEd study time.

    Testing Tools

    Lets Go - 1996 by DynEd International, Inc. and Oxford University Press, 2015 DynEd International, Inc. All rights reserved. Designed and printed in the U.S.A. DynEd is a registered trademark of DynEd International, Inc.

    Level 3

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