Lesson 5 Who Will Win The World Cup

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  1. 1. Geography LessonWho will win the World Cup? title/ Brief introduction to development indicators Objectives: Using indicators, predict who will win in each group Syllabus KS3 South Africa Link: Powerpoint Who will win? Watch tv advert for World Cup 2010 Starter: Discuss; where it is held, how is that shown, what is important about the world cup that is promoted in the advert?Discuss what determines the success of a football team what do they need? What about from a geographical point of view? H/O groups worksheetGo through education, wealth, healthcare, climate and population (click on each term to go to the appropriate slide & on the trophy to return) Activities: Give out atlas (1 between 2)Students to complete sheet in groups, then discuss and decide who out of each group should win (based on geographical predictions!) Watch the advert for the 2010 World Cup game Plenary: How many nations are represented? Which nations are they?Factfile on British football team? Homework: What are the odds?Worksheets Football groups Powerpoint who will win Resources Student atlas