Lesson 35 : China’s Most Famous “Farmer”

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Lesson 35 : China’s Most Famous “Farmer”. Yuan longping ----- “ Father” of Hybrid Rice. Questions:. 1.What was Yuan Longping`s dream ? 2.What has he done since 1960’S ? 3.What did he do in 1973 ? 4.What was the reslut( 结果;效果 ) ? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Lesson 35 : China’s Most Famous “Farmer”

  • Lesson 35 Chinas Most Famous FarmerYuan longping ----- Father of Hybrid Rice

  • Questions:

    1.What was Yuan Longping`s dream ?2.What has he done since 1960S ?3.What did he do in 1973 ?4.What was the reslut() ?5. Have China and other country benefitted from his work ? How do you know that ?6.What is he doing now ?

  • Answer 1. He wished to grow a new type of rice.The grain of this new type of rice would be as big as a peanut so that farmers could rest in the cool shadows of big rice plants.

  • Answer 2.

    Since then , he has devoted himself to research and to the development of new varieties.

  • Answer 3.In 1973,together with other people,he succeeded in the development of hybrid rice.

  • Answer4.This made China a worldwide leader in rice production.For this, he was honored with the name Father of Hybrid rice.

  • Answer 5.Yes, they have.Because of Professor Yuans hard work, China now produces enough rice to feed her people every year.Besides, many other countries including the U.S., have benefitted from his work.

  • Answer 6.Now Professor Yuan is working on developing super hybrid rice.

  • 1.so that so that can, could, may, might, will, shouldeg:He turned off the TV so that his mother could have a good sleep.so that so that eg: He got up early, so that he caught the first bus. so +adj/adv+that...eg:The box is so heavy that I cant carry it.

  • 2. graduate from.

    graduate v.graduatation n. graduate from eg Youll graduate from this school next July.

  • 3. devote. todevote v. devotion n. devote oneself/sth. to +n./v-ingeg : They devoted themselves to helping the disabled people. He devoted his lifetime to the study of physics.

  • 4.honour/honor n. be honored with /eg: Fu Mingxia was honored with the name of Queen of Diving.

  • 5.besides

    besides prep. except prep. eg: There are four students in the room besides Tom .eg: We all went to the park except Tom.

  • 6.It is said that

    It is said that eg: It is said that well go to the zoo tomorrow .

    It is reported that eg: It is reported that Professor Yuan has worked on developing super hybrid rice for about fifty years .

  • 7. nothing butnothing but eg:There is nothing but a card in the box.

  • Summary: Yuan Longping once had a dream . He wished to grow a new kind of rice whose grain was as big as a peanut farmers could rest in the cool shadows of big rice plants . At age 23 ,he the Southwest Agricultural University .Since 1960s ,he has the development of new hybrid rice. In 1973,he the name of Father of Hybrid rice for producing more rice Professor Yuans hard work ,many other countries have benefited form his work China . he is one of the richest people in China . But he cares about his research .

    so thatgraduated fromdevoted himself towas honored withBecause ofbesidesIt is said thatnothing but