Lest we forget

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Lest we forget. Update on Radiation Safety Without Borders. George Anastas , President Health Physics Society Presented at the 2002 Mid Year meeting of the Health Physics Society Orlando, Florida February 18, 2002. Who???. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Lest we forget.

  • Update on Radiation Safety Without Borders

    George Anastas, PresidentHealth Physics SocietyPresented at the 2002 Mid Year meeting of the Health Physics SocietyOrlando, FloridaFebruary 18, 2002

  • Who??? Health Physics Society Chapters and Members, Including Retirees

    US Agencies (perhaps EPA, State, DOE, NRC, etc.)


  • What is RSWB??

    A means by which Chapters can assist countries in improving their radiation safety infrastructureBoots on the ground health physicsOrphan SourcesAnti-terrorist activities

  • What is RSWB??(cont.) Training Instruments/Use/Calibration Inventory Regulations Accident Response Communications

  • What is RSWB??(cont.) RAM shipped to recipient Country Set up/review inventory system Licensing/Inspections Follow Model Countries Program Les Rogers/Frank Bradley

  • When???? First four countries begin this year, Pilot Program Three additional countries next year, follow on to Pilot Program Integrate addition countries as funds allow and Chapter/retiree volunteers allow

  • Where are we??? Nine Chapters (East Tennessee, Northern California, Western New York, Northeastern New York, Greater New York, New England, North Carolina, Florida, South Texas) EPA DOE Department of State NRC IAEA

  • Where are we???(cont.)

    Instruments (Calibration by East Tennessee Chapter) HPS International Relations Committee Chapter Guidance Manual: Howard Dickson, Eric Abelquist, Andy Karam A Marvelous Team Dedicated to the Effort

  • Where are we going???Parties must agree to work together No politics Initial: Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador, Jamaica Then: Portugal, Philippines, EstoniaLithuania???Then the rest of the ~70 countries

  • How Are We Going To Do It??? Cooperation Communication Creativity with: Insights Leaps and Connections With some Patient Persistence

  • Static Planning, like the Maginot Line will not hack it!!!!!

  • How Are We Going To Do It???

  • February 2002, What will happen by February 2003??I am exceedingly confident that the agencies, organizations and the HPS can collaborate to put RSWB in place. The benefits to radiation safety are almost unlimited. In addition, I hope that RSWB will be the pathfinder for other professional safety organizations to assist their colleagues in other countries. George Anastas, PresidentHealth Physics Society, February 2002

  • Are there any easy questions I can attempt to answer???